Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Store Room ( piece of my prose )


 She     was  almost  laying   on  her   chair . Though   her  body  was   still  but   it   seemed   windy   inside  her  head .She   just   finished   her  chores  after   sending   her   husband  to   office   and   kids   to   school.  She   felt   tired   and   empty . Coffee   mug   stuck   in   her   slightly   shaking   fingers   was   waiting   since  quite   long  for   her   next   sip  .Her   hand   with   mug   was  laying   on   the   table   and   it   seemed   that   she   forgot  it   after   leaving   it   there .

Near   her    hand   a   white   page   was   placed  .Though    she   put   pencil   on   the   paper   but   it   was   still  trying   to   fly   away   with   the   pull   of   fan's  waving   air.  Her   head  was   laying   against   back   of   chair   and  eyes   were   stuck   on   some   unwatchable   point   in   the   space   before   her   eyes.   That    unwatchable   point   seemed   powerful   enough   to   grab   much   of   her   inside   him   for   very    long.

Suddenly    a   sharp     voice   of   crow    pierced    the   heart   of   silence   and   pulled   her    back  to   the   room   in   which   her   body  was   struggling    for   rest . She   straightened   and  took  a   sip   of   coffee   which   got   cold  and   felt   more   bitter   than   usual.  Her   eyes   roamed   around  slowly  and  she   realized that, 

The   room   that   felt   demanding   while   ago   was   calm   and  happy   now  . Everything   was   clean   and  placed   properly.  She   knew   that   it   was  her   who   spoiled    her   home   with   her   extra   care  .Now   when   she   was   not   well   things   around   her   did   not    care   for   this   .They    shout   for   care   and   attention   until   she   push   herself   to   pamper  them,  once   all   is   done   rooms   and   things    felt   peaceful  .

She    put   the  mug   back   on   table   and   pulled   the   white   page   closer .  It    was   her    routine   that   everyday   before    starting    the   next   session    of   chores    she   draw    something    on   this   page   . These   sketches    were    display    of   her   very    recent    inner    feelings.  Everyday   she    stick   this   sketch   on    the   fridge   and   let   it   hang   there   until   her   husband    and  children     get   back   .She     took   sketch   from   fridge  before   them   and   kept   it   her   file   where   she   used  to   keep   all   her    sketches  together  since   years.

After    giving   a   long   stare    she    felt   blank   and   stuck.  She    never   made   anything   unwillingly   may   be   she   has   less   command   on   her   brain    or   she   was   more   honest   to   her   expression.   She   gave   up   the   idea   of   drawing    sketch    and   pulled   herself    from   her   chair   which   took   quite   strength    of   her.  She    wanted   to   pick   up   the   cup  and   put   it   in   the   sink   but   her   hand   did   not   follow   her   decision .   Before    she   could   realize   her    next    move   her    feet    moved   towards    the   basement .

She    inevitably   stepped   over   the   stairs   which   led   her   to   the   store   room  .She    opened    the    door   and    darkness   wellcomed   her   quietly .  While   stepping   in   she   could   not   deny   the   feeling   of   slight   fear  and   emptiness   .She    somehow   was    able   to   relate  with    this   weird    silence  ,dark   and   randomness   .She   felt    she   is   entering    in   her   own self.

She    switched   the   light   on   which    highlighted   the   barrenness   of   store   room   more  .
Though     store    room   was    almost    filled   with   so   many   old   and   broken   stuff   still   felt   hollow   and   complaining  as    saying   "  oh   how   do   you   remember  me   finally   ?" .  She   had   no   answer     but    her   positive   spirit     felt   pushed   by   it    to   do   something    which   may   be   can   call   creativity   by   her   at   least.  She    opened   the   ventilator  and  fresh   air   let   the   room   breathe  after   long .She   felt   peace    and   serenity   by   doing   so.She   heard   the   unsaid  thanks  by   store   room !

She    decided   to   give   her   store   room   new   life .  She    realized     an   amazing    amazing   wave   of   energy    rising   within     her.   She    assembled    lots   of   stuff   which   was   spoiled   by   insects    and   useless   now.  She    put    all   the   trash   in   huge   plastic    bag   and     threw   it   in   the   bin   near    house. She    put   remaining   stuff  a   side  to   wash   the   floor . While   doing   this   her   sympathy  for   room    was    on   peak.  She   sprayed   to   get   rid   of  stinky    feeling   that  developed   due   to   being   locked  for   long.

 She   brought    cleaning    tools   ,pulled   away   all   spider  nets ,washed    the   some   of   washable   stuff  and   cleaned  other   with   detergent   cloth. Within    she   managed   to   rearrange   the  store   room .Now    the   stuff   was   kept   beside   the   side   walls   instead   of   back   wall   which   could   be   seen   first   when   one   entered.  Though    she   was   tired   alot   but   next   thought   gave   her   a   deep   beautiful   smile.

Next   day   on   the    same   time   she   took   her    painting    brush   and   paint   colors  and   went  to   the  storeroom   . She    put   an   extra    white   light   bulb   for   more   light  in   the   room .
She   painted   for   more   than   two   hours   without    break  .Her   stamina   was    revolutionary   and   decisive .  Her    eyes   were    shining   with    the    inner   light   of   faith   and    hope.  And   when    she    finished     storeroom   was   not   the   same   anymore.

At   the    back   wall   a   huge    sunflower    was   smiling   with   all   it's   beauty    and   brightness! Around   this   golden   stunning   flower   the   colorful   butterfly   was  flying  along   with   few   white   feathered   birds. Light   blue    back   ground   was   giving   the   idea   of   vest   sky  which   had   few   little   clouds   to   pour!

After   that   day   she   visited   storeroom  often  .Her   visits   were   spiritual.   With    her   endless   vast   love   and   care   she   was   able   to   connect    the   storeroom   with   all    other   alive   parts   of   the   house as   it   was   not   ignored   and   barren   anymore.

Hello   precious   friends!

today   when   i   sat   on   keyboard  i  was  completely   blank ,but  now  ia  am   leaving  with   little  piece  of   writing  which  just  stepped  in  my mind.
Dear   fellows   thank   you  for   your  kind  words,love  and  concern,i  am  honored  and  grateful .

your   sharing  through  comments  is  life  giving believe me !!!

Please  take   great   care ,stay  happy  ,positive  and  strong. My  heart  prays  for  your   joy and comfort! God   Bless  You   All!


  1. With your lovely story you inspire me to go to my porch and clean it -lol!
    Happy Day Baili!
    oxo Susi

  2. I like your story.

    It reminds me how relatively small endeavors can revitalize us. Engaging in such positive activities can make such a difference in our attitudes and outlooks.

    Have a great day!

  3. What a powerful story of freeing our true inner self! I just love it!

  4. Dear Baili, thank you for this wonderful, inspiring story! Yes to fresh air, new ideas and throwing away old, useless stuff.
    I hope things go well with your health. <3 Big hugs!

  5. You write so beautifully Baili and you are such an inspiration!!!
    Wishing you well and happy always~

    Big Hugs~

  6. Your descriptions are wonderful, baili - and the idea behind the story is so true, that we can gain energy from clearing out and making a space beautiful. That's a lovely photo you used for illustration.

  7. A grand story Baili. Thanks for sharing

  8. I so enjoyed reading this.
    Your words are powerful, your descriptions so very good and the picture with the sunflowers is gorgeous.

    Fabulous post, thank you for sharing your words here.

    All the best Jan

  9. What an inspiring tale. Thank you for this enjoyment. Bless you.

  10. Very powerful. This touched my heart like no other writing on how we can live our lives once we have made peace with the problems and things holding us back. Your storeroom is a great metaphor, but I also know how REAL it is to take care of a huge problem (your storeroom, my basement), and feel very enlightened and free.

    Jane x

  11. Hello Baili, I really loved your story which you wrote with so much emotion. Thank you :D) 🐨

  12. You are a good story writer... Lovely story...

  13. // At the back wall a huge sunflower was smiling with all it's beauty and brightness! Around this golden stunning flower the colorful butterfly was flying along with few white feathered birds. Light blue back ground was giving the idea of vest sky which had few little clouds to pour! //

    so beautiful!
    i love how descriptive you are in your writings...much love to you!!!

  14. You are such a wonderful story teller. This was very uplifting!

  15. I can feel this story it is very good to create sunshine and life out of a dark and dingy place that's why I like paintings on buildings and in unexpected places.

  16. You are a marvelous writer, Baili! You have a gift for capturing emotions and expressing them in words that speak to the reader's heart. There are a number of ways to interpret this story. For me it was a metaphor for coming out of depression. I have struggled with depression throughout my life, and this story feels so real and true. Too many times I've been that woman in the chair (or wherever) and something like the crow breaks through to me, and I begin to climb out of the black hole of depression and become healthy again. And then I tackle all the things that I have been neglecting. A powerful piece of writing, my friend!!!

    1. Thank you dear Fundy Blue!
      I think all of us encounter with similar situations in life but at the end of the day we succeed to turn these weird conditions into our favour and this is only because of that hidden positive spirit within us.
      I wrote but in my nativ language and each character I write about beneath inside me while writing

  17. When I first starting reading this post, Baili, I feared that you were writing about your own situation. I was so relieved to learn that this was a story and a metaphor. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you dear Beatrice p.Boyd!
      It is obvious you felt this way.
      When I write I don't feel much what I am writing believe I simply follow my heart because there is no other way for me to write .but when i re-read if have time to do so I realize what have I written.
      I think in this piece there is bit of me yes you are right

  18. Hi Baili - it's so often the case isn't it ... we clear something out and it lightens our own load ... I'm so glad you're using your empowered store room and enjoying its presence with its fresh lease of life - giving you extra hope ... cheers Hilary

  19. Beautiful story. There is so much to be done here but it is just too hot to move about. Hopefully, I will get them all done soon.

  20. What a nice story, Baili. I'm glad you were able to clean your store room a bit and started to paint. What a wonderful hobby and talent this is. I sure would love to see some of your paintings sometime. : ) Just a little clean up and giveaway can make all the difference in the world. I've been doing the same thing lately.


  21. Oh, you paint beautifully with words, dear Baili… ♥
    Have a delightful week! Hugs! :-)

  22. You are such an amazing writer my friend! Passionate and very spiritual! Big Hugs!


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