Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Moods , The State Of Mind

Hey  Friends,

Hope   and  pray   that   you   are   doing   wonderful   and   trying   your   best   to    find   out   the   answers    of   the   questions    that    every    new    day   bring   to   you    as    i    know    that    each    of   you   is   capable   to   do    this   brilliantly  : )

My   son   has   left   four   day    ago   i   am   missing   him   alot !   I    am    constantly   watching    his   videos   that   i   recorded    while   he    was     here  and   i   do   this   each   time   he   visits.

Weather   has    changed   quickly   and   sun   shine    has   become    unbearable  40+c already.

Seasonal   blooms   are   fading   though   few    summer   plants   and   neem   tree   growing   quickly.

Now   a   days     when   i   am   feeling   that   change   of   seasons  and   various   incidents   are   not   the   only   factor   that   effect   our   moods.  Sometime    inevitably   we   have   to   follow   our   stupid   moods   which    spring   up   in   our    insidious    world    and    compel   to   do    what   we   normally   we   would   have    thought   many   times    before   we   doing   it.

Almost  30    years   ago    when   my   mother   bought   hilly   land   for   house   she   gave   contract   to   a   man    who   had    to   move   away   all   huge   rocks    that   were   nailed    in    that   land.

That    man   did   all   work   but   left    one   rock   nailed    there   and    disappeared   after   
 receiving   his   payment .My   mother    trusted   him   and   paid   all   amount  in   advance  as    he   was   familiar   to   our   some   relatives . I   felt   that   mom   was   so    worried   because   the   mason    was   asking   for   the   clarity    of    land   so   he   can   start   construction.

I    realized   the   helplessness   of   my   mother  as   my   father   was   not     around   and   brother   was   in   army   those   days    and   she   had   to   face   everything   alone.

Meanwhile    My  aunt   who   was   expecting   got    her   pains   and    mother   took    her   to   the   hospital   in   a  small  city   near .     We    both   sisters   were   living   in   a   tow   rooms   home   that   was  in   the   front yard   of     one   of   mom's     girlfriend. She   suppose   to   look   after   us   while    in   mom's   absence .   

While   mom  was   staying   in   hospital ,  everyday   after   doing   my   homework  [was  15  something  then]     i   would    go   to   the   land  that  mom   bought   and   took   the  all   necessary iron  tools   that   were   very  very   heavy   and    try    to    move    the   rock  .

I   wanted   to   to   it   as   soon   as   possible    as   i   knew   if   mom  came   back   and   saw   me   doing   this   she   could   punish   me   instead   of   thanking   because   mom   did   not   want   me   to   do   any   house   work  until   i  finish   my   studies.  She   wanted   me   to   be   clean   and   tidy   not   mingled   with   dirt   .

I   dug    deep   along    the   rock   and   each time   i  found   space   i   put   iron   rod   under   it   and  kept   it   pushing   up  .In    three   days    i   dug    more   than   five   feet   around   the  rock   and  it   needed   just   a    powerful   push  now   to   move   down.

Finally   in  the   evening   time   of   third   day    i    pushed   that    rock   with   all   my   inner   strength   that    came   in  me   only   with   this   thought    that    this   will   make   my   mother   feel    better !   and   miracle    happened   ,a   huge   rock   rolled   down  without   the   utilizing   any  blasting   material .Tears   were   pouring   from  my   eyes .  I   came   back   with   deep   sense   of   achievement   and   inner   peace  .

I  took   bath   and  washed   my   dirty   clothes  as   mom   was   coming   back   next   day.  When   she   came   and  saw   me   laying   on   bed  with   high   temperature  [my  arms  and  whole   body   was   aching   and  fever  was  high .  Secretly   i  thanked  God   for   this   sickness  as   mom   could   not  punish   me  so.

When  mom   saw   that   rock   moved   from   it's   place   she   hugged  me  and  cried  a  lot   she   said   i  am  her  son  not  a  daughter .  I   was   grateful   to   God   who   gave  me  wave  of   such   mood  that   brought  something   impossible   into   possibility.

Dear   friends   i   want   to   ask  you   one   question   that  bothers  me  often.

What   Is   Mood ?????

Please   take   good   care  everyone .   Take   each   moment  as   priceless   gift  because  it  is.
God   Bless   You   All!  


  1. You are such a good daughter! You accomplished a big feat by moving that rock. And you wrote this beautifully. I hope your sadness over your son being away leaves you soon. Life marches on whether we are ready or not, and you are right to say to "take each moment as a priceless gift"! Andrea

  2. Whar an inspiring story, really moving. It's too bad your son is already gone, but good you had that precious time together, I can see you are an amazing mom☺ And wow, 40 degrees is a lot, in Poland it's just 15 for now ☺

  3. Touching story, you are full of kindness and caring:) A big hug!

  4. You were such a good daughter, Baili.

    Mood is how you feel at a particular moment in time. For example, I was is a good mood this morning until I went out into the bitter cold, then my mood changed.

  5. You were determined and motivated! Anything is possible with that attitude!

  6. what an achievement! You were in a mood to succeed. It is the feeling you get about how you will tackle life at that moment.

  7. What a great story of persistence and overcoming a problem! Mood is a funny thing, isn't it? I find my mood can be affected by the weather, by a piece of music, by a phone call, by being in a rush ... so many things. I try to keep a sense of humour, which helps :) Have a good week, baili!

  8. Thank you for for this insight into your life. You are a wonderful individual. May each day bless you.

  9. I love your story of helping your Mom with moving the rock, Baili. Such a selfless and caring thing to do. It's always sad when we have to say goodbye to our loved ones, but they always stay close in our hearts. My moods are affected by so many little things, especially if I am tired and don't feel well, but I try not to let my moods affect others or my actions. I try to find a quiet place to work through them and count my blessings to lift my mood. Sometimes that is not easy! Also, keeping my sense of humor is so important. Sending hugs xo Karen

  10. What an incredible woman you are! And such a great daughter. This is such a great story of determination. My moods are often affected by how tired I am. If I push myself too hard physically, I find that I'm less patient and quite overwhelmed.

  11. How lovely you did move that large rock for your mother, you were determined.

    You asked a question - as to what is 'Mood' Answer; to not be friendly to other people because you are feeling angry - to be in mood. That is an example.

  12. Little miracles of faith can exist in us all! Well done for moving that rock, a burden to your mother. Happy tears of joy!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  13. That is a wonderful story! Thanks for posting it.

    As for what is "mood": That is a big question! There are scientific, philosophical and literary answers to that question. I think that I will spend some time thinking about those answers today.

  14. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story which shows a loving daughter who was becoming a strong woman...there are all kinds of moods and they are influenced by many things--we can be happy, sad, anxious, pensive, etc. My guess for you is that your mood today is affected because you are a bit sad that your son is no longer visiting you. I hope he can come again soon.

  15. Your story of love for your mother is beautiful. And your ambition and inventiveness in working to move the rock is astounding. I will be in a good mood all day because I read that story. Thank you.

  16. Yes, you must be missing your son, but how nice to watch the videos.
    I enjoyed the story, so lovely to read.

    What is mood? I think it is a state or quality of feeling at a particular time ... my present mood is relaxed and happy.

    Enjoy the rest of your week and have a lovely weekend too.
    I hope the weather isn't too hot!

    All the best Jan

  17. What an amazing story! No wonder you got so sick after such strenuous work to make your mother happy. Such a wonderful story of love! I know you must be very sad your son has already left, it seems the time flies by so fast when you don't want it to! Glad that you have the memories through the videos you took. About mood - I don't know, it is a strange thing, so many things affect it. For me, my mood always feels better if I go outside and just look up, to the skies, to the mountains, to the world around me, it lets me know that Jesus is always with me, and His beauty is evident everywhere around us. Hugs to you today dear friend!

  18. What a story - you are a strong woman! Thank you for visit me and my blog.
    I wish you good times and sent lovely greetings from Germany

  19. You have amazing willpower and determination. Your mother must have been profoundly moved to have such a daughter as you.

    Mood? Often, I think of our emotions as a feelings in a big bag from the sky on a long rope. When we are in control, we can choose where to place the bag, happy, content, joyful. When we let the events around us control us, then the events move the bag, anger, jealousy, hate.

  20. You are a good daughter. I thinks moods are affected by many things. Sometimes you have no control over how you feel.

  21. I think what you did for your mom was incredibly wonderful... I bet she never forgot it... that man was not a good man doing that to your mom ...
    Moods can take over us, of course we can switch the mood, it isn't easy but it's possible xox (Stay cool, that heat sounds crazy)

  22. Baili, this was such a lovely story. How wonderful that while your mother was helping your sister that you were helping her. What a great daughter to want to help your mother this way.

    To me mood is a feeling. It can be any emotion... happy, sad, angry, sorrow, hate, love, you can see what I am trying to say 💕

    1. wonderful explanation Jan, couldn't have said this better

  23. Hello Baili, I'm really in awe of what you achieved at such a young age. Even then you possessed a real empathy for your Mother's feelings. You would have lifted her mood tremendously by your incredibly unselfish act of love for her.

    Mood - everyone has explained it well. I learnt many years ago from a wise woman than even if we are feeling a bit down, we can choose to feel happy. Of course, it doesn't always work but, sometimes, if I feel myself slipping into an angry or bad mood (for a not very important reason), I remember her words and I say to myself that I choose to be happy.
    That you feel sad in the absence of your Son is so understandable and, as I see it, you're choosing to be happy by looking at those videos of him and recalling those happy times which will come once more.
    Cheerio for now :D)

  24. Great job moving the rock. Well done.

  25. "Secretly i thanked God for this sickness as mom could not punish me so." :) So perfect.

    I think mood is a feeling.
    And I think you were in a very good mood to move such a rock. :)

    Thank you again for your kindness, and for inspiring my new post.
    Lingering a little longer through your page.
    Love and blessings.

  26. my mood is happy - because i choose to be happy!!! this is a great story, you are a kind and loving daughter!!!

  27. Our moods can be affected by our feelings, the weather, circumstances and even the people around us. You are a very determined person and once you have decided, you kept your focus on what you need to do. You are a very caring person and you love you mom very much. Have a lovely weekend!

  28. I think many things can affect our moods. You are a wonderful daughter and a beautiful person.

  29. You are a great daughter!! Good for you! You should be very proud of yourself! I know your mom was so happy and proud of you!! "Mood" is what you are feeling, sad, happy, mad, love, etc.

  30. How wonderful :-)

    My mood... I try to be happy and positive :-)

  31. A wonderful story. No matter how hard a task may feel, you never gave up. That is a powerful message.

  32. What an inspiring story, Baili! You and your mother had such a loving and supportive relationship! She raised a determined and persistent daughter. What is mood? The dictionary says it's a "a temporary state of mind or feeling." I think that the important word is "temporary" because some of my moods are quite dark and ugly and I'm thankful when they pass quickly. We all have ups and downs! It must be so hard to see your son leave! That loneliness must be difficult to get through. Sending you a big hug and lots of love!


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