Monday, March 13, 2017

Sandwich Like

Hey  Friends,

Hope   and   Pray   that   all    of   you   are   doing   absolutely  wonderful   as  i  am  pretty   much   sure   that   you   are   utilizing   your   inner   power   of  an   fighter   to   defeat   all   negative   that   comes   to   you   and   say   with   wide   bright   smile   "see   i  knocked   you  down   miss   trouble ,you  wana  try  again ? okay  then  come  it   will   be   pleasure   to   kick   your ..... again.

Relationships   are   important  as   being   a  social  animal   we   love  to  be   tangled   in  them .

We  try  our  best  [according  to  our  capacity of  understanding]  to   keep   our   relations   with   our   family  ,relatives   and  friends   better .It   gives   us   a  sense   of   pleasure   and  achievement  that  how  nicely  we  run  our  small  world  of  emotions.

Sometime   inspite  of  all  effort  things  go  wrong  and  misunderstandings  take  place   between   tow  people  or  families. It   is   unpleasant  and  painful   specially   when  both    people   have  to  encounter  and  ignore  each  other on  special   family  events  and  gatherings. 

But  it  is  more  difficult  for  one  who  is  mutual   friend  of  both  and   stuck   between  tow  like  a  sandwich .  Few  days   back  when  i   went   to   attend   the   wedding  ceremony  of  my  niece [hubby' brother's daughter]   i  felt  exact  like  this.  Actually   my   hubby ' two  brother   who  were  doing  joint  business   since  years   had   some  conflicts   and  separated  their  shares ,Wives   of  both  men   stop talking  to  each other  and  cut   off  their  all   relations.

I   tried  hard   to  make  them  understand  that   ladies   should   not   react  on  the  behalf  of  their  husbands  like  nuts   but  failed.

When   i  arrived  on  ceremony  as  usual  late [ here ceremony  is  celebrated at least three  days]     i  mean  last  day  when  bride  has  to leave  for groom's house  i  felt   terrible  when  both   ladies   started    talking  to  me  and  i  felt  they  hold  my  both  arms  and   pulling  me   towards  them . It   seemed   they   were  trying  to  defeat  each  other  in  this  race  of   occupation [though  i  am  not  celebrity  but  that  time  they  made  me  though] 

i  was  turning   my   neck   right  and  left   swiftly  ,trying   to   be   polite  and   nice   with  both  equally  [specially  accurate  ] as  they  were  talking  at  the   same  time  about  different  things  which  were  hard  to  fast  input  and out  for  me . their  loud   consistent    talk  gave  me  headache  that  last  for next  tow  days  after  returning .

I  want  some  suggestions  from  you  to  handle  such  situation  next  time .

Dear  Friends  take  Great  Care  ,Stay   Happy  and POSITIVE each  step  in  life.
Hugs  and  Blessings!God  Bless  You  All!


  1. It is very difficult. I have actually been interrupted mid conversation by a third party, which was so forceful it startled us. It was hard to recover from such a rude interruption but at the first opportunity I explained to the person that I would give her my full attention when I had finished my conversation. It fell on deaf ears! People like that are hard to sway. I would be interested to hear your commenters solutions to this problem.

  2. Oh dear, you were caught in a very difficult situation. I too would like to know how to handle the situation if caught in similar situation.

  3. That is difficult. I think if it happens again, I would calmly ask both to be quiet and then explain you want to talk with both, but if they can't get along together, you will have to do it separately and one will have to wait. If both still demand attention like thid, I would excuse myself and go talk to someone else.


  4. I think it's awful and very unfair to put other people in the midle of a disagreement you have with someone else. I think I would talk to them individually and explain you don't want to get involved in the argument. .. people need to understand that... I hope they do see it your way xox ♡♡♡

  5. "Oops...let me stop you right there. I love you both and this is your disagreement. Talk to you later!"
    I have said the above with my two sisters and my three cousins. I do love them and I won't be put in the middle because usually no matter what you say it really won't make any difference. Their minds are already made up.
    This is just my opinion :}


    1. 100% behind Jan's response. Refuse to be involved in their drama.

    2. I agree with Jan too!!! Every word she said!
      Big Hugs!

  6. Boa tarde, é uma situação desagradável, num desacordo alguém tem que transmitir paz.

  7. Oh what a terrible conflict! I wouldn't know what to do either. Conflict in family over business happens a lot. I blame money.

  8. oh such a conflict bali. i always try to keep to myself when faced with any kind of conflict. excuse myself, "i have to use the ladies room" or maybe saying "i have a headache"!! surely if you didn't have one when you arrived, you would have one after this!! be strong, it can be hard!!!

  9. I would say to them that I would speak to each of them separately as they are family. I would walk away until they are reafy to speak individually.

  10. It seems that both of these people are unwilling to listen to any common sense. My only suggestion...change the topic.

  11. Sorry about that. I believe it is important not to be drawn into a conflict. Don't give negativity and energy.

  12. I feel for you, I have been in a similar situation but thankfully not family members.

    The only thing you can do is not been drawn into the argument and don't take sides even though both of them want you too. It is hard work and tedious.

  13. Times like this are not pleasant and can prove difficult.
    I think it best not to get pulled into the argument and definitely do not take sides. Try to speak with them individually would be the best path to take ...

    All the best Jan

  14. Being in the middle is a terrible position to be in. I would talk to each one separately and tell them that you care about both and refuse to take sides. If they can live with that, you can continue a relationship. If they can't, you will go separate ways. No one needs to have that type of drama in their lives!

  15. Crikey .... I'd just disentangle myself from both of them and walk away ...... far away ..... it's their problem not yours.

  16. Oh gosh, not so good for you and it often doesn't work out two brother's or sister's in business together.
    As for you being in the middle, that's not good either.
    My advice is do not talk about one to the other, just listen to each one quietly for nothing is ever gained with a lot of loud chatter.
    Good luck.

  17. heehee.
    is it ok if i mention.
    that the photo you used of the sandwich is from the restaurant called Chick-fil-A.
    it is also ok if i mention.
    that i ate that exact sandwich for lunch?

    you offered some great advice here! this seemed like a very difficult situation. i hope everything works out.

    blessings to you! <3

  18. Both Jan and Betty gave you the best advice. You can't ignore such rude behaviour. Sometimes one has to confront it, politely.

  19. So sorry to hear that you are facing this dilemma. Conflicts involving family and friends can be so difficult.

    I agree with those who advise you to make it clear that you will not be placed in the middle of this. I would add that you yourself gave some great advice that can apply to this situation. Handle it with bright smile!

    Have a great day!

  20. I think you handled this very well. Sometimes being polite doesn't necessarily mean being comfortable in a situation. Hopefully you don't have to see them both at one time very often! Andrea

  21. I'm afraid I would have done exactly as you did, baili ... I don't like to lay down rules that people have to follow "or else". I prefer to try to get along, even if it's uncomfortable for me, especially when it's at someone else's home or party. If you see these ladies on other occasions, that might be the time to say something privately. But if you hardly ever see them, I don't know if anything you said would help, and it might cause unhappiness for the host or hostess. Sorry I don't have much wisdom on this. Good luck, and I hope your headache is better now.

  22. This is a tough situation you were put in by your family. Not easy to be in the middle. I wish I had some good advice for you. When I have been in that situation I have tried to explain to both people that I feel a little uncomfortable because I am friends with both of them and that I will do my best to spend time with both people, but that I do not want to discuss the problems they are having with each other. Definitely not an easy thing to talk about at a wedding. Sorry for you and your headache!

  23. difficult situation, i think you handles it well.

  24. Thank you for your comment on my snow blog post!!! :-)

    As for me, at my advanced age, I do not let anyone put me in a position, where I could get a head ache. I would have told both of them, to stop. Politely of course.

    And then, ask/suggest, that we have an adult, 3 way conversation. Begin it myself.

    And if they did not stop the impolite talking, I would have excused myself. Politely, of course. Without another thought, about the situation.

    But I am in the US. Perhaps your Rules Of Society, do not allow you, to do this....

    Luna Crone

  25. Hello Baili, Thank you for commenting on my blog.
    I have no advice for you in the difficult family situation you find yourself in. In my own family we have a much the same situation and it can make family get togethers awkward. But we keep trying to do what's right. Have a good day.

  26. I would try to find someone else to talk to and not catch either ladies eyes.And if one of them came up to me I would be suddenly needing to go to the bathroom...

  27. Bless your heart, such a difficult situation to find yourself in! It is always hard to find yourself in the middle of a situation, where you never can win. Visiting with each sister separately would be best, if possible, and then telling them you love them, but want to stay out of the way of the argument, and not take sides. May the Lord bless you friend :)

  28. I don't try at all to keep my relations with the family better, I just ignore them :)))

  29. Sorry to hear you had to go through this situation with friends. I think you are a gracious person and genuine, and that's why they both want your attention. I have also had this happen to me at different times in my life.


  30. Hi, Baili!
    You were certainly in a difficult situation at your niece's wedding. Like Red Rose Alley said above, I think you are gracious and genuine and that's why they turned to you. Swimming in turbulent family currents can be tricky!

    I'm not confrontational, so it's hard for me in those sandwich situations. I usually try to remove myself, but when I can't, I politely say that I love (or care about) both of them and don't want to take sides or get caught in the middle. Then I try to shift the conversation to another topic. Fortunately this doesn't happen too often. Afterwards I try to talk with each of them alone and listen to them, but I still won't choose sides and I would never tell either one what the other said. In some situations, it helps just to have someone listen, and I suspect that you are an excellent and compassionate listener.

    In my family we have an agreement not to talk about money, religion, or politics. Of course, we sometimes get pulled in, and if debating and arguments get heated, someone will jump in and remind us that we're forgetting our agreement, that we need to chill and talk about something else.

    I was commenting to this sandwich post yesterday and was interrupted. We're staying in a little hotel on Waikiki in Honolulu, and the only place to access internet is in the lobby (or with my computer on our bathroom sink in our room). We have made friends at our hotel over the past few years, so it's hard at times to work on my computer because everyone wants to talk. Not that that's a bad thing! It just means I don't get much internet time.

  31. How sweet of you dear friend to take some time out of such intense conditions and dropping me such kind coment .
    Love you for this kindness dear .


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