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Once Upon a Time There Lived Tow Sisters [true story] [images source by google ]

When  Sara and  Robin reached on the city station  weather was cloudy. Karachi was known that it hardly rains  here .Even when clouds cover the whole sky  of the country and would  rained all other parts  still  Karachi's people had to starve for the rain,

Though clouds were there but mostly there were no rains falling from those clouds. Due to  laying  beside the ocean the weather of city was airy most of the times cloudy sometimes but strangely it rained here very less during the whole year.

But that day   inhabitants  of that city felt lucky when thick layer of clouds start dropping  the pearl of their kindness and love  on the  dry  thirsty heart of  the  city after so long .

It rained  inside that hotel room too where Sara and Robin got wet  with the all depth of their heart .It rained  smoothly not wildly like some  worshiper kisses the   idol of his faith so delicately .It rained like worshiper  does not want to make even a slight move which can hurt his idol of dreams .

Clouds  sent their love  in the deep heart of earth as they want to acknowledge that  by doing so they are  achieving  the true meaning  of  their being .As without  meeting   the  earth they were of no value.

Earth  felt  with serenity  as she stepped in  the  totally  new kind of galaxy,  where  everything has new face and new meaning of its being .

Ahh  that is so strange  sense !

absorbing the  gift of clouds  in the so precious corner of my heart is making me  why so light as a  feather  floating  above in the air,

 free from all fears ,

as  they  completed me.  As i found my other half !.  oh ? so that is why ? oh really that is why i was feeling since years so lost ?   so frightened  so  ....................incomplete?

.shuttered  in the deep dark well.

where is that well gone ?

 Did i find my  other  half ?      Has  he pulled   me out of that well ?

.Did he make me feel  light as  feather in the air with no fear of falling down again in the well ?

Laying  beside the Robin Sara  put her head on the arm  of Robin and closed her eyes,

  tow tiny drops of  salty rain rolled down to the shoulder of him and  disappeared in the  mysterious world of pillow.

Pillow that always beard her tears for ears he was her secret friend actually the best friend in long lonely nights  .

But this time taste of her tears was different .A peace and calmness  made them sweet  to sallow .Pillow  seemed  glad  for Sara 's these tears  which were  whispering her joy  to it's  hearing.

Her face reflected her inner peace as rain touched not only her body but made her soul wet too.

Behind her closed wet  eyes dreams of her own new world were taking shape .She  wanted to stay as close to Robin for her whole life.

Will he love me always like this .?

.Please God make him love me always like this  .!

.I will not be able to live without him from now on.

Robin  who's fingers were tangled in Sara 's silky  hair ,  felt like a man who  was   running on a long

 burning road with no shad and water  just found  a lashing   stream  flowing and glittering before him and drank  it to be  at peace and to feel full .

His eyes   were heavy with  deep sense  of peace   as he  want  to  remain  lost in  this  heaven  where  his   love  was  in  his  arms .It  was  hard to believe  that  his  prayers  were   answers   and  Sara herself   took  step   towards  him  .At very  this   moment  he  promised to  himself    that    he will always    love   her   so much   and will  try   to protect   her from  any  kind  of  harm. He  promised that  he  will  never  ever  hurt  her   in any means  .He  wanted  to see  the same  peace  on her  face for  whole  her  life.

Those   tow  days   that  they  spent   together   became  the  most  shiny  part  of  their   later memories.

 Robin   next  day sent   his excuse  for  not attending  the  meeting  by mail  and took Sara  to the beach  .

 They  walked  along  the   beach for  quite  long.They were  as  happy  and  as   dissolved  in  the love  for each   other    that  people  around   them could easily  noticed   that they  are  lovebirds  and want  to  be  invisible  from the  sights  of   world  before  them .

They  enjoyed rids and  fish museum near the sea. Had lunch  in  a good restaurant .

Later  once again they returned to  beach to  see the sunset

.Sitting   on   the  rock   holding   each  other's  hand  they  looked  at  the  sun  that  was  crawling down  as  it  will  just   dive  in  the shiny  blue   heart  of      the   ocean.    

On   the   beach  there   was  all  silence  except   the  slight  voice  of   waves   moving   forward   

and backward.   Sara   felt  as  they come closer  to   say something   but  with  surety   that  no  one  is   there to   listen   them   return  disappointingly.

Sara   moved     her  head  from  Robin 's  shoulder  and  asked   him with a slight smile    ,What do you   think  they   want to   say?  i  mean   these    waves ?  

don't you feel each time they come closer to say something  ?

Sara 's beautiful eyes  spread wider and became   prettier.

Robin   looked  at  her  and  smiled  ,and  Sara  looking  at  him  though  God  he   is  the   most attractive   man  on  this  whole  earth.

His  hold  on   Sara's  hands  went  stronger   and   he replied  in   a very  romantic  way ,
  I     heard   their   ,whispering ,  

They   are  saying  that   Don't   you   both  ever   get  away   from  each  other . 

You  are  made  for  each  other . Tow   halves of you   make a complete one of you .

 A  couple   ,and  this  is  meant  to  be  together  forever.

No  one  around   could   find   out  that so   many  beautiful  colors  on   the   peaceful   face   of     the    sky     reflected    were  the   smiles   of   Sara  and  Robin  or  

 it  was   the   last    goodbye   kiss  of  sun  that   just left  while  ago.

To be continued 


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