Thursday, April 1, 2010

Step In (poem)

hey come on,

lets step in the forest ,

we have seen the plane,

we have seen the desert,

lets now explore ,

this whole new world,

full of random seasons,

fill with of puzzled ways,

mostly ruled the darkness,

hardly shown sun rays,

there is fear of getting lost,

and doubt of being hurt,

but you should feel the excitement,

of trying new stuff,

i know it will bring you,

some misery around,

may can cast some pain,

may can bring a wound ,

but will make you learn,

some most important lessons,

that there is a huge difference ,

in looking at the world,

through the glass of window,

and in getting out and ,

being part of the craziness,

when you will cross the forest,

you will be able to make your own way,

you will be proud of your self and strong enough.

but hey ,remember,never lose your innocence,


  1. so gentle n deep expression but meaningful, tq 4 share :)

  2. Full of thought provoking branches and hidden paths, I love the forest and woodlands always have

  3. Lovely pictures. Well it is a nice feeling to step into a forest. So peaceful, nice smell, no pollution etc.

  4. It's always a great experience to move out of your comfort zone and venture into something new. The forest serves as such an excellent metaphor in that respect! Great lines!

    Hav a great weekend!! :)

  5. Beautiful. Life is full of challenges. There are somethings that are worth doing for its enjoyment. Nice post Shabana.

  6. In life, there are so many things that we would never know and understand, if we are too afraid to fail. Don't be afraid to try new things and get hurt. We would learn something out of any experience whether it's good or bad. Nice insight dear!

    God bless you!

  7. i love the photos and the sentiment here. wonderfully written and inspiring!

  8. Awesome.. wonderful thoughts put into words.. :)
    Great poem..


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