Wednesday, April 7, 2010

just sharing with friends

hello dear friends ,i hope and pray that each of you is feeling the beauty and importance of life ,life is wonderful in its each color we just need to feel and explore it, when ever i am tired or sick i remind myself those patients who are sick for very long time and waiting for that beautiful moment so they can get out of hospital and can live a normal healthy life, i am not sick right now and thankful to dear god for this but yes i am bit tired ,not for that i did great hard work but for facing some new sides to cover ,i am worried the kids as i used to spend more time with them but after joining new job i find less time to be with them ,they never expressed that but i feel it by myself,

when i come back from school after four and half hours they always meet me at the door,i hug and kiss them pick them up in my arms and bring in,these precious moment give me a happiness which is not definable,then we sit and eat together,i enjoy watching them play in the evening in

front yard and feel grateful to dear god for all of his kindnesses,and wish and pray that he may keep all of us in his great blessings,
school will start from 15 April and my both little ones will insha-allah also
study there ,and this time three of us will be in same school ,it will make me comfortable i hope so. ok friends till my next post wishing you all very very best of luck for each goal of your lives.


  1. Tq 4 ur wishing madam, i hope u n ur family get the best wishes too..GBU

  2. i know it is exhausting to work and have babies. my prayer for you is that you can find divine balance in it all.

  3. thats good if your childern will also be in the same schooll.... have a nice time dear.

  4. I feel for you, but your children know that they are loved and it is the quality of the time that you spend with them that really counts - yes in and ideal world we would all have enough money to comfortably pay the bills and enough time to spend with our loved ones as well as to work if we want to. Sadly life doesn't work that way we each do what we have to and make the best of what we have. I know I felt extreme guilt at going back to work when my daughter was only eleven months - so much so I took her with me!

  5. Best luck to you and your children

  6. You sound so cheerful! I wish you and your family all the best! Enjoy life dear!



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