Sunday, April 25, 2010

missing you (piece of my prose)

i was sitting on the hill ,holding a cup of tea in my hand,thinking about the air who was completely absent ,i was not alone to think this ,i felt same feeling in the eyes of a pair of bird who was sitting on the tree front of me ,sun was picking up his golden rays from the scenes,down there stream was looking like silver silky way ,Vally was smiling with colorful dress of spring ,
so i was thinking where does air go every evening ,does she have some one special to go with on particular time ,its always a beautiful feeling to spent evening with your special friend with whom you can share your heart and soul,i always feel that evening has a strange but a strong call for each of us that no one can deny,there is some thing special in evening which belongs to sprite,it pulls us towards it and make us sit and think,some time this short but wonderful part of time made amazing changes in our mood and life ,
sun was saying good by behind the hill,another tiny chapter of huge book of life was about to close ,but last touch of sun rays made promise to Vally that he will be back soon and will be brighten her day again,i felt slight touch of breeze on my face and took a deep breath i wanted to hold it inside like a Vally hold sun's promise in her heart,missing you baili.


  1. What an interesting notion - yes where does the air go to? Love the photograps :)

  2. Lovely photos. You are great, with your busy schedule in work and family, you still manage to get nice photos like this for us readers. Lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey dear Baili, you have beautifully linked absence of air with the real essence of life when a friend or beloved feel dying to see or meet ones friend or loved one.... .. a smile came at my face while reading the words, great :)

  4. So beautiful dear... In between your busy career and family life, I hope one day you find time to once again enjoy the beauty that Baili offers.

    BTW, I tagged you in a photo meme, please check it out HERE. Post it when you have the time.

    God bless you always!

  5. Hi Shabana. This was a nice post. I loved it. Both the pictures are equally beautiful.
    Take Care!:)

  6. Your poetry is beautiful as always Shabana. I agree with the others. I admire how you take the time to sit and reflect on these photos and write such nice poetry. Inspiring.


  7. Seldom anyone nowadays appreciate the nature like you do. Sorry for not visiting your blog as often as I used to as I've been really busy with school. Anyway, take care!


  8. Hi Shabana. Your writing is especially beautiful here.

    I have always been an evening person, so I appreciate that special mood.

    Glad you had some time to contemplate the sunset.

    Bearfriend xx

  9. very pretty pics :-) how's your job going? i'm sorry you are not having as much time for yourself and family. i hope you will find harmony and balance in your life. i remember when i worked more hours it was so hard on the family, also when my husband worked a lot. we don't have lots of money now, but time is so valuable. kids grow fast. My prayer for you is that you make time everyday to enjoy your child, your husband and your life. Blessings!!

  10. so many thanks to all of you dear friends ,for such kind words for me and blog ,each word of yours is a priceless and really really important for me,dear god may keep all of you in his great blessings,take care


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