Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Invisible Rules The Visible ( when i join the dots ,part two)


A human body  can't see beyond physical  needs .If there was no soul given to it a human body would have performed it's functions so mechanically . Brain 's first level is devoted to these simple functions only. It's like a baby human opens the eyes and  automatically knows what he has to do to get feed. With growing age the only thing changes that child is not dependent anymore .But  does his physical growth brings soul in him ? I  think not .We born with soul because soul is not a separate thing but a higher level of human brain which we call "Mind" . Nature keeps it's promise of free will with absolute honesty. She  does not interfere at all in process of Opening Up or Upgrading the human brain .Nature leaves it completely on us humans .People grown in different circumstances and environment develop their brain differently though Genes also play important roll . But as we age personal attitude is critical to how we upgrade our brain and enter into level where soul or Mind rests. Specially personal will to "feel" things rather than just see plainly .What is feeling i wonder ? I think it's ability to have  spiritual existence ,to open spiritual eyes ,ability to observe from higher level and comprehend the flow and pattern of things and find their interconnection . Body is dense and heavy with flesh so it can see only the surface but Feeling is thing of Soul . The greater is soul the Stronger  " feeling" is. Soul can dive into the things and find out their true meaning and purpose instantly . Feeling is essence of  a soul . It connects one with others whether close or far . We can put ourselves in others shoes because of "feeling" .Beauty and progress we find in  this world is because Creator has gifted us "soul" .Imagination ,passion ,love ,sympathy ,sacrifice are children of soul . Can we imagine world without these  beautiful emotions  that  make us reach on the top of humanity mountain ?

What about the sixth sense ? Body can feel fear which is evident and obvious , but it can not realize the hidden threats beyond it's eyes .Soul or Mind have the strong power of sixth sense which protects one when he approaches to the level of soul. The more is soul or mind developed the  more powerful is sixth sense to unveil the dangers on our way. Sixth sense plays roll like a nose ,it makes one smell things and people around in order to keep updated .

How can we forget the most  exquisite gift of soul  "an Esthetic sense"  once again we see that invisible rules the visible :) 

Body can speak to define it's needs or basic simple thoughts about routine living .But  aesthetic sense give us wings to fly on unseen skies of imagination and explore wonders of striking beauty Nature lays before us. Eyes  see object's visible form  and shape but aesthetic sense penetrates it's way in it's inner world and bring us it's actual beauty sleeping in it's core . Without esthetic sense was it possible to create any form of art in this world ? No it was not . People with mere body and bodily needs would have come and go from the face of earth meaninglessly . Nobody have ever known the true beauty and grace of  life .Without  discovering the treasures of heart warming poetry ,enchanting paintings ,divine music  magnificent literature that is true reflection of  human society and  power of our imagery and our amazing ability to blend both.  Soul made it possible for people to speak openly about what Nature has unfolded before their spiritual sight. All the beauty which pleases us as readers ,watchers ,listeners and feelers is because of art which is divine product of soul !

If the universe and it's journey to create us as living part of  her  is random accident  what would you have to say about  giving us soul  friends ?

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  1. "Nobody have ever known the true beauty and grace of life .Without discovering the treasures of heart warming poetry ,enchanting paintings ,divine music magnificent literature that is true reflection of human society and power of our imagery and our amazing ability to blend both. Soul made it possible for people to speak openly about what Nature has unfolded before their spiritual sight. All the beauty which pleases us as readers ,watchers ,listeners and feelers is because of art which is divine product of soul !"

    This. So much. 😊

    How could all this be random?

    God bless you, Baili.

  2. You're braver than I am to tackle an examination of the nature of the soul, Baili! Your explanation is eloquent and convincing. This is what separates us from other primates and makes us human. So far we have not discovered life anywhere else, let alone intelligent life. It's difficult to see our existence as random. We are rare and unique, and I hope we can pull ourselves out of our current mess using the soul and the brain God gave us. Hugs to you my friend!

    1. Dear Louise you are always so kind!

      I know many can say that I speak without learning or researching much about the topic but the life I am leading there is less chance that I can take mastery over the subject. Actually we all come with really short period of life .All we can do is speak our mind ,do our part and rest leave for next to replace us.i don't want to die before speaking my mind .It's not in my hand actually.

  3. You are so enlightened. Listening to our inner selves is important. It is a part of us that we need to develop thoroughly.

  4. We have souls, we are not random.

  5. I truly believe in a sixth sense, baili.
    More accurate in some but always there.
    Have a great week

  6. The mind is an amazing thing and 6th sense it always a good thing to have for those that believe in it.

  7. Admiring God's amazing creation in a sunny autumn evening with all it's colours and splendour... and being blessed with a blog friend like you... :)
    Stay safe and well!

  8. I think our souls are 'the core/real us and our bodies are the vehicle they currently travel in' that our being/soul will continue when we die and form part of a bigger consciousness, I don't think anything is random and suspect we are part of a bigger intelligence - parts of the whole. Your posts are always thought provoking and challenging.

    1. my both eldest and elder son talk through scientific and mathematical data applied on this universe dear Betty

      the share that according to scientist universe and life are result of random happening without anyone running it ,and mathematical rule of probability shows that there is chance for things to appear in certain pattern after long journey .

      i think scientist are doing great job and one of the best job when can do to solve mystery of life and universe .Their work makes them more practical than those those who see things slightly in a different perspective . Imagination is tool which helps them to observe and match things in another way .we know that theorists often don't indulge in lab work or see through telescope .they just contemplate and assume after observing spiritual eyes .Einstein was sitting under tree when he discovered gravity instead of lab .


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