Monday, September 5, 2022

Feeling Sad For The Loss Of People Of My Land!


I never thought that i would be as happy to see sun. Specially during summer season ever while living here in Sindh which has name for hottest summers. But i am quite happy now to see since sun showing up everyday regularly these day .Yes it has been more than a week that we are having sunny days .Sunny days are welcomed by us after record long torrential  rain . 

It has been raining here since more than two months which has caused huge damage to public and private property everything essential for life such as crops ,veggies ,fruits have destroyed . Numerous people have their roof fallen and sheltering in the public institutions including college of my youngest son and office of hubby. Both of them have hardly attended their academies for (two days) since we have returned from holidays.

I couldn't motivate myself for posting as my laptop is not working, unlike before it's response has reduced to making voice of "tick, tick" instead turning on. Most of the shops remained closed until water on the roads and streets was drained by authorities. So hubby dropped my laptop on the repair shop yesterday where repair man said after quick look that the thing seems to complete it's natural age and spending on it wil be a mistake. Repair man will try to fix it without any replacement so if it worked I will be lucky, if not I still be lucky obviously still with timely grief to loose a good friend who accompanied me for more than a a decade! 

There are bigger issues to be sad about. Natural desasters are not new to us but what hurts more that "heads of the house" care less about inhabitants living under their authority. If necessary precautions were taken on right time the concequences  could have less painful. Life for all can be equally easy and beautiful if some with power do not act selfishly. The realization that everyone born with equal rights and deserve to live a healthy peaceful life in safe and respectful environment is gift given to those who think and understand that there is nothing random here. Though with short life span and weak tiny sense we are unable to see pattern of Nature. With light given to us as "mind" we can ponder and observe how Nature make us pay for actions eventually sooner or later and payment is far greater than mere money sometimes. 

Sorry if I am being a bit sentimental but as helpless observer what else is in my hands. 

I try to read few pages of book " Force of the character" By James Heilman whenever I find time. It is very interesting book beautifully written and I am enjoying it thoroughly. Book is about aging process and how  different people deal with it differently. I am early so cannot explain writer's own approach to the subject though I can sense he has something important to share further. 

I m visiting your blogs though slowly. It is such a lovely feeling to have sense of "connectedness" with you all! 

Thank you for being such kind support always dear friends! 

Blessings to you all! 


  1. Baili, I am sorry to hear about the flooding in that part of the world. My heart goes out to you.

  2. I'm glad you and your family are safe! Our news reports are covering the terrible flooding in Pakistan and the disaster for so many unfortunate people.

  3. I have been thinking about you hope you stay safe.

  4. Baili, I have been watching the news and thinking of you, wondering how you have been affected. I can only imagine how you feel seeing the devastation in your country and the loss of so many people. I cannot help physically but will help financially through aid organizations. Take care, my friend.

  5. Every time I saw the heavy rains and the flooding on the news I thought of you and your family. I am thankful you are all safe. Hopefully the flooding will all recede soon. I also hope for a long life for your computer.

  6. I watched the news about the flooding and thought about you, it is terribly sad to see such devastation and I hope things will soon be better for everyone there. I am glad you are safe.

  7. I've been thinking of you a lot, Baili. The situation has been all over the news. It is just awful. I'm glad to hear you and your family are safe. Sending you lots of love and blessings xo

    1. Thank you dear Debra, Christine, Emma, Pedro, Betty and Marie for your kind best support and prayers!

    2. Thank you for your kind words and best wishes dear Martha

  8. I've been following the tragedy that keeps Pakistan under siege.
    Please keep safe, dear baili.
    You and your family and friends.

  9. Oh my Baili, have seen a small part of the floods on the TV news and it's so sad, so many homeless people now, no power, bridges, food and whatever is need to live - my prayers and thoughts go out to everyone in such a hard time for them...take care and so pleased you could manage to do a post.
    Hoping you can used your computer so awhile longer as that's a long time 10 years to be using one computer where as I seem to get a laptop every 4 years or less if they don't just up and die.

  10. Thank you dear Margaret for kind words. They mean lot to me!
    I didn't want to cause the worries or sorrow so I decided to not share photos of recent situations my country men facing. I try my best to share light and brighter side because I think people already have so much negativity to deal with and I believe that the way happiness is increased by sharing pain also burdens more heart by delivering it further specially if it is enormous, traumatic and collective.

    Another thing is that I as citizen want to share good about my hometown and how it's people are not well but "cared" at least. I think this is a genuine wish a person from underdeveloped country can have.
    Yes I am feeling little down because my laptop is dying or dead already. My eldest son bought it when he joined Fast university. He used it for six years and then handed it to me when he bought new one. So my laptop is 18 years old. So this explanation justify its death as natural

  11. We have had the opposite of flooding here, apart from the flash flood I mentioned. We are leading to a drought which is not a regular occurrence in the UK.

    1. My eldest son told about it dear Cheri and he said that drought is something unusual for the place like UK surprisingly.

  12. It has been very sad and distressing to see the floods on UK television.
    My thoughts and prayers to all affected by them.

    All the best Jan

  13. baili, I have worried about you and your fellow citizens because we are getting news reports here of one-third of Pakistan being now under water and so many have lost their homes and at least 1000 have died. It is so very sad that some parts of the world are suffering so much and all because the warnings about climate change were not heeded as they should have been by ALL nations. I hope you continue to be safe and that the sun continues to shine and help dry up the flooded areas. My heart is with you.

  14. Thank you dear Jenny for kind concern. I am touched with your sweet words always!
    No doubt that larger part of the nation has been neglected once again and left to suffer.
    I believe that my country is one of the most beautiful Places in the world where people can live safely and peacefully. Like in other countries natural desasters are predicted far earlier than the occurrence but as you said so they have not been considered as serious threat and consequences are obvious and terrible.
    An hometown is called a "mother land" for who live in it's boundaries and people are right to have hope that they will be taken care of when odds surrounds.
    The despair of the negligence of the guardians and sorrow of being left behind in the time of need is inexplicable and opening wounds to the strangers hurts self-respect more.
    I think pushing back the monster of climate change is getting beyond control and off limits..
    Within the "body of humanity" when each organ has claiming "it's my life and I can live the way I want to"
    Do you think with this approach more than seven billion people on the planet can sacrifice their egos and personal benefits for the future of collective survival?
    Seems impossible to me my friend. Seems like we have to learn how to survive with virus similar is to the "climate change"

    1. Sadly, it seems impossible to me, too. You described it exactly right. We are in for a rough ride over the next fifty to one hundred years, I fear. I won't live to see it, but my children and grandchildren will, and I worry about their future.

  15. Hello Baili,
    It is so sad to hear and see the damage done from the flooding. I hope you and your family are staying safe and your country has help to repair the damage done. Take care, I wish you a happy weekend.

  16. Hi, Baili!
    The flooding in your country is a human and environmental tragedy. I have followed the news filled with sadness and horror. I must apologize for not getting in touch with you sooner, and I am grateful that you reached out to me. You and your family have been very much on my mind, despite my absence from your blog.

    My brain has been foggy and I have let important things fall through the cracks and wasted time on stupid things because I have been so scattered. One of the ways I have coped with the stress of what Terry and I have been through medically is to do mindless things that distracted and calmed me. Now that Terry has recovered and I am improving a lot, I can focus and deal with the important things.

    Yes, there are a lot of bigger things that need to be dealt with in your country, but I hope you have a fixed or new computer as soon as possible. Sometimes it's the little things going well that help us with bigger things going wrong.

    You said something that is very true all over the world: "If necessary precautions were taken on right time the consequences could have less painful." My parents' generation and previous generations sacrificed a lot for their countries and societies, and I think that we (In Canada and the US) have squandered their sacrifices, for example by not maintaining and improving the transportation and energy systems those generations funded and built. As people we are much more self-centered and selfish, and it makes me sad and angry.

    I get very discouraged about the threat of climate change to our planet and its life, and then I read about things that are happening that may help counter some of the effects. So I am up and down emotionally every day.

    Climate change is real. Changes are happening far faster than even the most dire modeling predicted. Human activity is responsible for a lot of the change. Humanity is going to face incredible challenges, is already facing them, like the unfortunate people in Pakistan.

    I can vote for leaders who take the climate threats seriously. I can donate more to environmental causes. And I can do whatever I can in my own life to use less water, power, and resources. I have to have hope and optimism. There are too many wonderful young people in the next generations among my family and friends, among all nations. For their sake, I have to believe we will get through this.

    Please take care, Baili! Hugs and blessings to you!

    1. Precious Louise I can completely understand what you both have been going through since while and believe me that even while being busy in routine of life you guys are in my thoughts as well and I never stop thinking or praying for you!

      This is grace of God that you both are improving my friend and it makes me happy and thankful.
      unfortunately climate change is not issue that few people can solve by resetting their lives. It mostly in the hands of people who hold power here and willing to sacrifice others for their selfish benefits. I doubt anything can awake them sooner. They will be shaken after the water will rise enough to drown them as well and first thing they will do is probably to look for another planet to run as with abundance of resources they think only they have right to survive and they they can do it when time is up for earthers. Truth is bitter but as common people we have no other choice except swallowing it.
      Good news about reaching international add to correct people came to me through an acquaintance and it was relief to have indeed.

  17. Thanks for this update as It was a relief to see this new post, Baili, and to read that aside from collapsed roofs you and your family are safe. The news reports of the persistent rain and flooding were devastating. Many areas of the US have been experiencing similar issues of floods and others of drought. At times, it seems so unbalanced and to be honest, unfair. What you expressed about the government not caring enough about all its citizens is sadly true not only in Pakistan, but here and elsewhere and that is unfortunate.

    Your laptop has served you and your son well and perhaps, if possible, should be given a fond farewell.

  18. Hi, Baili! I checked out your Urdu poetry blog. I was curious, and it occurred to me that Google translator might translate your poem for me. Your calligraphy or writing is gorgeous. I am amazed that you are fluent in two such different forms of writing and language. It's very good for your brain.

    Your theme of how the scenery of your native village speaks volumes is lovely. I especially love the image of "When the clouds bend over the green mountains, they talk a lot." I'm sure Google loses something in the translation translation, but this image really speaks to me. I hope you do more poems in Urdu, Baili! Hugs to you!


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