Sunday, August 14, 2022

Photos From Ayub National Park Visit ,An Extended Version Of Pleasure


Visiting Ayub national park is kind of permanent part of our holidays stay in Islamabad . And it is because of it's serene  healthy environment and a happy feel that comes after visiting a beautiful public place. Ayub National park is claimed to be one of the largest park in the Asia .It covers 313 acers . It offers citizens of twin cities (Islamabad and Rawalpindi) a pleasant joyous domain where they can spend some wonderful time with manmade natural habitat for plants and other species co-existing with man. It seems also an effort to provide animals a safe place to grow . I realized during this recent visit  after covid that many enjoyable changes has been made by authorities. It is never easy see animal friends and sweet birds confined no matter how nice and big the cage is but still i was relived to find them wandering in extended portions . My younger son missed his elder brother who had been joining him always but thankfully he was consumed by many interesting activities soon and over all we had a pleasurable  three hours there .Sharing some photos hope you will like them .

 parks are crowded mostly after sunset so when we entered at 5 pm almost people were rare which made ticket purchasing easy and quick . 

an amusement carriage you can see above the head of my younger son ,children and elder were enjoying the ride despite it was hot day though bearable with pleasing breeze 

my younger son joined some kids of his age waiting for entry and then he visited the ghost room which he later said was not scary at all but he had to scream so boys don't find him weird 

we both waited for our son on bench while having water and enjoying soothing guts of breeze ,improved and less crowded park looked amazing !
can't say he or she but you see in photo below she was sitting peacefully ,actually we saw there was a group of some naughty teenagers who were holding stick and teasing  the animals ,twice they were standing beside so we ask them to stop politely ,my younger son was first to say this and then we both joined him, despite kids looked difficult they stopped immediately and the magnificent creature went back into her decent mood smoothly ,it was our first experience to see such mischievousness in all hose years  

it hurts to watch these elegant feathery friends walking within restrictions but surety that it is for their safety and growth brings peace of mind 

there are so many species of birds in park and i captured many of them but images are not fine enough to share sorry 
if remove the fence it could have been a beautiful capture i think ,agree ?

 a stage was posing for ladies ,i found it interesting ,both ladies looked at me while i was clicking but their friendly smile encouraged me that they are fine with it 

 we  watched these lovely couple for while as they looked little anxious as they were wandering not relaxingly but in kind of rush ,it can be huger may be 

 extended area and bigger confinement offers lengthy walk and it can make one tired specially overweight people 

 Oh don't you thing the baby Zebra is so CUTE :) he later got up and joined his mom close by though 

now this is perfect pose for a king of the jungle isn't it :) i wish my camera was good enough to catch her expression perfectly ,what is she thinking ? any idea ?

same kids i mentioned ,but they stopped when we requested thankfully , i think some extra guards needed to stay close by so can stop such mishap .

Hubby could not find device but good news that hubby and i am feeling quite better and a bigger good news for me that my laptop is allowing me to comment through it what a relief ! thank you dear Jenny for help .you are so sweet !
It is 14th of August , 75th Independence  day of our homeland so Happy birthday to Pakistan! 
that is it precious people,please keep taking great care of yourself in all means physically and spiritually ! blessings to all of you!


  1. A beautiful park with lots to see and do!

  2. Love the photos. Happy birthday, Pakistan and her people!

  3. So beautiful! A lot to see and a lot to do. I hope you are keeping well.

  4. What a fun time. I love going to places like this. Have a lovely evening.

  5. I am so glad you are feeling better and that you laptop is working for you again :-)

  6. Beautiful park.
    And the animals are incredible.
    Have a great week

  7. Trust you had a happy Independence Day. So pleased to read you are much improved after having Covid. The photos are lovely, thanks for sharing them and the park looks good.

  8. Pictures of animals are special. I especially liked the white tiger.

  9. Thank you for the wonderful photos.

  10. Vim deixar um beijinho... e espreitar o tanto que ultimamente se me escapou por aqui, na pressa dos dias... logo mais virei com tempo, de novo, Baili!
    Estimo que se encontre de saúde, assim como todos os seus!
    Um beijinho! Até logo, então!

  11. What a glorious place to visit! I'm glad the animals have larger areas to roam than previously. And I'm pleased you all spoke up to stop the youngsters from teasing the animals. Sometimes kids really do not think about how other living things might feel but when they know better, they will try to do better. Hopefully these kids will remember what you said to them and take it into their lives going forward.

    I'm happy you and your husband are feeling better now. Maybe you were able to get more rest once you returned home and that has helped beat the virus. Yay! for being able to comment more easily! I hoped my tip might help you :)

  12. I think the lioness looks calmly regal, confident in the knowledge that she is the apex predator. What a lovely park, Baili. I loved the baby zebra. Thanks for sharing this special place.


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