Saturday, August 20, 2022

Misery Caused By Sudden Long Nonstop Rain And Good News By Younger Son

It is raining outside. Actually some of it is raining inside as well.

Asia is going through a heavy rainfal and our country Pakistan is facing this  constant and grave rainfal since mid June.

Rains started in the second week of June and has been continued since then unstoppablly.

Two provenances Balochistan in neighborhood and Sindh (ours) are effected with sudden such lengthy spell of heavy rains as both providers are not used to have such weather at all in ages sadly.

Weather forms most of us and life we lead in daily manner. Heavy rains and for months are not in any existed schedule here. Winter are mild though summer are extremely hot but with little rains which hardly stays for while such as few minutes or half hour. So routine of living is designed here in which people's attitude is is like "task it easy" type. No extra efforts are put for survival. And caution for heavy lengthy rains are not in even imagination of anyone.

Homes and roofs are made commonly for sunny mild days. Roads have the same story and so is everything else including swerig system and market  place accessibility. 

It is is third month of non stop rain and needless to say that haven't seen sun properly since June. 

I think it is not hard to imagine that what kind of of difficulties people going through right now. Power is disappeared most of the time. Comes in periodically during night sometimes. Net is playing on and off too. Due to absence of the sun soalor battery is unable to recharge. Still providing energy enough to make a fan run which is treat in such humidity. 

As you know that we had built two rooms in upper portion of the house for storage . It is these two rooms who has saved us from trembling water. Although uncovered part of our house is is trembling. We had to remove everything from rooms made under uncovered roof and shifted it to  other parts of the house including bedroom. 

Despite the all misery rain is causing to us it is joy to have shade of   clouds that protecte from the scorching sun of terribly hot summers we have here every year. 

It is painful to learn about serious and big loss caused by the to the people of surrounding small villages specially because mud dam near by broke out and made areas around flooded. 

Roads of our small city have turned into rivers which restraining all kinds of market activities. People finding hard to shop utilities let alone the fruit or vegetables that city imports from other parts of the country. 

Can't say how long it will take to get into dry sunny normal days as more rain has been predicted next week. 

Feeling bad for those though who depend on the daily earnings! 

Hubby has brought few labor to and is trying to fix the trembling problem asap. But I doubt it because rain is ready to wash away everything labor has apllied. Sigh. Let's see what happens though I am thankful for having space left for us to stay in the house God is great indeed. 

On the happy side my younger son has been settled in the hostel. He has completed his first week as orientation week in Hubib university. He said he had fun week with new friends while playing various exciting practical games including scavengers in which he solved most of the riddles and won his group third position. Administration arranged a dinner on the last day of the week.His proper studies will start from 22 My son shared some photos of the cherish times. Sharing with you hope it will cheer you up dear friends! 


  1. Hope the flooding improves stay safe

  2. Sorry to hear of the flooding hope it improves stay safe

  3. Glad your son is enjoying university so far! Next week the real work begins, LOL!

  4. Unfamiliar with such situation people are disturb and wanting for authorities to take some action about it at least machines must be put on work on drainage of water. I wish people who vot to favorites must protest and demand for for some performance now

  5. I hope the flooding situation soon ends Baili and better times will be ahead, it must be depressing for such a long time. Good to see your son is having such a good time.

  6. We are getting rain here too. Not in the amounts you are though. If we got that much rain all the fields would be under water.

  7. Sorry to hear about the flooding, Baili. I'm glad your roof is okay!

  8. Very unusual weather can make things very unpleasant. When there's enough rain to cause flooding and danger , it's too much. Be safe.

  9. I am glad to know that you can stay in your home, Baili, in spite of all that rain. I pray the rain stops soon.

    I hope younger son has a wonderful year!

  10. Somehow I did not realize how much rain you were getting, baili - I'm so sorry to hear how desperate the situation is, and that your house addition is threatened. It so often seems that Mother Nature does not know the meaning of moderation. Even before climate change started to show up, there were natural disasters caused by too much -- too much wind, too much rain, too much heat -- but now it is getting worse. I hope things improve soon for you and your fellow citizens.

    I am glad to hear your son is settling in at university. I wish him well and hope for his success and happiness.

    1. As expected dear Jenny record rain started right after labor finished his cement solution application on the roof. Most of the applied solution was washed away by the heavy piercing rain immediately though we felt a little betterment afterwards which makes us thankful..

      Being an extremely content and foolishly positive person I have learned that life is series of obstacles which we have to learn how to cross meanwhile we fall, become injured, disappointed complainy and yet if we do not loose faith and keep trying we get better in performance though I don't know about victory or reaching out to destination but spiritually yes there is some gain indefinable. Some strange strong sense of accomplishment and peace of mind..
      Nature's play is hard to understand but keep having faith is the only WY to go through it successfully

    2. You are right; it is better to keep moving forward, no matter what.

  11. Good to hear about your younger son and that all is going ok for him. How sad to read about the rain and floods in your country particularly in your area. Can't imagine having houses or accommodation without roofs that are safe when it rains. Take care and hope you are all well and recovered from your experience of Covid 19.

  12. That is wonderful news about your son. I'm sorry to hear about all the rain and the problems. I hope things improve. Stay safe!

  13. We had non stop rain this past spring. Lots of flooding too. Just stay as safe as you can. Glad your son had a good week at Hubib..

  14. Nature is mad at us, baili.
    We see it everywhere.
    Have a great week.

  15. As alterações climáticas estão a provocar enormes desequilíbrios em todos os lugares, o que é inquietante.
    Ainda bem que está tudo a correr bem com o seu filho mais novo. Tudo de bom para ele e para toda a família.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  16. So sorry to read about all the flooding issues in your country, Baili, not only for so many people, but especially for your home which is being threatened now. Sadly, it seems that weather negatively affects so many people and yet it is much needed relief (rain) that never comes in other countries. As you know, so many parts of the world and here in the U.S. are desperately in need of rainfall, including here in NH. I hope your home will be able to withstand the trembling and that you do not have damaged belongings.

    Good news reading of your son's success and hope al lcontinues to go well for him as he enters university.

  17. So pleased that all is going well for your younger son.

    The terrible flooding has been featured on our UK news.
    Stay safe.

    All the best Jan

  18. The weather this year has been strange. We had not had much rain for many months leading to droughts in some parts of the UK.

  19. I'm glad that things are going well for your younger son, Baili, although I worry that the terrible flooding will disrupt his learning. It's heartrending to see how some people in your country are suffering. I am glad that you, your family, and your home are relatively safe.

    I was looking at some NASA images of the flooding, and I learned something I never knew or have forgotten. Pakistan has the most glacial ice found outside the polar regions. The monsoon rains have increased the melting of the 7,000 glaciers in Pakistan and have made the flooding worse.

    Please take care!

  20. Thank you for taking the time and leaving kind words that mean so much to me!

    The pain of fellow citizens hurts a lot. We are not an exception, if rain would have continued maybe more of us would have lost their homes.
    The knowledge you shared from NASA images is a news to me honestly. Whatever is the reason cutting the water of rivers in appropriate direction could have saved thousands dear Louise. We are not crying for only what natural disaster caused us buy negligence of house owners is another lemant. Life of loved ones is important for all of us equally and authorities must realize it


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