Friday, May 13, 2022

Birds That Nestle In My Front Yard Every Year


   It is 45 c outside ,an extremely hot day though lightly breezy which makes it bearable . According to news heat can rise to 60 c in next two weeks it frightens me to think of such high temperature  when 48 to 50 c drains out my energy from my veins and makes me feel fainting.

 Through the window Looking at plants waving with gentle gusts of breeze in my small garden fills my heart with joy and wonder ,how such delicate leaves can tolerate the scorching sun whole day and still can look as lovely, though roses blooming during such extreme heat seems to shrink and appear in single petal pattern instead dense thickly layered. 

This year i missed the pair of tiny black blue birds who used to nestle in our pomegranate every year. 

                                                                        google image

This year hubby trimmed it more due to it's wide spread branches that were restraining the entrance gate little bit . The cute couple started to visit our yard in early spring but looked little disappointed when they found the branches that used to provide them shelter to nest were disappeared completely. I thought they will  comeback o check out but no sign yet .They have found another place to nest probably ,hope the place they choose is safe home for them and their new born .

The dove pair who used to nest in our climber for years appeared as usual and nestled in.

 It is strange pleasure to have such feathery friends around who are busy in shaping their life and  creating families just like us . Isn't it so obvious that we can find all the "fun" and "amusement" in material world but when it comes to find "peace of mind and soul" we find it only in the Nature ?

When we moved here our Neem tree was small so the tiny blue and black birds would nestle in one of our pot plant which was Jasmine ,i still wonder how they managed to make nest in Jasmine branches which was not dense at all . One night when we were sleeping in the yard and had thunderstorm suddenly we all ran inside while holding our traditional beds and electric pedestal fan . With our half sleepy minds when we all were settling into our beds my eldest son ran back into yard and brought the whole nest branch inside . Power was gone so we saw with torch that one of tiny bird and his or her babies were all wet and babies were cooing slightly due to fear .My son took them out of the nest gently and put them in the towel . Till morning they were dry and better ,my son put them in the sunlight . As day passed babies seemed to gain their energy well and grew faster surprisingly .Then came my favorite sight when both parents fly around their babies and encourage them to fly by shouting :)

 I love seeing all this every year though i can hardly take some appropriate photos to share with you guys . Most important reason for this is that i don't want to disturb them because in the beginning when i tried they seemed annoyed and complainer so i leave them alone so i may not loose them .

Another pair of small birds is Robin but they mostly appear in June or July if i remember correctly .

 They are most friendly because they nestle in thinner part of the pomegranate and hardly feel bothered when we are around . I think i have shred their images in some of my older post.

You probably be wondering why so much contemplation on this topic today ? 

I think this is hard time for me as mother once again . Despite of al the joy for my younger son's success regarding admission in Habib university i am sad that another son of mine is about to leave now . Being a kid of new modern age he is smart and confident boy who is surly looking forward to opportunities where he can prove himself and i am sure he will settle down as self dependent young man soon. But as a housewife and mother i have gave my whole life and all energies to grow these kids and looking after the house. It seems the realization that we will be left alone soon is scaring me inside. Though as compare to past i am feeling more aware about how will i be using my time and energy and in which things ,that is satisfaction if my health allows me to do so. 

Question is can we survive by living alone ? I don't have the answer but time has it and will tell in future for sure . 

Nothing can stay the same in this life as life is name of constant change . Even the death which is a painful departure according to our perspective .From the Nature's point of view death is only a little part of nonstop transformation process because everything in the life and universe is moving in circle for the eternity .

Precious friends keep taking good care of yourself please !

stay blessed with faith who gives you wings to fly in the endless sky of hope and believe me in this whole life nothing is more beautiful than hope because in your hands it is like rope which can bring you out from the dark well of despair. Hope is divine sign of faith and it grows in hearts who are enlightened with faith no matter what .

blessings to all of you!


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    1. it is indeed dear Christine but as they say we learn to survive through odds

  2. Yes, a parent's (especially a mother's) feeling of loss when the kids grow up and leave is called "Empty Nest Syndrome." But baby birds must fly off to live their own lives. There will be a shift of focus in your life back onto yourself and your dreams, desires and hobbies. That can be a good thing!

    1. dear Debra thank you for insightful comment ,so true that mothers are more attached to children and specially if they are house wife with their full focus on upbringing and looking after their kids ,it makes them suffer for quite long to adjust with fact that "their children leaving home was just part of nature's progress " i must admit that if for sixteen years i would have not witnessed how babies birds have to fly after growing up it might have been really hard for me to understand and bear this departure from my kids specially when most of the people around are doing differently

  3. I remember what it was like when our daughter left for university. Now you will have time to follow your dreams, Baili. You will be sad at times but take comfort in the fact you did a great job as a parent.

    1. i dear Marie i belong to culture where until today most of the people live in joint family system or close to each other ,children get married after high school or higher education and job though things are changing rapidly in big cities particularly .only some years back i thought my life would be the same ,my sons will get married and my daughters in law would join our family and i will be spending rest of my life while helping them in house chores and looking after my grand children but i did not think the way i have brought up my kids things will not be the same as they are usually .i tried to grow up with dreams and vision and have courage to pursue them ,this was which i could not do in my youth due to restricted circumstances .so i am preparing myself to face the consequences of choice i made with joy and peace that what i did for my children was best for them

  4. It's so hot at your place and cold, windy and rain, rain rain here. Lots of pretty birds there. No, I don't think animals or humans were meant to live alone. Wishing you a very nice day.

  5. I love watching birds. 45 C is an unbelievable temperature for me, but I guess you can get used to it.

    1. getting used to something matters most dear Red as we know Nature has designed all of us to adopt and adjust in each new environment quickly ,it was hard before when i moved here but in few years i settled down thankfully

  6. Interesting birds, ours are more boring. I just did a calculation of 60 c to Fahrenheit...OMG!!!

    1. dear Joe i envy with beauty and variety of birds the vast American states have :) oh please don't do it it will be like you enlarged the stove into huge oven lol

  7. It's a sad time when our children leave home for whatever reason, we have to let them go and live there life and be there for them as they are our children. Having two sons that left home long ago one has returned home, and is doing more study the other son does not live very far away with his wife and family, and it's with this latter son and his family that we spend some of our summer holidays with. We get used to our children not living at home, hard at first but we find other things to do.
    My that is very hot weather - try to stay cool..

    1. dear Margaret this is so true indeed ,while growing up i would hear that west has no family system and everybody learns to live by own but now after learning so much about western lands i know that there is hardly any difference in our lives when it comes to form and look after a family .parents no matter where they belong feel same for their children .
      i can so relate my friend how might have felt when your sons left home as i said being house wife we feel it more and deeper way because all we have spent our whole life circling around our family ,children specially so when they leave it is like someone is trying to take away your body part by cutting it from you ,it is hard and takes ages to heal (may be in future far) .
      i am happy one of your son is back ,i can only imagine the peace and joy you have felt my friend .
      unlike most of parents here ,mothers particularly who want to rule the next (son's family)family desperately i chose to let my sons create their life for themselves according to their own will ,if they will want they can keep me around if no i will still be happier to learn that they are living happily with their new families :)

  8. 'flying the nest' they call it, so appropriate. It is hard when our children move away, I don't think I will ever adjust! Your birds have some fabulous colour - the blue blackbird is quite spectacular.

    1. dear Betty i remember when my mom had lots of chicken and they would have many chicks ,mom chicken would look after her babies like an eagle but once they were grown enough to find food and survive mom chicken would try to separate them forcefully ,they would even poke them with their beak to keep them away .that would sadden me then but now i understand they were designed to do so by mother Nature .
      I think if nature has set this pattern for us as mothers then there must have been some appropriate reason behind it ,i will try to figure out mine if life and health allows

  9. Lovely post !
    Too hot indeed...they talked about the extreme temperature in India and Pakistan in the news...
    The happiness of our children is what matters...
    Have a cool weekend !

    1. dear Anna thank you for kind visit and comment !
      this years seems to have special weather pattern for India and Pakistan as i have never heard before such thing in my entire past life .
      so true what matters most for me as a mother is the happiness of my kids

  10. Thanks for your wonderful comments in your last post, Baili. 60º C is hard to imagine! I am praying that it doesn't get that hot! If it does, you and your family must take care not to overexert yourselves. And have extra water on hand to drink. I'm sure you know more about what to do than I do!

    Every time I walk in nature, I am amazed that animals and birds and fish and insects live out their lives outdoors. It makes me very passionate about taking care of our environment. As more and more development happens around us, I am seeing fewer birds and other wildlife. It makes me sad. I am glad that I live in half of a duplex instead of a single family home. I think it's more friendly to the environment.

    We just had new rain gutters installed on our house, and we're about to get a new roof which we really need. Now that I'm feeling so much better, I hope to accomplish a lot on our house this summer. I don't have the beautiful garden you have, Baili, but I now have a house plant. It was given to me by Mario. Mario, Araceli, and Jessica clean our house every three weeks. I just love them, and I'm so grateful to have them. I don't know how we would have gotten through the last year without them.

    I know it's hard to see your children growing up and beginning to move away. I think almost every mother and father feels this way. It was difficult for my parents. They let several young people, who had graduated from university and moved to Calgary looking for work, stay in their home as much as a year. This allowed the young people to save money to move out on their own later, once they got established in their jobs. The kids were all friends of our family. My sisters and I all landed at home for periods of time as we got established too. My parents were thrilled!

    You'll get through it, Baili. You and Ali have done an amazing job of raising your sons, and they aren't going to forget you or leave you behind. You and Ali will likely have lots of good times together. I hope you get to move to Islamabad. I'm sure your husband is looking forward to retirement. I am thankful everyday that I am retired. (Although, I don't think a woman ever completely retires ~ lol!)

    Have a wonderful week, my dear friend! I look forward to hearing about your middle son's adventures in learning at university. I have enjoyed your oldest son's journey. It is my hope that the next time we go to England I will have the chance to meet your son. But only if he is comfortable with meeting my husband and me. Duty calls! I must go make supper. Hugs to you! ❤️🥰❤️

  11. thank you from the deepest corner of my heart for such lovely comments always dear Louise ! you really make me feel as my sharing does not disappear into thin air :)
    your line " i am feeling so much better " made my eyes teary at once dear Louise i was really looking forward to such positive words from you since you had mentioned your illness ,i am thankful to my lord who made it possible for and i hope and pray he continues to do so for the eternity for you and for all my loved ones whether in world or blogger world amen!
    i don't know about all but i have always felt strong connection with Nature even when i was little or young . looking forward to birds everyday was one of my favorite hobby ,we would have guest birds from cold lands every year and we could see them flying lowly on the hills here and there or on the ground looking for food . mom would tore left overs of traditional bread into tiny pieces and sprinkle into the farther part of the yard birds would gather to eat them everyday ,sparrows ,robins ,crows and few other who i can't say name . it was amazing sense of attachment with them . many of my cousin would like to pick up various insects in their hands and play Beatle particularly i would not touch them but i know they were friends . i now feel sad about snakes i killed in my early teens ,i wish i would have not .i just follow what others would do when saw snake passing by .fear is dangerous instinct and make us do what we might not think about if the fear does not provoke us .
    i find my ultimate solace in Nature but no where else it is biggest source of inspiration for me to live ,be happy and have hope and above all have faith .and everything within Nature seems to beaded in one rope to me .

  12. dear Louise this is great your house is have some necessary alterations .it seems your house is little old and therefore you need to install new roofing probably ?

    my heartfelt best wishes for all you do my precious friend. your domestic helper sound like really sweet people who gifted you house plant wow sounds amazing to me ,i would love to see glimpse if you like :)

    isn't it a beautiful tradition that like birds we and our children have to leave the old nest in order to extend family and create new space for them . I love how Nature has designed patterns of life as flawlessly and everything seems to serve in a best way for us the humans if we follow the rules of nature faithfully .

    thank you for painting the lovely image of your family gatherings dear Louise ,i can only imagine the beauty the ,happiness and the thrill your parents would feel when they would see their all children together before their eyes ! yes this is what i dream of if it is in my destiny and my kids value us enough to be around once in a while that will like dream come true :) and that will be enough for me as mom to see them well settled in their life and enjoying the beauty of family life as well and showing themselves to our eyes for quality time .yes this is the right way for things to happen i believe .

    precious Louise consider me weird or else i am being a mother trying to perform all my obligations honestly with no hope believe it or not ( i am most scared person who fears to get heart broken by unfulfilled hopes) . this is my way that do good to all without having hope they will do same to me . i do so because it is right way to do it .right way mean the way that delivers my heart an absolute sense of peace and no burden on my conscience (most scary burden to carry for me) , my faith is always in Creator not in people .so rest i leave upon God that's it .

    My younger son could not achieve scholarship and it makes our progress to save for house we wanted to have in Islamabad dear Louise so right now things are little disturbed yet i ma not complaining nor i am disappointed because what has been done until now was not my achievement but miracle and what will happen next will also be the will of God whether miracle or else all we human can do is try our best and have patience and yes keep struggling :)

    My younger son will go to attend the "splash event" for a month in mid June dear Louise ,an opportunity for new students to be familiar with each other and everything else . Regular classes will start though in 20th of the August inshallah .

    How nice of you to think about meeting my eldest son during your probable trip to England dear Louise :) that sounds thrilling to me .i think my son will be happy to meet you ,all you have to do is try to make it on weekends :) i wish i was there to meet you as well :)

    thank you for being so kind dear friend ,hard to explain how your kind words uplift and strengthen me always! hugs and blessings to you and Terry

  13. 45? Possibly going to us much as 60? Shudder. Stay safe and cool dear friend. And thank you for the feathered enchantment that fills this post.

  14. Such a lovely post, Baili! This is my favourite time of year. I enjoy all the activity outside with all the critters, especially the baby animals being born. It is awfully hot where you are! We're going through a very warm period here but not to that extreme! I hope you are keeping well. Blessings to you and your family!

  15. I really enjoyed reading about your plants and the birds and wow, your son who brought in the birds during a thunderstorm - what a sweet guy he is. I had four sons grow up and move out - some took a little longer. My oldest left at 18 and the others followed. It bothered me at first and then the more it happened i got use to it. I then found that I actually didn't know what i loved to do in life and finally was finding out years later, meaning everything to do with nature - that I didn't have time for with kids and working. Truly, it will give you a chance to find yourself even more and with your spiritual nature - who knows, you may take up writing as you describe things so well and have such a talent for it. I hope it cools down and doesn't get too hot for you.

  16. In my balcony every year.
    Again we have a nest there.
    Have a great week

  17. I haven’t experienced 45 degrees C yet. Please take care for the upcoming much more heat. It’s soothing to watch birds coming and going around you. Each bird is lovely. Yes, everything is in flux. Let’s enjoy each moment. Thank you for your nice comment.


  18. É quase impossível aguentar tanto calor. Gostei dos pássaros que fizeram ninho perto de sua casa e que todos os anos voltam. Pena, o pássaro azul e negro não encontrar a sua árvore. Gostei do seu texto.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  19. It is not easy when our children 'fly the nest' but it is part of life cycle and we adjust as best we can, and share in their future endeavours ...

    I always enjoy seeing the garden birds.

    All the best Jan

  20. I love that your son is a rescuer of birds. 😊

    My kids are getting older too. In one year the oldest graduates from high school. Where did the time go and what will I do next? There will be something, Baili, for you and for me.

    "Even in old age they will still produce fruit; they will remain vital and green." Psalm 92:14. I think I have shared this verse here before. I hope the repeat is ok! It reminds me that there are still things to do and life to live when we are moving from one season of life to another. Each of us is created for a purpose and given our days.

    Blessings ❤️

  21. Bali what a wonderful story about your son rescuing those baby birds...I am sure it is a bag of mixed feelings concerning your son going to university. It as if your baby birds are leaving your nest. You will find your way Baili...God will lead you. Hugs!

  22. I remember so well when my kids reached the age where they left home and became independent. When they were growing up, I stayed home and was a mother and housewife. It was hard at first when they left, but in time it became easier and I began to enjoy the extra time for my husband and myself. But that was in our Western culture, and as you said, your culture is very different and that adds a new layer of feelings of loss for you. I know that with your intelligence, and ability to ponder, and positive outlook, you will find your way through this challenge. I think it is incredibly giving of you to want your children to take a different path in life, one that gives them more opportunities, even though it means they may live far away. I do believe that because you have raised them with love and kindness, they will want to return home often to see you and your husband. Hugs, my friend.

  23. As I have no children I can't imagine how you feel with your children flying the nest onto their new adventures. But I am sure they will stay in touch with you and visit as often as they can.

    I say this because my nephews (brothers sons) always keep in touch with me and meet up whenever they can :-)


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