Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Smiles Of My Little Garden ,Show Pieces And Yes It Rained Here Either :)

Hello   Beautiful   Souls !

Hope  and  pray    that   you  are   grabbing  " your "   joy   from   each
 moment   passing  by , with   your   wisdom    and   positivity  :)

As   this   is    BEST    you can    do   for   yourself    because   we   never   know   that   if  we   find   the   next  one  or  not ?

After  returning   from   Karachi   best  thing  happened  here   was  rain   which   washed  away   all  the  dust  and  pollution   from   air   and   plants! And  it  makes  me    happy :)

Views   have  become  more  clear   and  sky   has  shown   it's  actual    charming   face   after  ages !

Hubby  wore  this   jacket   brought   by   our  eldest   son   on  day  next   to  rain
i    bought    these   show  pieces   from   Karachi   's   discount   shop 

also   bought   bunch   of   sunflowers   for  older  vase 

 My    little   garden   is   prepared   to   well   come  spring  ahead ,  this  is   most   soulful   part  of  my   house


I   caught   this   gorgeous   cutie pie   while  standing  in  the   shop   where  my  sons   were  buying  cover  for  the   tablet   brought  by   my  son  for  his  younger  bros , she  was  wandering  in  the  mobile  market 

seasonal plants   are   though   less in variety this year still i am loving the blooms that  looking  at   them   feels   like  receiving   the   SMILES  OF  GOD !

sunflowers are growing slowly in my small garden area and i can;t wait to see the prettiest smiles :)

2 days back it rained here which increased the cold but i was happy that everything looked neat
specially my little garden

                 after  rain temp dropped to 6 c and hubby wore this jacket brought by our eldest son

                     when   sunlight   kiss   the   forehead    of   plant   my   heart   dance   with   joy :)

Keep   playing   guitar   of   life   and   spread   the   sweetest   tunes   of  your  existence    lovely   fellows :)

My   health   always   try   hard  to  restrain   my  music   of   pleasure    but   i  take   deep   breath   , exhale   all   the   negativity   , jump   and   cross   that   obstacle   with   the   strength    given   by   my   faith   in  my   creator   that 

   "i   am  finer   than   so   many   around" :) so  no  complains  ,i  am   pleased   and  contend   with   my  "half  filled  glass"   

Each   breath   is   filled   with  Gratitude !

wishing   you  all  a   happy     ,healthy   positive   life   everyone!

Take  Great   Care  of  your  Precious  selves !

God  Bless  You  All!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Of course it does dear Debra :)

      I love rain! It makes things more visible and vibrant

      Where we live rain is rare so everything gets dusty and dim so I wait desperately for rain and when it rains I spiritually celebrate it :)))

  2. Always love your posts of home and family, your older son is so thoughtful and caring of you all.

    1. Thank you dear Christine!

      Yes he is indeed!

      He knows that our older laptop is almost dead so he has left his own personal laptop for us here .
      He said he will buy new one for himself, So nice of him!

  3. Dearest Baili...oh how kind of your son to buy your hubby that jacket. It really suits him, doesn't it!
    I do so love those wonderful photos of your plants. It does truly make the heart sing when they come into flower...such heartwarming beauty!😊😊
    Oh thank you so much for another amazing list, dearest Baili!
    I so enjoyed!

    All my love and hugs xxx

    1. Thank you sooo much dearest Ygraine for liking my bloomes
      Yes they make my heart overflow with joy and gratitude :)

  4. Your positivity shines through all of your posts. I love the image of flowers being the smiles of God. Hooray for rain and your lovely garden. I'm reminded of part of a poem by English poet, Christopher Smart:

    For the flowers are great blessings.
    For the flowers have their angels,
    Even the words of God's creation.
    For the flower glorifies God
    And the root parries the adversary.
    For there is a language of flowers.
    For the flowers are peculiarly
    The poetry of Christ.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you dear outlawgardner for praising the simpler beauty of my little garden.

      How sweet of you to share this outstanding poetry!
      "For the flowers are words of God " how true

  5. Hi Baili :) Yay for rain! I'm sure that did you a lot of good, and your garden! The flowers are so beautiful, they must make your half filled glass even fuller! :)

    I love that glass bowl! From rain to 6C....that type of damp chill goes right through my bones!

    1. Dear Rain I doubt I can survive that much cold as even reading it makes my body shiver
      So glad that you liked my bloomes
      Yes they actually over flow my glass , Ah such a gift of our dear Creator!

  6. Your post warmed my heart, Baili!

    Your growing plants are full of beauty and potential. The white sweet alyssum among your marigolds makes me think of when I had a garden in the early years of our marriage. I always planted sweet alyssum. Unfortunately I taught in a year round school, and my teaching crowded out any time to garden in the summer ~ that, plus, clay soil, grasshoppers, and hail overwhelmed me. I can't wait to see how your garden grows.

    I, too, like the rain, especially when it clears and cools the air. Terry and I recently made a big circle of traveling from Denver to Phoenix, Las Vegas, and back to Denver. Every time we travel that route, I am distressed by the quality of the air. Parts of that route are one of the most remote areas in the continental U.S. Thirty and forty years ago the air was crystal clear and pure; now it's hazy. The mountains around Vegas had edges that stood out against the horizon like knife blades; now they are often obscured by smog. It breaks my heart.

    Your hubby looks great in his new jacket. What a thoughtful gift from your eldest son! I wish your son lots of success in his next year of study. It must be difficult for him to go back to the cold winter Europe is having after being in the warmth of home.

    Take care, my friend! Sending you a big hug!

    1. Thank you dear Louise specially for mentioning the name of plant with shiny white flowers I didn't know this

      I believe you still have your garden area and enjoy the seasonal bloomes as staying CLOSE TO NATURE is priority for a creative person like you :)

      How sad to know about hazy environment you observed during your travels

      Growing population and problems caused by it such as global warming is huge issue

      We are also facing hazy environment here my friend

      Crystal clear skies and neat views have become dreams which don't feel to come true anymore

      Thank you so much for sweet kind wishes
      My heart feel same for you !

  7. Nice pictures as always. It has also been raining a lot here in New York. I hope that the weather stays nice where you are. Have a great week!

    1. Hope constant rain is not causing problems in New York dear Brain

      If we get rain for few days our power leave for days as wiring system outside is not appropriate
      You too have blessed week ahead my friend

  8. I can imagine how you welcome the rain when it is so infrequent. It truly does wash the world clean, doesn't it?

    I enjoyed your plants and blooms; ours are all under a blanket of snow. Some will come back in spring, though - it's one of my most favourite parts of spring, to see the little shoots breaking through the earth :)

    1. We live in city near desert dear Jenny so air carries lots of dust within which makes everything inside and outside so dull and dim
      Specially keep house clean is quite a TASK here

      Yes who can't love spring which gives life back to almost dead earth

  9. Flowers are a must in my house.
    Both outside and inside.

    1. They are indeed dear Pedro:)

      World is incomplete without them

  10. Seeing your plants I am going to plant pots again this spring and set them on a deck railing. I did that when we first moved to the mountains , after living in a house with a really large yard and lots of gardens. I miss gardening so much. I put pots on the railing here in the mountains but you have to bring everything in when it snows so I let them go ..they were annuals. Anyway nice jacket and I always enjoy your positive words.

    1. Thank you dear Sandy!

      I wish you have lots of plants blooming on your rialling :)

      I can imagine your disappointment when plants can't survive during snowy season

      If you have enough sunlight you can grow window garden as many other blogging friends do

      I really appreciate your encountering response about my simple words!

  11. Lovely interesting photos.
    I like the jacket.
    Your artificial flowers are nice, sunflowers always brighten up a place, it will be lovely when yours grow in the garden, and what a pretty show you have now.

    1. Thank you dear Margaret!

      I am waiting for that moment eagerly when my garden will bloom completely in March "

  12. Nice jacket! You seem to be such a close to each other family!

    1. Thank you dear Ola!

      For us family means "bunch of people who has lots and lots of love for each other " :)

  13. Your visit with your son has rejuvenated you. Now you are back at home and seeing things through your optimistic eyes. Stay happy.

  14. Lovely post.
    I enjoyed your plants and blooms, sunflowers are a gorgeous colour flower aren't they.
    Your husbands jacket looks very nice.

    As your son has now returned to his studies, I wish him continued success.

    All the best Jan

  15. Thanks for the lovely tour! Rain can be very refreshing. We are dealing with snow, ice and cold these days. I will be so happy when spring arrives!

  16. Thank you for these lovely photos, dear Baili. I love your little garden, your plants with their sunlight-kissed foreheads, and I love your positive thoughts... It is still winter here ... and it seems endless.
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  17. I enjoyed seeing your photos of your flowers and plants. We are all covered with snow here and dealing with bitter cold temperatures. Nice to see the cheerful colors of your plants.

  18. All your plants are so beautiful!!! Your hubby looks great in his jacket! Big Hugs!

  19. Your garden looks lovely. The rain always brings out the best of flowers and leaves :-)


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