Friday, January 18, 2019

Photos From Visit To Karachi, Wander ,Food And Fun !

Hey   Sweet   Hearts !

Hope    all   of   you   are   enjoying   the   trip   to    field   of   life!

Sowing   and  reaping   in   all   different   seasons    makes   us  learn   more   and   grow    for  better  physically   and  spiritually :)

Time   given   to  us  is   Too   Short

Feels    even   shorter   when   we   get   busy   in   solving   the   riddles   of   day   to  day   living .

Main   purpose    must   be   to   understand   the  true  reason   ,value   and  worth   of  life!

For  me   this  is,

Be   Happy  while  plowing   in  the  field   of   life!

Enjoy   each   Breath   with   Deep  true  sense  of  GRATITUDE! 

Inhale   beauty    and   grace   of  nature   that   delivers    you   message    of    your   creator !

Take   moment   to   look   at   this   magical   phenomena   around   you   as   universe !

Relate   to   everything   you  have   around!

Create   harmony   between   you   and   all   within   and  outside   you!

You   will   feel   as   part    of   very   powerful    "wholeness"!

This   will   lift    your   spirit !
And   will   make   you   to   have   someone    with   you  beyond   times  and  spaces!

Take   work   as  not   burden    but   a   chance    to   give   you   opportunity   to   feel    as   an   achiever :) 

Work   Honestly  and   selflessly !

Be   equally  kind   to  all  around  you :)

And   keep   hopes   Only   to  your  Creator  with   strong  faith  that   he  will  listen  to  you  !

the   stronger   your  faith  is 

the  more  you  will   get  your  prayers  answered :)

without  the  umbrella  of  Faith ,  the   scorching   sun    of   emptiness    will   burn    your  soul!

you  will  be  hollow  and  Lost!

will   turn   into   ash    blowing   madly  hither   and  thither !

So   before   the  last   breath   comes   to  end  this    spell !

Don't   just  live,  But   Live   with   sense   of  being  ALIVE!

okay  i  really  don't  know where   that  all  came  from  ,sorry   if  i  bored  you!

sharing   with   you  glimpse   of  our   recent  trip  to  Karachi ,hope   you   will   find  them   interesting   as  i  caught   these   sights  to  share  our   city  kind  with  you  guys :)

                                             first  two  photos  are  taken  from  driving  car

Karachi    has   some  very   old   beautiful   buildings   as  well  which  are  used  as  govt  offices  now

i  was  happy  to  find  restaurant   that   offer  meals  more  like  our  homemade   traditional food

pot  made  of  clay  reminded  me my  childhood  when  i  used  to  see  my  grandma  cook  in  such  pot
                                            aquarium   that  i  found  cute  in  hotel  lounge

                    Atrium  mall  which  was  close  to  hotel  ,we  went  almost  every evening

    another  restaurant   where  visitors  were  made  to  sit  on  huge  wooden  couch like  olden  times

very   old  building ,captured  it  from vehicle 

                                              hotel  room ,when   we  arrived   there

                         walking   through   different  interesting   markets while  shopping

Atrium   mall  ,the  day  when   there  were  extra  stall  of  clothes  on  sale ,i  bought 4 as  cloth  was   nice  in  quality  and  comparatively  cheaper  than  mall's own  shops
                                                                        kids  favs

                                       me  and  hubby  were  okay  with   simple dishes

                      another  beautiful  old  building  built in  18th  century  during British era

                                                      Dolmen  Mall  on  tariq road

games  section where  surprisingly  kids  did not  showed  interest  in  playing ,may  be   they  were  happy  enough  with X BOX  brought  by  their  elder  brother

 our  son  took  us  that  place  which  was  famous  for  it's  delicious  pizza  ,for  this  he  drove  us  more  than  hour

                            front  of  pizza  place  i  found  this  architecture  lovely

 i   think   this   is  enough  for  today.

Thank   you  sooo   much   for  your   kind   visits  and  sweet  words   that   uplift   my   courage  to  keep  sharing  my   life's  happenings   with  all  of  you!

your   love  and kindness  makes  me  to  keep  you  in  my  thoughts  and  prays  all  the  time my  precious  friends!

please   take  great  care  and stay  strong  and  happy!

God  bless  you  all!


  1. Fun, food and family! What kid doesn't love McDonalds? And pizza!

  2. Dearest Baili...oh WOW...I just LOVE LOVE LOVE these wonderful photos!!
    I could never get bored looking at them, they are such a unique insight into your beautiful country and culture.😊😊
    Thank you so much for sharing!!

    Lots of love and hugs xxx

  3. What an interesting place - I would love to visit, those beautiful old buildings are fantastic and the food - in clay pots - I am imagining trying those new things - in that environment, with all the sights, sounds and smells of the City. You have a picture in there of hubby and sons together, it is really worth framing - their expressions, direction of gaze, truly lovely. I liked your thoughts today too. Having faith gives us focus, purpose and our lives meaning doesn't it Baili.

    1. Dear Betty thank you for liking our family photo to frame it

      When my son was with us I took whole family to the photo studio and captivated the moment as "complete family "

      I will share this one in my next post hopefully

  4. Your traditional food beats the fast food any day.

  5. Your insights at the beginning of the post are beautiful and so true.You know how much I enjoy seeing pictures of your family and your country.

  6. what a lovely time in Karachi, the food looks so delicious!

  7. Thank you for the photos of your family trip. I'm glad you all had a good time.

  8. So many people! You had some great food.

  9. What a fabulous post.
    I loved seeing all of your photographs. What a fantastic time you all had together.
    Special memories, and I'm so pleased you shared them with us here.

    All the best Jan

  10. Your post reminds me to be grateful, Baili, for I have much in my life that is good. And you have much in you life that is goo, too, my friend! Thanks you for sharing all the photos of the city, but especially of you, your hubby, and sons! Take care!

  11. What fun! So much to see and do. And eat! HAHA I'd be just fine with pizza :)

  12. Gostei bastante de viajar através destas belas fotografias e as comidas t~em muito bom aspecto, aproveito para desejar um bom fim-de-semana.

    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa

  13. wow, so you have our "California" pizza there. I love seeing your part of the world and how in some ways it is so like our country. Your food looks so good and your family happy - thanks for sharing all the photos - loved seeing them and reading your inspiring writing.

  14. Wonderful photos, baili! The food all looks delicious. And I enjoyed the architecture you showed us.

    I like your thoughts before the pictures, especially the part about work not being a burden but an opportunity to feel a sense of achievement. I needed that point of view right now, so I thank you.

    Looking forward to the family photo you mentioned in your reply to Wood Fairy (Betty)!

  15. Looks like a lovely trip! McDonald's and pizza are favorites for all children and adults too! The mall looks large and very modern! Lovely photos!

  16. Time spent inn family is the most precious thing we have.
    Have a great week.

  17. "O objectivo principal deve ser o de compreender a razão verdadeira, valor e valor da vida!" Concordo com você. Gostei de ver a reportagem fotográfica. Gostei de vos ver...
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  18. Baili, your posts always make me smile. I enjoyed seeing your photos from your trip. So many interesting things to see! It looks like you had a wonderful time with your family.

  19. Dear Baili, as Connie said in her comment, "your posts always make me smile!" What you wrote really is like a list of New Year's resolutions for living in faith. Thank you. And thank you, too, for the photographs of your trip with you and your husband and your sons. Such beautiful buildings! Peace.

  20. Such a beautiful post Baili! I love your words and I love the photos! Thank you! Big Hugs!

  21. Thanks for sharing all of these photos of your trip, Baili. It was so nice to see where you traveled, things you saw, foods enjoyed, and of course your family.

  22. Dear Baili - I stopped by to wish you and your family, though belated, well-being throughout the year 2019. I have known only the name Karachi. Thanks for sharing this glimpse into it. I’m happy for you that you enjoyed a lot this family trip. During the cold winter, hot pot dishes are so popular in my country. “Donabe” (clay pot) is widely used as it keeps warmth long. I scrolled down through posts to find that you’ve been happy with your eldest son coming home for the holiday.


  23. What a nice visit you had, Baili, and I enjoyed seeing all the pictures spent with your family. The food looks Yummy, and I smiled when I saw the California Pizza sign. We do make some delicious pizzas here, and a variety as well. The shopping looks like fun, and a sweet picture of you standing at the mall. I'm glad that you got to spend time with your son, as I know you miss him a lot. I hope the new year is being kind to you, dear Baili, and brings you much goodness along the way. : )


  24. I love your words they do not bore me at all :-)

    You have shared some lovely memories of your trip. I love the stunning architecture.


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