Saturday, July 22, 2017

Mystery Blogger Award ,Received From a Friend!

              Hello   Dear  Friends!

Hope  and  pray  that  everyone   is  realizing  the  all   blessings   he  or  she  has  in   life   and

   is   grateful    for   them   to   their   Creator  who    supplies   everything   without   asking   

for   it  or  struggling   for   it.   I   mean   you   came   in   the   world   with  perfect   health , 

 shelter  ,loving   family  and   much   food   to   eat    and   all   this   you   got   before   you   

were   able   to    even   think .

In   life   what   we   do   more   to   comfort     ourselves   is   just   a  past    time  because  if   '''

you   won't   do   it,   what   else  would      you   do   to   lighten   your   breathing .?  For   me   

the   hardest   job   is   in  the   world   is   to   be   able   to  do "Nothing".

It   is  a   famous   saying  one   of   our   great   personality  Mr .Ali (R.A)  "That   The   biggest 

   entertainment   is   Business"  So   please   Love   what   you   choose  to   do  .When   a   job 

 gets   your   passion   and   dignity    it   becomes  the   Best!!!

My   Precious   fellows   today   i   am   giving   post   about   an   beautiful   award   which   

 gave   me   one   of   my   sweetest   blogger   friend  Toni ,The  mystery  Blogger  award  and 

 i  want   to   say   her  "thank  you  dear   Toni  for   thinking  of  me  and  asking   for 

 advance   apology   if   i  mess   with  rule   as   i   am   not   enough   clever   to   present   it 

 properly  i   think!   I  am   providing  link   to   her   stunning   blog   and   hope   you   will   

definitely    check   it   out  as   she   is  a   brilliant  writer   with   amazing   sense   of   humor.



Rule 1. Put the award/logo image on your blog. 

Rule 2. List the rules.

Rule 3. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

Done-already-did-it, but just to make sure none of you readers missed it...Thank 

you,Toni from  Wondering  and  Wandering   for nominating me.

Rule 4. Also mention the creator of the award and provide a link.

Oh, hey, did you know that the Mystery Blogger award was created by  Okoto Enigma. Just thought I would mention it!

Rule 5. Tell your readers three things about yourself.

            1)   First  dream  of  my  life  was  to  join   the  army  as   i   was   too   

fascinated  by   their  yellowish  brown uniform   and  discipline  .I   heard  lot   

about   first  six   months  of   army   training  from  my  eldest   brother  and   was   

so   thrilled  to   do  all   the   adventurers  ,  Sadly   i   fell  ill  when   i  was   in  earlier 

 semester   of  grade   nine  .I  was   hospitalized   for   almost   two   and   half   moth   for   

extreme  anemic   condition .

long  story  short   when   got   back   to   the   school  after   almost    three   months  my   

name  was   cut   from   the   attendance  register .My   principal  was    so   kind   with   me 

 so   she   put   me   back   in   school   without  any   fine   but   asked   to   leave   the   science 

  subjects  as   they  were   hard   to   cover  in   that   sage  so   my   dream  of  being  nurse  in 

 army  was   broken  .Still  feel   the  pain though.

    2)  I  belong   to  a  village  where  our   house   was  on  hill  top  .We   used   to   encounter  
with  various  animals  like  fox , very   huge   lizard  like   creatures  blah blah blah  but   

most   dangerous  were   snakes    .I  was   obviously   scared   of   snakes   and   that   fear   

was    strong  enough  to   kill   them  specially   when   snakes  entered  in  my  house ,so  i 

 killed  personally  five  snakes   alone  and  helped   brother  and  mom  to  kill   two  bigger  ones  .

  3)  I   have   strange   deep   connection   with   my   creator  which   cannot   be   told  in  my 

  simple   words.  My   whole   life  i   had   sense   that   someone   is   guarding   me  and   

knew   quite   latter   that  it  was  him  [ My  Creator]   .My  life   is   very   rich   with   

 incidents    when   i   was    alerted  and  saved   by    Mysterious  help   of   my   Creator .Such 
  happenings  made  my   faith  even   stronger  that   he   loves   me  ,stay   closer   to  me 

 even  than   myself   and  guide  and  protects   me   in   hardships.
Rule 6. Nominate other bloggers.
                                1) louise// Standing into Danger                                                                                                              2)Jenny// Procrastinating Donkey                                                                                                         3) Martin// Poet and Viral video                                                                                                             4)Jane// Blondies journal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Rule 7. Nominate those people. Dang, Okoto Enigma is sure bossy!
Rule 8. Ask your nominees any five questions of your choice, plus one weird or funny question.                                                                                                                                                         
        1)  In   your  opinion  Is   it   fair   to   declare   "Classes "  in  society   only   on   bases  of  material  rather   than   character   or    virtues ???                                                                                                                                                                              
   2)  What   quality  you  prefer t o  make  a  new  friend ?

       3) If   you   are   left   alone   on  moon   what   will   you   do  to  pass  your   time  with  nothing  in  hand?

         4) If   you   are  president  of   this  whole  united  world   for  only   one   week    what   changes  you  will  want  to   make? 
     5) What   differ  a   woman  from  man  mostly ?

Rule 9. Share a link to my blog's best post.

       I  belong  to  an Asian  country  Pakistan  though  most  of  my   blogger  friends  are 

 from  western ,European   and  american  .I  wanted   to  share   with  them  my  lifestyle and 
 all  about   it  so  i  truly   enjoyed   sharing  my   family   history  and   personal  events  in   

peeking into my oldest album                                                                                                                                               

Dear     Friends    Hope   hope    you   like   my   effort   to  post   today's  post   without   the   

help   of   my   eldest   son  who   used   to   help   me   in   such   tasks    in   past   when   he   lived   wihth   us  at   home ..
If   there   is   any   kind    of     mistake   i   apologize  for  this .

Stay    positive  because   this   positiveness    is   you   whole  STRENGTH  to   deal   

everything  negative  comes  to   you .

God   wants   from   his   man   a "cal"  and  if  he   listens  it   from   you   he   answers  believe 
 me  as  in  my  46   year   life   i   learnt   it   from   my   own   experience .

God   Bless   You   All!!!                               


  1. What a wonderful, interesting post!
    If anyone deserves a blog award, it' you. :)
    Thank you for your fascinating posts... and lovely comments! ♥

  2. Thank you my dearest Sara!

    It is your beautiful big heart as you think so other wise infornt of ypur magnificent and elegant blog mine is hard to look at .

    Your blog sounds beyond awards my friend!!!

    All my blogger fellows have marvelous and unique blogs and each deserves acknowledgement and appropriation but actually i had to choose few so i did .
    Since two days blogger seems to have some problems as I am facing difficulties to open mine or other friends through google. So this post I gave while dealing with technical problems

  3. Congrats on your award, nice to learn more about you!

  4. Congratulations on the award!

    So sorry to hear about your early disappointment relating to the army. I grew up and currently live in an area where all are snakes are non poisonous and benign so I tend to view them as not a threat. I can see how living in a place where there are poisonous snakes would make one very adverse to them.

    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you Brain!
      It is a saying from one of great personalities that "I recognized my God 's love for me through the failures of my life"

      I been extremely animic and throughout my life faced physical weakness, low blood pressure, dizziness and stomach issues so it was proved in coming years that i could not have done good in army if I would have join so it was decision of my care taker my God!

      To be honest when i was in village i was not aware that which snakes are poisonous but in summers snake bitten cases were often and most of them could not survive so fear was enough to tease villagers to kill at first sight

  5. I have always had a deep sense of spiritual connection too, right from when I was a little girl. We have both been blessed with that! And you ask very interesting questions of your nominees!

    1. You too are blessed my friend Debra.

      This sense of having someone with you always give you an out of the world experience often

  6. I agree that you definitely deserve an award! I don't participate in awards, but I am always happy to see when a fellow blogger wins one, and you would be at the top of my list! :)

    1. Dear Linda I didn't want to either as it is time n little a brain consuming which I lack but how to say no to a dear friend my friend!

  7. Thank you for passing on the award to me among the names you chose, baili. Your answers to the question and your choice of questions for your nominees are very interesting. I will give them some thought and let you know when I have posted.

    It is unfortunate that your illness as a young person kept you from not only attending school but also from a career you wished to have. Some people would be bitter but you have a wonderful attitude toward life which has clearly served you well. What we cannot change must be accepted in order to be happy. I think your kindness and compassion would have made you an excellent nurse, by the way.

    1. Thank you dear friend Jenny for accepting this award from me as I was quite nervous that my nominees will take it or not.

      My insidious pains and sorrow are my personal property which enriched me with a blessing that i can very easily relate to others pain and can do anything to take this away from them.
      I am mature enough to realize that life tests each of us and the resources through which life takes our test should not be blamed or complained, this little patience and contentment results in miracles. I saw this .it happened to me many times in life

  8. Many congratulations on getting the award. It's not something I participate in, but it's always nice to see fellow bloggers who do win one.

    Thanks for sharing the things about yourself.

    All the best Jan

  9. Congratulations on the award! It all seems too complicated to this man who is happy just to wake up on this side of the dirt each day. Fascinating stuff, though.

  10. Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing xx

  11. Thanks for sharing a little about yourself. I enjoyed reading about the creatures you used to encounter.

  12. Congratulations on the award.
    Thank you for submitting me.
    May your days be filled with joy.

  13. Yes...really well done! You so deserve that award.:))
    Your beautiful posts always fill my day with joy...
    Thank you so much.:))

  14. oh how nice and fun for you. you are so deserving!!! "always stand with people who provide sunshine"!!!

  15. Congratulations on your award! This was fun to read. I enjoy learning about you. You're an amazing woman. I also have a strong spiritual connection. It's been a part of me since I was a child. I've never felt alone in this world and I consider this a true blessing.

    1. Thank you my dear friend Martha!

      It is your loving kind heart to use such nice phrase for me ,I feel honoured when such complements come from wonderful lady like you who have brilliant in her dealings of life and far mature and smart in her thoughts and expressions!!!

      You are absolutely correct that having this Amazing feeling that one who has put you here in this world where people get lost from themselves he is staying as close as your nerve,he is taking care of you and guarding you .

      One thing that i get from his special love for me that he doesn't want me be to loose my innocence, to be impurly clever so he is helping me out in making my existence successful.

  16. Congratulations on your award! I don't participate in awards because I am not good with such things. Have a beautiful day!

  17. congrats! the award came to the right place!

  18. Like Linda I am not one to participate in awards but am so very happy you received this one. Congratulations! God Bless you and have a delightful week.

  19. Congratulations on the award. I like your positive and upbeat attitude.

  20. Baili, if anyone deserves this award, it's you. You are a bit mysterious, which I love, but the one thing you make known to the world is your deep connection with our Creator. I trust in the Lord with all my heart. I didn't realize you lived up on a hill. You must have quite a view, and those snakes, oh my! They have even come into your house, Yikes! I enjoyed reading your answers, and it's nice getting to know you better, Baili. Your words, "stay positive because this positiveness is you whole STRENGTH to deal" says it all, and thank you for this wonderful reminder.


    everything negative comes to you .

  21. Congratulations on your award :-)

  22. Hi Baili :) That was nice to read more about you. I feel a deep connection with my creator as well, which is different from most but just as significant to me :) I feel that my life is very rich indeed. :)

  23. Great post and really good to learn more about you. I live on the top of a hill too, but the only thing that bothers me is the high winds!

    1. Thank you my friend for kind words!

      You are right ,I still remember when i used to walk on those tops for school and the strong winds pushed me back .that was exciting experience then and enjoyed it lot as kid

  24. I've always had a deep spiritual connection too!
    Great to know you more!! Congrats on the award!
    I hate snakes too! LOL!
    Big Hugs!

  25. I love your answers, it makes me feel that I know you just a little better. Like you, I've always felt a deep spiritual companion. I call it my guardian angel.

    Snakes! Brave you for killing them. I would have climbed on the roof of the house and screamed for help!

    1. Thank you my dear Toni!

      Even I would have called for help if hope to find any that time

  26. Many congratulations on getting the award. It's not something I participate in, but it's always nice to see fellow bloggers who do win one.

    แตกใน xxx

  27. Thank you for nominating me, Baili! What an honor! I will pass on participating for reasons I will explain below, but first I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your responses and the questions you posed.

    I'm sorry that you missed out on your dream of becoming an army nurse. I come from a family that served its country for generations. I regret that I never served in the Canadian or American forces. I have great admiration for people who serve and make sacrifices for their country. The course your life's path took had many positive consequences and brought three loving sons into our world.

    I admire your deep faith, Baili. I would love to share that deep connection, but I have not been given that gift. I've never been able to say there is no God, because on a deep level I suspect there may be. I do think that whatever God is, God is beyond anything we as humans can imagine and understand. Our increasing understanding of the cosmos is almost beyond imagining, and God is beyond that. I am extremely upset by the role of organized religion in our world, especially the extremists in all religions who claim to be working in the name of God. I am particularly upset by religious fundamentalism in my own country, because it is full of hypocrisy, bigotry, and hate, and it so different from my understanding of God and mercy and love.

    As for your questions:
    I don't believe in any classes in society, especially those based on material status. I am concerned about the increasing gap between those who have a lot and those who have little. As for classes based on merit or virtue, that depends on who is defining those qualities. I think it opens a path to potential control and oppression by those seeking power and exploitation. As an example I think of Hitler who wanted to develop the perfect Aryan race.

    In a new friend I look for compassion, closely followed by kindness and honesty.

    Alone on the moon??? Are you kidding ~ Geologist me would literally be in heaven! I would be exploring all those fabulous rocks and structures, starting with my eyes, and I'd soon find a rock to use as a hammer to crack open other rocks. But the kid in me would be jumping around and playing games with the lower gravity, probably making "dust angels" in the moon dust, and stamping out "I love you, Terry!" in the dust. I'd be staring into the bright stars and thinking about the origin of our universe and the meaning of God. And I'd be gazing at the beauty of our fragile planet in space and contemplating how rare and special it is, and how there are no borders, and wishing for peace.

    President of the world for a week. #1 destroy all nuclear weapons and other weapons of war. #2actively tackle climate change, because we are in the midst of a great extinction event
    #3 fund the development of new antibiotics and the manufacturing of older, cheaper, effective ones that have been abandoned because they are not profitable enough.
    That would take care of the first three days!

    Women are stronger, not physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

    I'm sorry that I'm just finding the blog award now. Perhaps I should tell you what has been going on with me in the past few weeks. I flew to Calgary, Alberta on July 20th, planning to fly on to Halifax, Nova Scotia on the 23rd. Instead I had to fly home to Colorado on the 23rd because of a sudden and serious dental infection. I've been quite sick from the infection which was difficult to cure because I am allergic to almost every antibiotic. The antibiotics I took have unsettled me inside, and I landed in the emergency room requiring treatment just a few days ago. Here it is three weeks later, and I am still recovering.

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