Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Karachi ,The City Of Flats

     Hello   My  Precious   Fellows!

   Hope   and   Pray  that   all   of   you  are   doing   great  and   enjoying   each   bit   of   your   beautiful   life   with   positive   attitude  and   pleasant   smile .  Hope   weather   at   your   side  of   the   world   is   friendly   and   cooperative   enough   to   do   all   your   works   and   hobbies .

We    reached   back   to  our   home   yesterday  morning .Weather   was   hot   and  dry     as   we   left   19   day    ago   ,though   due   to   being   slightly    cloudy   and   airy   temperature   was   46 c instead   of   52 c [19 days ago]

House   looked   miserable    due   to  dust    and   dry   leaves  ,so     hubby   and   me   put   our   luggage   aside   ,   took   the   water   pipe   and   wiper   and   washed   whole  house   including  all  three  rooms.  It   was    exhausting  though ,  but   we   felt   better   when   had   evening   tea   in  cleaned   environment  later .

Today   we   did   laundry,  mostly   did   hubby  i   only   hang   out   the   clothes  or   removed   or    put   back   the   curtains.  Feeling   happy   that   most   part   of    cleaning   is   done .  Only   kitchen   cupboards   remained   to   be   emptied   and   cleaned  as   i  do   whole   cleaning    resolution   before   every   Eid  [our   yearly   festival   followed   by   month  of  Ramadan  the  fasting month ,  Eid  is  only  few  days  away now].

I   also    have   to   supervise    my   both   kids   in   their   vacation   work  as   they   spent   most   of   June   in   games   and   fun   visits   to   their   favorite   place  ,now   time   to   pay   attention   to  their   studies   again .    

     View   of   city   from   17th   floor   of    building    where  is   the    office   of   my   son 

We   lived   in   Karachi   for   19  days   and   i   found   weather   really   beautiful . Due   to   being   close   to   Arabian   sea    Karachi    has   mild   summer   and   mild   winters.  Unlike   Khairpur [ our city] temperature   was   only   30  plus   ,mostly   cloudy   with   chilled    breeze .

My  son   lives   in   the   top   floor  of   five   story    building   so   each   outing   caused   us   quite     an   exercise   everyday.  I   found   it   nice   workout  after   two   earlier   days  . While    visiting   this   Largest   city   of   my   country   i   observed   that    there   99%   people   live   in    vertical   order  unlike   other   cites  .  I   belonged    to   a   village    where   people   live   in   huge   houses  with   lush   and   serene   surroundings   and   feel    free    to   view   nature   from    far  and    breath   under   open   blue   sky .

In    Karachi   i    saw    people    who   born   in    such   congested    flats ,spent   their   whole   lives  in   such   narrowness   among   many   other   members   of   family   .They   find    living   in   big   houses  as   luxury   which   remains  an   unfulfilled   desire   for   them.

I   realized  that    a  place   where   people   live   affects   people 's   nature   to   a   great   extent . People    who   grow   among    stern   weather   and   hard   surrounding   such   as   mountains     have   different   characteristics    than   people   who   live   in   smooth   valleys   beside   water.  People   grown   in   rude   unkind    desert   are   surly    part    than   who   live   in   flourishing    cities    with    completely   different    environments   like   banglows   or    such   small   flats .

There   were    four    flats   on  top   including   one   that   occupied   my   son .All   families    living   in  the  building   belonged    to   a   certain    community ,only   my    son   was    outsider   and   lived   alone   or   sometime   his   friends   come    to   live   with   him   for   weekends. My   son's   class   fellow   who   belongs   to   the   same    community    helped   my   son   to   get    this   flat    on   rent   as   this   area   was   better   though   little   more    expensive  .

 I    think   this   is   enough    for   today ,as   i    am    feeling    little    tired   right   now  ,in   next   post   i   will   share    with    you   little   more   about   my    stay  in   Karachi ,till   then   saying   you   goodbye    with   lots    and   lots    of    best    wishes    for    you   guys  .

please   take   great    care   stay    happy   and   positive  as    life    is   so    short  ,so   unpredictable  yet  gift    from   someone    who   loves   you   even    more    than    you.God   Bless   You   All!!!   

 continued ...


  1. Great pic, have a lovely day☺

  2. Glad to hear you're back home and feeling good. But I know you are still healing so please rest! I cannot even imagine those kind of high temperatures. Here in Canada, 30+ is a super hot day. I would be a puddle on the floor at 46-52 C -- I have never in my entire life experienced temperatures so high! 40 below zero, yes! 40 above, no! 50 above, YIKES!

  3. I don't think it is as hot there now as Arizona!

  4. They really pack them in. I think I would be overwhelmed!

    It looks like there is space for the city to spread out.

  5. I can only imagine how tired you must feel. I am exhausted just reading about all the work you have done.

  6. Great to hear you are back and feel good - take good care of you !
    God bless you Baili!

  7. I hope it doesn't get any hotter, Baili.

    I hope you have a happy and blessed Eid.

  8. Great post.

    Even in my part of the world the difference between cities and country is similar to what you describe. Though I love many cities, living in a less crowded area is the lifestyle that I will always choose.

  9. Thank you for the update. We are having heat issues in California.
    Blessing to you and yours.

  10. I too used to live in a flat in my previous country, but now in a house in my adopted country. You are doing so much work after your operation, but I am glad you're feeling better.

  11. We are very fortunate to be able to live a comfortable life.

  12. It must be a constant struggle to keep the dust from getting into everything, and even harder if you are away from home, as you were. It sounds like you are trying to get back to normal even though it hasn't been that long since your surgery. Please take care of yourself as much as possible! I think your words on people being shaped by their environment is interesting and often true. And sometimes we are tested by our environment and can rise above it, but it takes strength of character. Have a good week, baili!

  13. That's rather warm weather I expect it's humid too.
    You are very observant of people from different areas as how they 'are' in this world of today.
    Always a good feeling after coming home, no place like home - and cleaning the house thoroughly is also a good feeling.

  14. Glad to know you're doing well, although do take it easy now that you're back home. Having a second home in Italy I know what it's like to have the need to catch up with cleaning on our return to the UK. It's good when we get back into a normal routine. I enjoyed living in an apartment during the first time we were in Italy, but that was when we were young, energetic and liked city living. I'm so glad I've had a garden and lived in quiet areas most of my life. A garden I can retreat to is a blessing. Wishing you a good day.

  15. It's wonderful to have a clean home, isn't it, though remember to take it easy...don't overdo it. Cleaning can be exhausting but there is a comforting feeling about a home that 'shines'. Yes, I totally agree with the places where people live affects their personalities.

  16. Wow, that is hot! I've never experienced anything like that. It must be very exhausting. Or perhaps you get used to it?

    I hope you are healing well. And please remember to take care of yourself and not push too hard!

  17. Lovely to read your post.
    Glad you are safely back home.
    Well done on the house cleaning, but don't forget you are still healing so please remember to rest a while every now and then.

    Sending my good wishes

    All the best Jan

  18. As nice as it always is to take a trip, coming home also means a bit of work. Sounds like you and your husband are quite a good team, Baili, and that is wonderful to read. I can understand how tired you must have felt after all the dusting and washing of the house and clothes too and hope you are resting. We also live in a city and in an apt now, thankfully we have a wonderful river view and being on the 5th (top) floor is not very bad at all, it's quite nice.

  19. So warm there! 42 is the warmest temperature I have been, and that was in Paris.

  20. Lovely post, dear Baili! Have a beautiful weekend! :-)

  21. É sempre bom regressar a casa, apesar do trabalho que se tem para pôr tudo em ordem... Gostei muito do texto.

  22. You write about interesting topics!
    Have a good week
    (we follow via GFC, maybe you would like to follow us, too?)

  23. We have been having a heatwave in England. Although the temperature is now where near as hot as it is with you, it is hot for us.

  24. It's always exhausting and takes a little bit of time to properly recover after having experienced an extended trip somewhere else. And now you also have to look after the children as well, which is a lot. But I hope you continue to enjoy your holiday!

  25. That is too hot for me! Please take care! I hope it doesn't get any hotter for you! I'm happy you are at home and feeling good!

  26. I'm working backwards, so I haven't read an update on how you are recuperating after your operation, Baili. I hope that you are as improved as you sound. 52º C !!! I have never experienced such heat! It must have been so draining to clean your house, even when it was a cooler 46º C. How lovely that your husband is such a wonderful help.

    I have always believed that people are greatly influenced by the environment they grow up in. I feel sorry for people who live in crowded urban areas and rarely experience nature.

    Life is short, fleeting, and very precious. Wishing you joy in your husband and sons!

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