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Once Upon Time part 3 :True Story

Sara  felt a strange sensation in her stomach  and pretended  so brave to ask  What do you mean by  sharing ,while saying this  her heart beat arose to great extent  in a second  she imagined  him quite close to her and felt  as something will burst out from her stomach through her mouth as  vomiting .Robin  read her fear from her face and    said  politely  We can talk about it later  now i think you are very tired  you should get some sleep now  while saying this he kept a sweet smile on his lips ,

But his words did not satisfy Sara she was  afraid of him and wanted him out of room because he was just a man and not worthy of her trust.Though he sounded quite clever may his way of attack was different he wanted her to sleep first  but still there was something in Robin's behavior who reduced her fear  little bit and she quietly got up from her bed where the red rose petals were sprinkled all over she  grabbed a simple light pink  dress from wardrobe.When she came out of bathroom after changing her dress Robin was still  sitting on a sofa  she wondered with fear why? but soon he got up  picked up his dress and entered the bathroom.

Sara wrapped her scarf around her  chest and shoulders and sat on a bed ,Her body was still in a strict manner as she was ready to defend any offence.When  robin came out and saw him like this  he was little upset,he   picked up another blanket  and pillow and  lie down  on the sofa which was farther from bed  and said  to her that  don't worry  about me  i will not bother you  sleep now and if you want to switch off the light do it because i  off it before sleeping .Sara did not  move from her place as she heard nothing ,her mind was astonished and refusing to feel comfortable or relax.

Soon she felt her back like a cracked and  wooden ,She looked at the room it was not  much big may be 14  by 16 ,bed was laying beside the wall which was front of the door on the right side of the bed there was a  set of sofa longest one among the two singles and robin was laying on the longest one ,It was  November and weather was quite cold  .Though in their area winters were not much longer season but three months  November to January it was peak of the season .Room has a huge wooden cupboard  dressing table and writing table too.There was a book shelf which had many thick and thin books.

 There was  huge wall clock which 's voice was  so loud and irritating at the part of this time she looked at the moving hands of clock  Tick .....Tick .....Tick the clock was making so noise  she thought  why  can't it move quietly ? the she remembered  back home there was one too smaller then this one but it never hurt her like this one .Then  she heard  the slight voice of snoring from the sofa her body's strictness slightly decreased ,Is he playing games are really sleeping she thought .Though she tried to keep awake but soon burden on her eyes increased and she could not see but clock struck three when  she fell in sleep finally.

Morning was  too noisy and crowded.She met with her in laws her mother in law who looked hard to understand because her face was almost flat and emotion less when she met her ,She had strange kind of staring  eyes ,her  three sisters in law who seemed nice  two were elder then her husband and one was younger and in school  ,her tow brothers in law one elder with long beard and red eyes  from robin and other  younger one  was in school .Robin was twenty five and among his family looked most well educated and learned man.That was first positive thought about robin she felt due to his last night's behavior.Later she learned that she was absolutely right in her opinions.

One  month  passed  Sara was little  relaxed that  Robin never tried to bother her.Being a part of male dominated society  she knew well that  if she is safe till today it is just because of Robin's  gentleness if he would be a selfish and cruel she would not be able to survive with her self respect .while  being around he sometimes tried to melt her heart with his nice  careful selection of words and sentences but not more then this.His such behavior  start creating a soft corner for him but she was very inexpressive about her positive feeling

.One day when it was raining and they were sitting away from each other having tea  looking outside the window at  rain and  waving wet branches of   the only  tree planted in the front yard Robin  placed his cup of tea on table and  put his hand in his pocket when he brought his hand out he had a tiny box in it ,Sara  i  wanted to give it to you on our wedding night but your behavior scared me , will you accept it now ? he  asked  with  love which had lots of respect for her ,Sara looked at him he was  quite attractive man with tawny  color  big brown eyes and slightly curly thick hair ,she suddenly turned her head towards window as he will read her thoughts ,after few moments she turned to him and  said  do you think there is any difference between that night and today?

Yes he said with little fear of disturbing her ,i mean, he continued  that night  we were completely strangers  to each other but now we know each other ,Does it matter ? she cut him quickly silence spoke in the room for sometime then Robin  said  if you think it does not then what does for you? He could not resist his curiosity Come to the point? Sara became a question as she is saying that finally you revealed your dirty truth hun?

Robin speak gently all i want is to be  your friend sara nothing else i want from you ,i can wait for the day when you will turn to me and hold my hand no matter how long it takes  i know that i am not your choice but you are mine ,i believe that one day you will trust me and let me step in your heart,then we will live a perfect life  ,I love you and want you to put this ring in your finger ,till that day come we can be good friends can't we? he asked  and move his hand forward to her.his eyes were on her face and seeking kindness ,Sara  picked up the box opened it and looked at the ring which was so beautiful blue shining pearl in golden outline was looking from the world of dreams ,she picked it up[ and wore in her finger ,it was finger which is said connected to heart As ring  hold her finger a feeling of joy and peace surrounded Robin's heart strongly.

To be continued .........


  1. Very interesting, Baili. I look forward to the next chapter.

  2. Such a great story! I'm looking forward to more...

  3. I am so curious... your writing is spell binding...


  4. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  5. Hello!:) I still say that Sara will eventually realize she loves Robin. She is softening a little towards him!!It's an interesting story, and I think it's a love story unfolding. Have a great Weekend.:)

  6. Hello, what a beautiful and interesting blog you have!
    The story is truly captivating.

  7. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  8. Good story. To be continued then

  9. Your choice of pictures compliment your words so well.
    As others have said, you have a way with words and I look forward to the next chapter.

    All the best Jan

  10. This is heartbreaking, to hear her story in a world where she feels so powerless. But this Robin does seem like a good man. He waits for her because he loves her. That seems genuine.

  11. Hello, wonderful story and images. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

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  17. Interesting writing! Happy Wednesday ♥

  18. I feel for Sara. I can't wait to read the next chapter to find out what happens next ..

  19. Can't wait to see how it ends!


  20. Do be careful using people's artwork. You can be sued.

    1. There are clear copyright symbols on @Richard Tuschman's image.

  21. Sadly, my dear, it is still theft of intellectual property and the artists must give you permission to use their work. My friend took someone to court, as they'd stolen his photos, and used them for marketing purposes. It doesn't matter the purpose. It is theft. Whether you link with love or not, you can still face litigation. It is the law.

  22. Such a lovely post. I like the pictures. Keep it up.

    It would be nice to keep n touch and stay tuned. Would you like to follow each other? If yes, let me know by a hint!

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  23. reading backwards, it is still a great story. i think the illustrations are awesome!!


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