Friday, July 8, 2016

Happy Eid Day

Hello dear friends hope and pray that all is going wonderful in your blessed worlds and weather is also being friendly .

most pleasant moment when we went to village and met with our relatives and childhood friends,such gatherings are common at the lovely ocean of Eid ,we had lots of joyful moments together ,my cousin invited us at her home for lunch and cooked various delicious dishes for us which we enjoyed alongwith lots of fun talk and remembering our childhood

i am sorry for being late as in my country after  the  fasting month Ramadan we are celebrating our yearly festival  Eid .and on this ocean government announces three holidays to let people be together and celebrate the happiness of this traditional event  and enjoy the joyful environment of life.

My son joined us which made this day even precious for us ,sitting in front yard they are enjoying the view of valley of my village 

I am so grateful for your kind visits and sweet words and feel so blessed to have you all with me in this amazing world of blogging .

 delicious dishes with lots of love and kindness which made my eyes wet as i missed my parents so much 

today i am sharing with you my pics of the Eid day when we returned to village to be with our loved ones on this special day and had lots of fun . 

                                      My  niece  wore  a  pretty dress and looked so beautiful 

                                       My tow  nieces in their Eid dresses 

                                       Soooo cute daughter of my cousin in the dress which i gifted to her on this ocean 

                                   I wore the dress which my son bought me as a Eid  present ,       

we sat on the ground as it is one of the traditional way of eating on such oceans 

     this picture actually belongs to our exciting visit  to a hill station but his lovely smile made me to share along Eid  pics ,we visited there before one day from Eid day,i will share other pics later inshallah

                                 My youngest   one enjoyed  each moment of this visit                                                
                                My  elder  son loved that visit and  enjoyed  in his naughty way 

dear friends  we are about to return to our city because i have to rejoin my school on 18th july and for this we have to sit on train on 15th which will make us get back to our city on 16th and then i will stick back to my routine life and surely be able to visit your blogs regularly inshaallah ,till then please take great care of yourselves and stay happy ,God bless you all.


  1. Its always nice to sit and talk with family about our childhood days. They are often filled with laughter. Those dresses are beautiful.

  2. Oh, how wonderful! It looks like such a joyous gathering. You have a lovely family and I enjoy learning about them and where you live. Thank you for sharing all this with us! Those dresses are beautiful.

  3. I'm glad you had a happy Eid, with so much delicious food, wonderful family surrounding you and beautiful dresses!

  4. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  5. Not sure what you mean by "on this ocean", is your village by the seaside? I thought it was in a lush green valley with lots of trees.
    Wonderful pictures, the joy of your family being together shines through! Beautiful dresses, and I love it that you are on the swing like a young girl, so full of life! I also understand that missing your parents is particularly felt on such a day.
    Have a safe trip home!

    1. Sorry dear I misspelled the word I mean occasion

    2. Sorry dear I misspelled the word I mean occasion

  6. How quickly your lovely holiday passed. Thanks for sharing your happy times with family and celebrating your culture.

  7. Eid looks like of wonderful celebration of family and friends with delicious food. The dresses are gorgeous and the women look beautiful. It may be late but happy Eid and safe journey home. May your coming school year be a good one, my fellow teacher.

  8. Thanks for sharing pictures of your celebration.

  9. Eid celebrations look like a wonderful gathering of family and friends. You all look so beautiful and so very happy. The dresses are so colourful and gorgeous.

  10. Such a wonderful celebration! I really loved seeing all of the delicious food and the beautiful dresses!


  11. Looks wonderful!

    All the best for your coming school year!

  12. Beautiful pictures! Lovely dresses! Yummy food! Thanks for sharing the celebration with us! Hugs!

  13. I've enjoyed this glimpse into your life. Gorgeous photos.

  14. Wonderful pictures and so lovely to have family near!


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