Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Summer vacations start and here starts the exciting journey also

Hi dear friends ,hope and pray that your days are passing under the blessings of God and weather is also friendly around you .

   May God Bless Him With Many More Success  To Come,these pics were taken 20th November 2015   

Dear friends i am really thankful for taking your precious time and visiting my simple blog .Thank you for your kind words for my post and specially for my son.It means  alot to me really.

      Kids were so excited and took many pics in the pose of throwing their hats and exciting shouts 
Today it is first day of my summer vacations and i am so glad that  i will be able to spend more time with my Kids and hubby .My hubby is lecturer in collage he is also on vacations.

            My youngest one wore his brother's hat  and posed as he did his graduations 
Here due to really warm weather government has given the vacations for schools and collages  before the actual time  which made kids very happy .

after  ceremony ended  my son showed us his fav corner where he used to sit in break time
  We are leaving for my home village on 7th June 's evening by train .Journey will take about 22 hours but thank God that hopefully like always it will be comfortable and exciting as train crosses very beautiful plains and hilly areas.

   same day he took us to a mall her  friend who is his colleague too  was also with us ,it is her mom with eye glasses ,this family is very kind friendly to him within all these years,girl also got scholarship in UK will leave in September 
We have bought  lots of gifts for my brother ,his wife and kids.My kids always  be very happy when they meet with their cousins.It is bright chance for me to meet with my childhood friends and and wife of my brother who behaves gently since my mom died.

    My younger ones  took advantage and played  many games for more then hour  
Our stay in village will be for around fifteen days then we will move to neighboring city which is the capital of country Islamabad.Here we will stay for almost half month again and the to celebrate our yearly festival Eid we will be back to village for two days as on such occasions family gatherings are pleasure.

        we had great time though we had to return next day immediately it was just single day visit 
After festival we will head to a beautiful hill station Muree  which is most famous for its cool weather during the summer seasons,Here my eldest son join us for ten days and we will stay in a hotel may be for week or less then it.

        chocolate pastry was quite delicious  

I will be sharing my exciting details with you time to time inshallah,
Now i am sharing with you few photos from our previous  visits of my son's Convocation and  big malls of big city Karachi where my son lives.

     Before returning we all had evening refreshment which was delightful 
Have a blessed pleasant day everybody .love you guys ,take care  God bless you all.


  1. thank you so much for sharing photos of such a happy event!! You have a handsome family and sounds like a great holiday for you!
    It must be very warm where you are for the school to let the children out of school early!
    take care and enjoy your time away!
    Congratulations to you son on graduation!

  2. oh I forgot to add how beautiful you look,,that color of dress looks lovely on you, its beautiful!

  3. Lovely post dear! Wish you all the best!

  4. Have a wonderful summer visiting all your family and friends in your home village and elsewhere! I enjoyed seeing the photos of your kids at the mall -- malls look exactly the same no matter where they are in the world, don't they? Those photos could have been taken right here in my city!

  5. Sounds like you have a great summer ahead! Enjoy! Listened to a bit of your son singing, very nice voice he has!


  6. Your sons are very handsome! Have a lovely vacation.

  7. Have a wonderful vacation with your lovely family!

  8. Such a lovely graduation. Your summer plans sound wonderful, enjoy! Take lots of photos to share later.

  9. Exciting times ahead for you and your loved ones indeed! The chocolate pastry looks so yummy :-)
    Thank you for your kind wishes regarding wherever we are, our lives and even the weather. That wasn't so friendly here recently. My town was not affected, but not far away from here, a thunderstorm on Sunday caused a lot of flooding, people have lost their homes and some even their lives. It is not a part of the country usually hit by such calamities, so people weren't really prepared. But everyone rallies round now to help.
    All the best for your long train trip! 22 hours... wow!

  10. enjoy your holidays, nice post!

    1. I did a moon reflection for you today http://cmlk79.blogspot.ca/2016/06/paint-party-friday-rising-moon.html

  11. What a lovely collection of photographs you've shared with us ... thank you.
    May you have a lovely vacation.

    All the best Jan

  12. Have a wonderful summer holiday visiting and enjoying and relaxing! I really love the photos you share of people you love. And everything you write! Have fun.

  13. I hope you have a wonderful vacation. Your family is lovely and you definitely know how to celebrate! Send me some of the chocolate!!


  14. Lovely post! Have a wonderful vacation!

  15. Beautiful family with lovely children.
    Have a good holiday with your husband and family.

  16. Sweet pictures. I am not a chocolate guy, but my wife would love the pastries. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for the update and family fun! Take care and have a wonderful life!

  17. Your family is precious and you have a handsome son. Congratulations to him on his graduation. Safe travels for you back home. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment on my post about taking a sabbatical. I do plan to continued posting, but probably not every day.

  18. Congrats to your son, what a handsome young man. Looks like you were all having a lot of fun. :-)

  19. I wish your son all the best! I am sure he has a very bright future. Enjoy your holidays! Thank you for paying me a visit :)

  20. Thanks for sharing these wonderful highlights in your life. Have a glorious vacation.


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