Friday, November 25, 2022

Thankful To Have My Space Back My Coulrful House

Hey lovely people! 

Our construction work has finished finally  :) So I can have my space back thankfully! 
Despite we knew that painting house won't be a  good idea as  walls still seems drenched from inside and for long lasting paint Walls must be dried fully but as you know that we are expecting our kids in December so it seemed necessary to refine the environment of our house so they can feel at home instead in some old hunted place . Because of hubby 's choice of different colours for each room house looks like dollhouse more than mine lol but I am happy to have little different theme as well.  

    This was light purple colour for whole house (boring ,I know)  but it remained to veranda only. 

      I found this beautiful and comforting to eyes

Hubby agreed for painting light purple in living room as well but afterwards he found it too light and switch to oil paint from distemper which is darker . This image is taken around 1 pm so sunlight sharpening it as pink 

   These two photos are captured at night so you can see  it is looking elegant and tranquil. I liked it and I think my younger son will be happier to find paint he recommended once


Today  when  I went up saw some intriguing patterns at the sky .I stared at them while taking evening walk  (missed my walk most) 

    And when sky dimmed after while I said my evening pray. This is priceless sense to have some divine force along. We have choice of life with or without faith. I feel utterly grateful that i choose faith because none of the other can give true piece of mind and soul! 

Thank you for kindness you all share! 

See you soon. God bless you All!


  1. It's lovely to be surrounded by beautiful colours!

  2. Seeing your house reminds me how similar our cultures are...

  3. OMGosh! Your home looks so pretty and peaceful. I do like the colors. I am so pleased that you shared your home, I love seeing where people live. Well done on all the upgrades. Have a wonderful day today.

  4. Your home is beautiful. It was a long wait. I know you are happy and proud. Your sons will be comfortable when they are home.

  5. Colour is, I think, a very spiritual thing and your colours are certainly that. I think it looks calm in your home and I am sure your sons will love it. Betty

  6. Congrats on these beautiful renovations

  7. Freshly painted home, I know you feel you are living in a doll house. Lavender and purple are very peaceful colors. My family favors those colors too. True that life is easier with faith. It does help us get through the bad times better.

  8. Your renovations do looks wonderful, love the colours you are painting the house Baili.
    The sky is also beautiful - take care.

  9. The colours in your home are lovely, Baili. It is a beautiful retreat for you and your family! Great job!

  10. Your renovations look good Baili :)

    Not too long now before your sons will be home in December.

    All the best Jan

  11. It's so much fun to see your home, Baili. My house would look boring to you since all the walls are an off-white. We have no imagination. Tsk.

  12. Looks really nice, Baili! Colourful surroundings are always fun. And you now have your space back! Happy new and blessed week to you my lovely friend.

  13. The colors are lovely! They reflect who you are.


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