Tuesday, May 24, 2022

What Is "Reality " Actually ?


It is hard to define reality . Sometimes it seems that reality is everything and then next moment it feels nothing is reality here. Even a simplistic person like me is reaching to the point in life when it seems inevitable to accept that " reality " is complicated"

Last night we could see and talk to our eldest son for more than an hour. The joy was huge and indefinable because it was happening after two weeks . Yes my son was having guests at previous weekend so he could not call  us. Mubashir and Zaineb  friends of my son who are married couple now visited from Germany and spent a week with him.My son was happy to have them . For us the parents time seemed to  stretched so long though .

We had good chat last night ,at first my eldest son tried to guide his younger brother about his upcoming  joining to the Habib University and how can he utilize  this opportunity to better himself in various ways specially on socialization and availing the extra curricular activities alongside the  studies. 

Then he used a phrase that "echoed" in my head for long. He said       

" we are what our environment makes us" 

 i asked "what about what we are in real" ?

He said " reality is complicated " and " realities that we encounter in life shape us what we become eventually ".

I dropped the topic because i knew once we both are indulged in such conversation it can take hours and more probably .I have a bad habit to keep digging up others mind until i find something new to learn ,it's never about proving myself correct but to what others think and what is the origin of their thought and does it meets with laws of nature at some point?

 The phrase kept echoing in my mind until now . 

What is reality ? Is everything has a unique reality or we all are tiny parts of one big reality ? 

Sometimes feels that "reality " is like a tree who's roots are planted into "nothingness"  or "mysterious unknown unseen grounds" and everything else is part of this tree .Time is stem and space is branches , bodies attached to it are leaves , creations and creature existing on those bodies are fruits eaten by another unknown unseen reality  eventually .

 As we observe that everything in the universe including us behaves similar way almost ,so if we have to solve the sum of "reality" we will have to observe how reality present here before our eyes works actually . According to scientists reality is of two kind observable and unobservable . They say that observable part of the reality is far smaller than reality that is unobservable and beyond comprehension. If visible reality as "whole" works similar way no matter how numerous forms it has and how far these forms exist from each other invisible reality must act similarly and is interconnected and interchangeable .

 So when we look at observable reality everything seems to travel in circle whether it is living or non living, as everything has age ,it born ,it decay and it die. From death or lets say from the part when things transforms into form that is invisible to our eyes,  process of transformation continues for longer period of the time until things reappear in their visible shape once again though not perfectly in same shape  but in some other form, but with similar "core seedling" most probably . 

Meanwhile here on earth things go under process of transformation as invisible reality ,such as dead bodies of plants ,animals and humans below the ground we know that there is dense community of micro organism who work hard to make this transformation happen. 

With tiny period of life and captivated in glass of time space, for us this process seems so long but if move it fast forward and observe from above things will look pretty amusing and funny i guess .Do you think someone is enjoying the show for whom this all is just a game .even though  it is hard to bring such power in imagination even .

Okay , if unobservable reality works exactly like observable reality and all objects floating within  spacetime  heavy or light including time and space itself die eventually and are absorbed by the unobservable reality ,there must be also some kind of micro organism to transform it slowly for billions and billions and billions of years and push it forward to reappear once again as observable realities sprouting in countless forms here and there in the universe and taking on their visible journey once again. Can you imagine how many times it might have repeated ?

 Astrophysicts  mention that " matter" exists within the unobservable universe  like small bubbles or numerous tiny island existing in the ocean and at the edge of both where invisible meets visible we  find the struggle of anti matter to take form of matter and then disappear swiftly .

 Doesn't it seem like unobservable realty is spread beyond our imagination like raw material from which "material" takes place . But How and Why are questions that scratch my head badly.

Okay last thing for now ,again if we match the behavior or both realities here on planet earth or in universe as whole we can make good guess i think . Like in the womb brain is the very first thing that forms and then the rest of the body takes place smoothly. 

Is it  not very much possible that Consciousness of the visible reality existed before the materialistic form ?

 It seems that like "Consciousness" wandered in the empty universe for ages alone . She started her journey like a baby may be and then as she aged and became stronger and wiser. She looked for meaning for her existence and to achieve that she needed  "expressions" through which she can reveal herself and then she invented ways to do so gradually . She started to dressed up with matter and showed what she has and what she can do . What you say ? 

Hope i did not bother you much precious people if so i am sorry. please  stay positive and it is possible when you hold the umbrella of the "faith" tightly :) hugs and blessings!



  1. I think you were Einstein in another life, he questioned such things.

    1. Curiosity is in our instincts dear Christine and being curious it is obvious to question things .i think to some extent we all do it once in a while

  2. You are a deep thinker ...

    All the best Jan

    1. We all are thinkers dear Jan though we all chase different things to think about. Believe it or not i am feeling so driven by such thoughts and it seems hard to get rid until I write it

  3. This is very deep and thought provoking! I don't think we have reality - everything is an illusion" we can't see what we are made of in scientific terms, we can't see what other animals and insects see of the world around us, we feel with our minds more than our bodies (pain threshold) so I think reality is something we have yet to encounter!

    1. The point you mentioned here is utmost reason to ask this question..honestly i wonder why the ignorant mind of me bombarding my head with such curiosity. It occurs once in a while and i feel helpless and compelled to talk about it.

      Yes it is obvious with latest research that everything is not the way our senses convey us.as super creatures it makes humans restless and desperate to seek for truth.
      Being part of huge infinite reality gives me hope that all we think or do here is not for time pass but Nature seeded within us is trying to point out something that can help us to find the answers of if not all some questions at least

  4. I was waiting until you got back to your so and this discussion but you never did.

    1. i was always a curious child though i hardly asked questions to my parents because of the emotional complications they developed after the death of my younger brother dear Red .
      but i would try to learn those answers through all means i had back then including the pieces of paper i would get on buying some treat from the cart .
      later hubby became the one with whom i would tackle such inquiring thoughts. Than internet was introduced who had so many answers of my numerous queries but it also brought so so many more quests along with those answers .and i was lucky i had eldest son who had greater fondness for learning than me or he he had more time to do so lets say .so this was easy for me to get into conversations with him about such things . He was not that busy than so we used to have longer discussions .for me it was great way to learn what he had learned which i could not due to lack of time or so .
      we can't have such long discussions now as his schedule is pretty tight due to job he has . so this is why i quit the conversation when i though it can stretch for hours .it was more important to have light chat than intense talk

  5. Specially nowadays, baili, when the ilusion has become real, it's very hard to separate them.

  6. we humans like to live illusion more than facing realities dear Pedro .this is putting our life in planet at risk but we are not agree to wake up call

  7. i always enjoy reading you - These are the ideas i constantly read and avail myself of. Reality for me is something I don't think i'll ever quite figure out but will just enjoy trying. I know that who I think I am - is not who I am at all.

    1. well said dear Sandy that may be we humans will never figure out who we are and what is our origin yet keep trying to understand is what makes us happy by making our life meaningful :) almost thirty years ago i knew world is consist few countries and now i see that the planet i live on is floating among countless planets and stars in the space .so right that everything has a price .knowing is gift with more puzzles along indeed and it seems that we are being tackled to keep solving them like children .stuck in the game probably

  8. You certainly like to get to the bottom of things so to speak Baili and there is nothing wrong with that - an inquiring mind is often a good mind.

    1. curiosity is tiring sometimes dear Margaret :)

  9. Oh, Baili! You have sent me down such a rabbit hole with philosophy! I finished Philip Goff's "Galileo's Error." I'll be reading it again sooner than later. I'm slowly reading and rereading my philosophy magazine on metaphysics. It's also really hard. And a friend recommended a book by an Italian philosopher Carlo Rovelli: "There are places in the world where rules are less important than kindness and other thoughts on physics, philosophy and the world." This book is a collection of about 40 newspaper articles that Rovelli published. Some things are sticking in my brain finally, and others will come I hope.

    Thanks to you, I have become fascinated with philosophy, a completely unexpected turn of events. I like that it's hard because it feels like my brain is getting a good workout. See how much powerful influence you have!!!

    I can't answer your questions about reality. You are asking fundamental questions that people have been asking for thousands of years. When I took a year-long course in philosophy at university, I didn't get the point or importance of philosophy. I had to take one course in philosophy, religion, or sociology. Philosophy seemed the lesser evil ~ lol!

    After scratching my head for weeks over Goff's book, a light has switched on. I'm beginning to glimpse the importance of philosophy! I'm enjoying learning more about it every day.

    I'm glad that you had a chance to talk with your older son. I love that you can talk with him for hours about topics you both enjoy. My nephew Kevin and I have a relationship like that.

    My eyes are so much better now that I am on a steroid medication. My vision is still doubled, but I can function much better. The steroid is upsetting my stomach and makes water and a few other things taste odd. So I've ordered peppermint tea and peppermints to suck on from Amazon. Hopefully they will help. I'll put up with a lot to be able to see better. The steroids are only to get me through this in the short term. Every day is one day closer to a permanent fix.

    I'm behind on blogging comments and visits, but I hope to make some progress this week.

    I hope that you have a great week, my friend. And kudos to your oldest son and his advice to your middle one about taking advantage of social and extracurricular opportunities at Habib University. He is absolutely right! Hugs and love to you!

    1. precious Louise thank you once again for reading my crap and responding so kindly :) you are truly a generous lady !
      your metaphysics magazines and book by Rovelli sounds really appealing ! i would love to peek in them for light . i am glad you finally finished the Galileo's Error . Yes i too reread many paras that passed over my head first time .i will read it again later tp comprehend more . i am after his earlier book Consciousness and fundamental Reality i could not have it until now .i hope i will soo i am kind of desperate to read it since i have read the Galileo's Error actually.
      How nice your eyes are feeling better ,i just read about steroid ,artificial harmons used for various treatment . I hope they get you to the permanent cure as soon as possible my friend! all medications have side effects indeed and like i feel so annoyed when it worsens the taste buds even for water . heartfelt best wishes for you

    2. I've finally caught up on replying to all your comments on my posts, Baili. I do have comment moderation on. But my big problem is that I get behind on things. I still struggle with this, even at my age. You think I'd have learned by now. So sorry, my friend. ❤️❤️❤️


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