Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Visit To Tomb Of Quaied e Azam (Mr Jinnah)

Hey  amazing  hearts!

Hope   world   outside   you  is  offering  you  so  much   to   watch  ,enjoy   ,learn   and  adopt 

And  world   inside   you  is   ready   to   absorb   ,sort   out  things    to    keep    in   or    throw   out   something    that   might    sow   negativity    within  you

I  believe   that   you  all  are   wise   enough   to  save    which   enlighten   your   inner  world !

That   light   reflects   in  your   thoughts  and   actions  ,  and   makes   your   existence  a  "blessing"  for  not  only   just   yourself    but   all  around  you :)

Today   sharing   with   you   pics   taken  during   our   visit  to  Mr  Jinnah's   tomb  in  Karachi!

hope  you  will  enjoy  the  glimpse  of   tomb   of  the  greatest  leader of  our  nation  , you  can  learn  more  about   the  personality   and  his  tomb  through  Wikipedia  if  you  are   interested ,here  we  go...

 Tomb  is  situated  in the  center  of  very    wide   large  park   in  Karachi  which  is  managed  so  beautifully  and  has  tranquil   and    fascinating  surroundings , this  most  visited  place  of  the  city  by  local  and  foreigner  visitors

Nation  called  him  Quaid eAzam which  means  great  Leader ,he  was  layer  who  won  the  case  of  separate  homeland  for  muslims  of  subcontinent in  1947

    Park  has  very  huge   museum which  displays  belongings  of   our  beloved  leader

                                              inside  view  of  tomb  is  simply  elegant 

                 there   is  always  squad  of  guards   who  look after  the  place   ,people  are  allow  to  stay  only  for  while to  avoid  crowd

museum   was  so  big  and  we  got  tired  ,sun  was  upon  the  head  but  greenery  and  trees  provided  delight ,there  were  bench  placed  in  abundance everywhere  so  we  took  break and  sat

due  to  walk  bare  feet  we  felt  exhausted (shoes were not allowed in marbled area ) i felt sick because of  tiredness as my  feet were  aching  , Karachi  's  temp  was  mild  ,not  cold  like  Khairpur (our city ) where we live

                                            Building  of  tomb  has  four  magnificent  doors
 this  building  has  the  tomb  of  the  mother of nation Miss Fatima Jinnah sister  of  Mr  Jinnah ,she   did  not  get  married  in  her  whole  life  for  the  sake  of  taking  care  of  her  younger   brother  mr  jinnah

i  zoomed  to  the  marching  squad  in  the  park 

park  was  embellished   with  different  beautiful  flowers  and  flowering  shrubs  but  i  was  so  tired  so  could  not  capture  the  most

 in  this  image  Mr  Jinnah  is  with  his  first  wife  to  whom  he  was  married  when  he  was  in  his  teens

 Visiting   the   huge  park  and  substantial  big  museum   made  us  quite  tired  as  when  we  returned  to   the  hotel  we  fall  asleep  for  few  hours .

We  chose  to  visit   this  place  as  that   day  our  son  was   engaged  with  his  ex  office  friends  at  some restaurant .

I  think  this  is  enough  for  today  dear  friends!

Hope  you  will  take  great  care  of  yourself   and stay  strong   and  positive  in  the battle  of  life !

Lots  of  love  and  best  wishes   for  your  precious  lives:)

God  Bless  You  All!!!


  1. It looks like you had a great day. These are super pictures. I only know a little bit about your nation’s history. I know the basic details about the foundation of Pakistan and about Muhammad Ali Jinnah. I would love to learn more.

    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you dear Brain!

      I am glad you liked the sharing

      It is quite easy to know about any nation ' s history nowadays as internet offers almost everything
      All we need is interestin the topic

  2. Very beautiful tomb, museum and park in honour of the founder of your country!

  3. A beautiful building! Incredible.

  4. Thanks for sharing this magnificent tomb!

    1. Dear Debra, Sandi and Christine I am so happy that you found the tomb of our national hero as beautiful !

  5. Wonderful photos, Baili. Such an amazing place. There is so much to see there.

    1. Thank you dear Connie !

      I am glad you liked it my friend

  6. The tomb of Quaied e Azam (Mr Jinnah) is exquisite ~ poetry in stone ~ and the lovely plaza surrounding it make the tomb's beauty more striking. I would love to see it at full moon because I think it would glow like a moonstone set in platinum.

    I remember studying what we called "The Partitioning of India" in my senior year of high school. My father was my history teacher, and he was a fabulous teacher. The partitioning gave rise to the modern nations of India (Hindu) and Pakistan (Muslim). It displaced some 14 million people along religious lines and led to a period of violence and a refugee crisis. The number of people killed may have been as many as two million. The British Raj fell (which was not a bad thing). Sadly the events of that time have resulted in a legacy of mistrust and hostility between Pakistan and India. It is fortunate that you live in a country where you are immersed in your culture and religion which I know are the foundation of your life. I understand your pride in the father of your country. I'm glad that you missed the strife of that time.

    If I had one wish for this world, it would be that religious conflicts, abuses and, dogma would cease. I'm thinking of the horrific things done in the name of Christianity over the last two millennia. I admire you, Baili, for sharing your faith and culture and for educating so many about both.

    I suffer "viewing fatigue" more and more now, so I can appreciated your being tired and having aching feet after visiting Jinnah's tomb. I have arthritis in my feet, and I now wear lightweight hiking shoes or sneakers in the house on my doctor's orders. Marble, stone, and tile are hard on your feet.

    I really appreciate the photos you shared. The beauty of the fragile, ephemeral flowers soften the enduring stone. We're just flowers blooming briefly on our incredible planet.

    Wishing you a great day, Baili! Hugs to you.

    1. I feel so Blessed to have you as my friend dear Louise!

      You amazed me always with your overwhelming power of knowledge which I am really proud of!

      Thank you so much for understanding my feeling as a patriot though believe it or not I truly consider this whole globe even this whole universe my home where I want to fly about like a carefree butterfly winged by faith, Love and positivity !

      Christian or Muslim Hindu or any other
      I believe it's not just religion it is group of people in every nation that had misused power when got it in hands

      And how bad that their nation has to feel ashamed for it.

      In the history of world there are numerous examples where innocent people were killed for nothing but to save the advantages of group in power called POLITICIANS and businessmen .

      Partition was obviously for reasons that we are still learning may be but as a citizen of free homeland I feel easy to move or think as compared to muslims who live in Kashmir for example. Horrible facts belong to this unfortunate piece of land make me shiver and cry sometimes .

      I am sorry that you also suffer with feet ache !
      The pain I got while walking there left in few days .I think shoes had to be removed so surrounding and building can be keep clean.

      Yes tomb has powerful light system which illuminate it in night so elegantly.
      Hugs back to you too my dear friend!

  7. What an amazing memorial you have shown in this post, Baili. While I can understand why shoes had to be removed walking on the beautiful marble, i wondered what would happen in very hot weather. Also I was curious as to the number of people allowed in each time as you said it was a limited number.

    1. Thank you dear Beatrice!

      As I said it is most visited place in Karachi.

      It was our first visit so I don't know what happens in very hot weather as your question has put me into thought also.

      There is no fixed number of people allowed at once
      Just few people who get near are allowed as they can hardly stand for few moments and asked by guard to leave the space for others

  8. Dear Baili, thank you so much for sharing this magnificent building with us and the history of your great leader. I learned so much and I so enjoy learning about history. I hope your feet felt better once you rested them! Peace.

    1. Thank you dear Dee!

      I always try my best to keep all you close not only to my heart but to my homeland and culture

      Yes my feet are fine now , thanks for concern my friend

  9. The building an surroundings make an impressive tribute to your leader. I enjoyed seeing it.

    1. This is absolutely right dear Emma !

      Garden around the tomb provid natural beauty and tranquil environment to the visitors

      They not only enjoy the tomb and belonging museum visit but they sit and talk about their great leader which is so nice

  10. I enjoyed all the photos! thanks for sharing that trip out with us.

  11. Such a beautiful structure. It draws you in.

    1. Thank you dear Marie!

      This charming design was inspired by an old architecture from Islamic history of architecture

      So true as it is captivating

  12. That is such a lovely building and plus the inside is wonderful.
    The flowers are pretty.

    1. Thank you dear Margaret!

      It was beautiful outside and inside both equally though in different ways
      I wish I could capture all the flowers blooming there

  13. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tomb and park. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit and I certainly enjoyed learning more about your country. (Your post sent me off to the internet to read more history.) Be well.

    1. I am so happy that you found my post nice dear Gardener!

      How great to have fondnfondness for knowing more my friend
      This is pleasure to know indeed

  14. I hope I have the chance to visit on site one day, baili.

    1. If you wish this is so possible dear Pedro :)

  15. Thank you for sharing the information about a part of the world I hope to visit some day.

  16. A lovely post, thank you for sharing this magnificent building with us and the history too. I can imagine it must have been tiring but so worth-while and very interesting.
    I thought the flowers you shared were very colourful.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you dear Jan and Kathy for liking my sharing!

  17. Good post 😊
    Would you like to follow each other? If the answer is yes, please follow me on my blog & I'll follow you back.

  18. Wow! What a beautiful place to visit. I really enjoy the photos and information that you share. It helps me learn more and more about where you live!

    1. Thank you dear Martha!

      I will keep sharing more about my country and its belongings

  19. What a beautiful place; I am especially struck by the beautiful marble flooring outside as well as inside. We could never have such a flooring here, open to the weather, as the cold would ruin it.

    I can understand why you were so tired; that is a huge place with so much to see. I noticed in one of your recent posts that you mentioned very briefly that you were still not feeling completely well. Do take care of yourself.

    1. Thank you dear Jenny for warm healing words!

      To be honest I nevr been well physically .

      My haemoglobin still lacks red sell to quite extent as they only to 7 points instead of 14 which is normal.

      Other multiple health issues such as stomach infection which has not healed completely yet though i am taking medicine since more than 10 years

      Throat problem is almost gone though to avoid bleeding I have to strictly stay away from fried food
      Joint pain which you call arthritis is also under cure

      So life is beautiful battle for me against all the negativity that brings such poor health conditions :)))

      Wish me luck to be a proud humble winner my precious friend!
      Thank you so much for concern dear Jenny!

  20. What a beautiful day you've had, my friend, visiting such an interesting place. Thank you for sharing the history.

  21. Thank you dear amalia !

    It was beautiful day indeed!

  22. I love my Karachi. thanks for sharing.

  23. Very beautiful and fascinating post! Big Hugs!