Monday, January 10, 2022

The Grace Of God Finally We Met Our Eldest Son!


Me and hubby were having our evening tea when hubby's phone rang and he left his cup on the desk and went inside to receive the call ,guess what ?
my eldest son was on the phone he told he is about to reach home within two hours or less !!!

I think you can imagine how we felt yes next it was forecast of rain for whole one week but the moment we heard this we realized that "Grace of lord " started to pour down on our thirsty souls like a shower of peace and joy!
Yes we had our eldest son finally with us after three years! 
if i am missing your posts please forgive me i will be back soon hopefully to read and comment !

sharing photos from my son's visit to France Paris where he also went to a town situated on the border of Italy and France for skiing for one week.but today 's images belong to city trip only.

Thinking of you all with heart filled with prays and best wishes!

please take great care and be kind to you and all around you!

hugs and blessings!

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New year


Happy new year dear friends !

may be i confused many of you with my previous post last day.

Actually i was kind of confined in many small and big things recently and on such haphazard occasions i become more forgetful then usual.

I though i had flu more than two weeks back but then almost eight or nine days ago doctor revealed that i have pneumonia.

The medication i have been taking kept my brain pretty occupied  with drowsiness which i dislike most .

A little before this  Hubby accompanied my younger son for Karachi where he went for an entry test. It was my younger son's first trip to  Karachi alone so hubby wanted to be with him . Later my son was called twice for interview and he went alone as he knew how and where to etc.

While hubby  had to stay in other city i got my very first night alone at home ,not completely alone i mean .Our youngest son was with me but it was literally first time when hubby was absent at night time. Human brain is creature of habit and we develop habit of being together because of long  companionship . 

Let me share my phobia that  my one of the biggest fear was living at home alone specially at night. So when hubby and my son were leaving i tried to look brave but i still have some doubts about what i can feel later when i have to go to the bedroom after switching off the tv in living room.

But can you imagine my joy when next morning i got up and relaized that i was slept soundly whole night .It was because i prepared myself mentally slowly and each time when my brain tried to take notice of this loneliness after darkness fall i shifted my focus successfully towards positive stuff specially after laying down i found my self in the lap of mother Nature who loves every creation of it equally and provides care when needed and asked for . So when time came to put my head on pillow and say prayer before sleep my head was crystal clear. I saw myself from above from where i could see the earth floating among all other planets ,it looked small round ball where places does not seem much distant from  each other as they seem to us as physical restricted conditions on ground . It was great help and relief ,hubby and my son were little away from me and we all were resting in the chest of universe who was ready to answer of any call coming from us for help. Does this sound mad ? okay but i am being honest here right .

I was being honest when i wrote my last day post too . Yes i know it can be burden or boring for many readers who can't handle my wild imagination but again i had to write what i feel to so i can keep track what i was thinking during these times of my life if i look back in case so please you can skip and can avoid even commenting .There is no condition ,you guys are my great support and inspiration and i want to thank you all for being so generous and encouraging always!

Okay a happy news that my nephew who was trying to go to Saudi Arabia and my son helped him on large scale to manage this move is finally leaving for the Saudi Arabia in first week of January by the grace of Lord !

Actually for three months his parents (my brother and his wife) tried to manage the remaining part of money ,they could but really small portion after selling their cattle .The handsome amount of money for ticket and quarantine package was still pending which my eldest son offered few days back willingly and now the family of my brother and we too are happy that it is going to happen finally!

Most happy news as mother that my eldest son called today and we could chat and look at him for more than an hour ,what a relief ! He was spending Christmas holidays in France Paris with his friend where they traveled to a small town situated on the border of France and Italy .They stayed there for a week and had great fun while skiing . He told they took lots of pics and he will sent link in a day or two.

He will be back to London in next two days .It was so reliving to see him after week or more . The medication seemed to sent me for hibernation and after exiting from that sleepy dizzy condition i am feeling "alive" and active again thankfully .

Okay that is all for now .

Wishing you all a Happy new year filled with grace of lord ,love of the family ,health ,peace and happiness amen!

Stay blessed with faith which gives you wings of hope so you can keep flying on the sky no matter how hard the storm is !

God Bless you all! 


Friday, December 31, 2021

What Is The Plan Of The Nature ?


when i see today how people are getting away from each other it also reminds me behavior of the Universe which was started as pin point dot and then started to break into numerous small and large bodies within the space and time and now we all know that these bodies are also getting away from each other whether as galaxy or as star .

This also makes me thought of that scenario when our sun ,earth and moon formed almost 4.6 billion years ago. I just imagine the closeness of all bodies at that time and this feels enchanting and really thrilling . I think of time when earth was born and moon formed after departing from her .It must be a magical sight to find such giant moon and sun rotating very close to the planet earth among all other stars and planets . I think of early people who witnessed such incredibly dazzling nights in this world 2.5 million ago. I bet that all space bodies looked far larger to the early people back then ,almost like now scientists are able to see through huge telescopes . 

I wonder what they would have thought about all the magic they stood within ? 

Despite of all hardships that early people had to face for survival back  then i bet they had developed deep spiritual connection with glorious stars and planets floating around them which led to imagine about supernatural divine power who seemed to create all this. Origin of faith in one divine power must arise first time from such wondrous  observation which left viewers stunned and surrendered ecstatically.  

Today we starve for such exceptional visual experience and head to see northern lights and find it a luxury.

Sun and moon are slipping almost 3 cm away from the earth every  year .This makes me understand why moon shining on my native piece of sky looked larger 31 years back than one i see now on local sky :( Are we doing the same as human ? 

As conscious part of  the universe we seem to follow the behavior of the  universe inevitably ? so this is we call "fate " right ?

Like stars and planets were so close to each other in the beginning of their existence we people also not different when we satrted to enjoy our life on this planet. Even before civilization there were strong bonding between people as group or community members ,Their  dependency  on each other had many reason including safety and food. Than came civilized era and families and societies took place. Marriages and family unit held highest place among people of the society .No matter which part of the world people lived family came first for everyone. Cultural customs and traditions held together. It was better face of humanity though what i did not like about it was it's narrow thought system. Family was everything and strangers were something to be afraid of and stay away from.

Than growing awareness broadened people's mind . Day by day increasing knowledge made people confident enough to step out of the family and be self dependent trust others and make new relationships . It also brought strangers close and slowly family seemed to fall in the background. The concept of the global village and global community added more strength in people's confidence and world seemed to get out of it's darkest hour

 "the racism"  This was most beautiful change indeed .But as each picture has two sides this modernity also introduced a dark side of this reality  as "with time and abundance of knowledge grooming self  consciousness made people to think about themselves more than others around them. Being self conscious is good but it is true that it makes one most of the time on the top of others .

So human rights and self reliance entered in the family system silently and people who were only separate physically but spiritually as one fall into brackets . The freedom was stretched enough to get around each head and hold him separate from other family member tightly. Everyone  stood alone as important and demanded respect for his privacy. We needed some rules and some balance before being expose to tremendous amount of freedom   but we missed the chance and now it seems no turning back until people get bored themselves by this scary freedom and try to get back to join each other willingly.

Why it is necessary to stick together ? because it will prevent us from disappearing in the space of existence .Each man is his won universe inside this is true but as human we need to stay connected and harmonize by our inner universe to create better living conditions and to sustain beauty of life. There is not any kind of dependency that will bring us close to each other but "necessity of emerging  in each other ,finding ourselves in each other loosing and rediscovering each other again and keep rotating around each other as conscious part of Nature till this existence fades away in the vastness of nothingness. Love and connectivity is divine beauty of Nature and we the humans are carrier of this tradition here !

When i  realize how strongly we are stuck in the pattern of universe this makes me smile okay laugh sometimes. 

If look closely we see there is certain balance in structure of Nature which though sometimes tend to change it's leaning side but still manages to move back to it's real position without coming into our notice .That reminds me a saying i used to hear after each earthquake back in village " when the bull who is holding the earth on his horn  changes the position  it makes earth shakes a for a while "

If we rise above from personal experience of good or bad which restricts our opinion to our own mindset we  probably will feel that no matter how dreadful times people of planet witnessed there still seems pretty much balance of " good" and "bad" in this world . 

With broadening observation we find that whether Positive or Negative both Forces of the Nature has managed to keep balance on earth since human being came into being. 

History shows worst and best part of human existence throughout the thousands of the years.I will mention only mother Teresa and Hitler .

Nature  from the beginning seems to have solid plan at least it seems to me when i read ,listen about great people specially . None of great people who influenced world in any positive way led a life full of comfort ,luxury or acceptance and acknowledgement from people around them. You will see same case with almost every person who though born with exceptional talents but he remained unaware of them until Nature "pushed" him further by intensifying his life and surrounding with unbelievable challenges using whether negative people or hard circumstances around him  who shaken him off first and then forced him to peek inside himself to find ways for survival eventually. There he found the treasure of gifts that later made him accomplish higher achievements that might have stayed beyond his imagination in case if he would have not gone through miseries. 

I watched a video about how mountain form. When plates moving under the surface of earth create certain pressure from around, some part of squeezing plate try to find way out and this makes him "rise" from the plain surface of the earth as high land. Same story about the diamond whom transforms a  long period of confinement and constant environment of terrible  pressure. Even spherical bodies form because of tremendous pressure they feel around them.

Doesn't it sound to you that "to be something or someone meaningful" one has to go through certain and lots of pressure ?

If it was not plan of the Nature why two forces seem to oppose each other everywhere in this world ?

Why Nature chose the difficult play instead of smooth easy existence?

I can't tell sorry ! but all i know that Nature is enjoying what she is  doing and as conscious part of her we have to go through all this willingly or unwillingly anyway .

Being a Nature lover makes me have faith in the plan of Nature and try to follow her obvious rules she displayed through her various behaviors .

It also makes me have faith that in the whole Oneness of Universe we human are chosen as conscious part of the Nature to process   " Nature herself " and thus we form here " The Body Of The Humanity" on this earth .So we are obliged to be responsible for each other's well being  as all other  cells and organs of any living or non living body. Like If any single cell or organ of the body does not acts accordingly it makes body suffer and fall ill or decay and die eventually .

Similarly we humans as cells and organs of the "body of  humanity " can't act selfishly .if we do it hurts the system of whole body though we ignore because the process of such" harm " in the Nature is slow and appears later enough to come to our notice but later people see it's negative effects in coming times. 

What actually Nature want from us ?

I think we are the Nature and right now what we can observe is that The Divine force of the Nature which seems to appear in numerous forms is doing something which does not seem random to me at all. The formation of things from tiny to huge don't look baseless or useless at all science has proven it already that from bacteria to largest thing is serving in the Plan of the Nature somehow.

So how can we be random or waste ?

As most important part of Nature's plan we have consciousness ,not just awareness of ourselves but never ending thirst for learning everything around. We are different from each other and it also serves the plan or may be as our journey as "body of the humanity " is on from immaturity to maturity .Our brain are sharpening ,our  thinking process is getting better and deeper. We are on the edge where we are trying to stepping into our brains which will surely lead us towards something unusual and big. 

It is like peeking in the heart of Nature and trying to find out what lies there for us as specie .

If this is nonstop circle of existence and there exist so many other far advanced species in other galaxies then our journey has just began. Our transformation from physical to some other form of the energy is our next destination probably. Which will be the way to travel in deep space freely like fireflies.

Until then we are busy in our immature state doing stuff that does not matter for people we are going to be in far future.

The earlier we learn the true meaning of our existence the better this planet will be as home for us.

Thank you for bearing with me dear friends! if you managed to read this post please share your insight if anything touched you. Otherwise it is okay i can understand :)

I finally finished my medication course for pneumonia which kept me drowsy most of the time  .

I will share bit more about last few days in next post .please be kind to yourself and all around you ,this is true celebration of your humanity!

Hugs and blessings to all of you ! 

Friday, December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas To All My Blogger Friends!


Long ago when as teenager i saw movie The little Match girl on fourteen inch black and white tv screen the image of Christmas on my heart was heavy ! This was time of my life when i felt horribly effected by injustice and inequality of this world .The oceans inside me would always feel to find weak moment and break through my eyes for hours.

At that same time there was someone inside me to hold me back and give strength to have candle of hope in shaking hand of my faith!

The candle that turned into a sun slowly and vanish away all the darkness of  despair from my inner world.

One quality that i had have been throughout all the ups and down of the life is " feeling happy for others happiness" 

That is such a gift i realized it now . Believe it or not the joy of others hardly felt by my heart different than joy of my own. 

My joy regarding my "state of being alive" was never dependent on other worldly pleasures.

No matter how dark the moment was ,after bearing the uttermost pain i was slowly moved back (like spring) to my genuine position "the feeling of being alive" 

I truly admired the gift of life .This made me grateful and kind. And i am most grateful to my Creator for shaping me this way!

He could have make me piece of rock laying on the patio ,a string of wild grass ,drop of water ,a sand particle anything i mean anything in this world that could exist and and disappear silently but i am thankful He created me as part of his " Consciousness"  

Consciousness that not just makes me aware of myself but allows me to seek ways to connect other Conscious parts in best way ,Share my strength and light with them and grow strong bonding to create eternal harmony among each other.

Each breath gifted to me is chance to make my Existence successful!

May my efforts be acknowledged and strengthened by my Creator amen!

     This is amazing how we "the human being " as Soul of  of this universe find core of our happiness in family and togetherness . First religion and then Science reveals that from a bacteria to largest body living or non living has certain purpose of it's existence . Through behaviors of Us the people  universe displays her most beautiful aspect .It seems Nature is always looking for herself to fall in love ,to be together and stay connected forever!

Love is most obvious theme of universe and family is most powerful color of this theme! 

this flowing water shows how desperately Nature walk through this journey for her self discovery and reunion ,from departing from ocean as vapor  to fall as raindrop  or snowflake on earth and find her way back to her ocean ,her origin is most beautiful and meaningful love story i think. bless are those heart where she rests as warmth of love that is for all like sunlight without any discrimination !
breathing makes us a living being but giving makes us "human being" The most basic ,most powerful virtue  of Nature is giving only if we have time to realize this !,  You Have Reason to be Happy Until You are Able to Spread Joy in Lives you encounter !

Merry Christmas to all of you my precious wonderful friends !

may health ,peace and happiness shower upon you all like soothing ,warm ,comforting shower and fill your life with joy to eternity amen!!! love you all!

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