Monday, April 6, 2020

Even Applied Negative Energy Can Make You Stronger

We  are  different from  each other and react to the same situation  differently most of the times.

Our  brain  works  like sponge from very first moment and absorb knowledge from surroundings which help us to learn how to survive.  

Our different reaction depends on our  learning through our experiences different than  each other  and genetic difference.

 As  we  have always heard that 

"Good or Bad we both have inside us"

I  think this phrase depicts that our attitudes  shape our lives as whole . 

How  we  deal  with  negative energy within us depends totally  how we see it.

If  we  are  failed  to  understand  that  it is a " Pull  to  keep  us  down"  and  if we don't  detect  it  as silent  enemy  growing  within  us  ,it gets dangerous and harmful day by day.

First  mistake  we  make  is to take it as " Swing of Mood" and  wait  for when it leaves by itself  to make us feel better, It hardly happens . Our  carelessness  let it grow strong and get control of our nerves.

First  of all we have to  sense and admit that we have negative energy trapped  within us.

Next  thing is to sort  out how we are going to deal with it. 

I  know  it  can be  one the most  difficult  task  to  fight against your own  intuition because  this negative energy  plays with  your brain  and it takes  really  a long  constant  effort  to  detect ,analyze  and  defeat  it  . It  requires a  keen  sharp observant  eye (nerve) to keep check  on tricks it plays upon  you.

It  is  certain  that  no one  will ever  try  to let himself  down or let  his  weaknesses  take over  him .

We  all  want  happiness ,peace and  prosperity  and  we struggle  to have it throughout life.

How  it  is  possible that  despite  of  all  normalities regarding  physical and mental  health we still  feel  low  ,ill  or  lost .

Time  to  realize  what  does not  belong to  you but  is  in  you to  destroy you. It  is  not  you ,it  cannot be you ,it  is  negative  energy  centered  right  within  your  brain .

Third  step  is  to  decide  ways  to  deal  with  it .
It  is  not  easy indeed  as  you will  feel  as  you are  mistreating  yourself  at beginning .

But  once  you  will  try  hard  and  get  your  first  victory  over  it ,you  will  be  surprise  to  feel  amazingly Free and  Peaceful afterwards .

Burning  down  the  dark  destructive thoughts  and  rising  high  from  their  ashes  will  make  you  realize  that,

You  can  do it and that ,

How  strong  you  are !

Sometimes  you  don't have  any  negativity  but  it  is  applied  from  outside  by someone  who  wants to  hurt you badly .He  wants  you  to  feel  as  trapped as he does ,feel  pain  as much  he  is in.It  is  not  your  fault but  still  you have  to find way out.

Since  previous  15  years  i  am  dealing  with  such  negative   energy  which  is not  mine  but  is  applied . I  thought  i  will  talk  about  it   in  my  final  years  of life but  it  seems  there  is  no  certainty for  such  future.

How  that  negative  energy  caused  problems to  my  life  specially to  me is  long  story . If  i  will stay  here  i  will write  it as  book  some day because  it  is  my personal  proud and  honorable  victory  over  that dark energy .Otherwise  i  would  have  gone mad or  died long ago.

It  is  miracle  that  i  found  way  out but  still i cannot  understand How ?  because  each  attack  was  painful and  to make me suffer and die  until  i was  able to  cross  the  pain  and  started  to  overcome it. Since  15  years  i  am dealing  with  such  terrifying  energy . And  with  each day  someone  mysteriously  making  me  stronger ,wiser ,patient and  calmer.

Once  again  in my  life  a  miracle  has happened and  an  attempt  that  was meant  to  perish  me  added  life and strength to me ,How ?
 I will  share later for sure 
right  now  all  i  want  to  say  is that  if someone  has  such  problem please DON'T GIVE UP BEFORE TRYING!

I  had  no  skill  or  insight  to  fight  back .
All i  had  was  my  unshaken  faith on  my  Creator  who  has always  guarded  me and  faith  in  myself as  person  who  is  on  Right  side where  God  stands beside  his  man !

I  assure  you  that  you  will  win this  war against  Negative  energy because negative  energy is darkness which is not more than  an  illusion, a trick that can be successful  if your faith and will power  is weak.
  To  kill darkness one  ray  of light is enough .
Your  strength springing from  your faith  is enough  to  push it away believe me! 

This  fight  can  make  you  stronger as  person  because it gives  you  constant  struggle  to  stay  attend   and  keep  fighting !
"Practice  makes  perfect " we know it .

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Unbelievable , And Hot Discussion With Blooms Of April

Hey  Beautiful  Hearts !
Hope  beating  
with  gratitude and  positivity :) 

No  matter  what  i  think  we  should  not forget  that  tough  times  come  to  add  some  more  insight and betterment to us .

Last  night i watched last  episode  of  "UNBELIEVABLE" on Netflix , a  limited series based  on  true  events .It  was  about  female  victims  who were abused  while living alone back in 2008 to 2011 in different states of u.s.
Very  well  made  indeed ,director  was  succeeded  conveying the whole  terribly  stressful  process  of  investigation carried  by  two amazing  female  detectives  form different departments. 

I was fascinated by Merritt Waver and her work specially her  magnetic gaze  as detective was dynamically excellent :)

Relief  given to  Marie in  last ep uplifted my spirit i believe many other's too .  Kaitlyn Dever  's work seemed also one of the finest i ever saw .I  wish  each country  may have  such  dedicated and honest  state  servants  so  unfortunate victims can get justice !

Last  day  while  talking  with  my  eldest  son through  whatsapp me and  my  son  indulged  in  discussion .Actually  he  seemed  sleepy  and  i  asked him  why doesn't he take  a tiny  cup of coffee or tea .I   teased him that if  he  had a wife  she would have made him cup of  tea for sure.

A long conversation  sprung out  from  my suggestion .He  said having  wife does not mean she will serve me when ever i need. I  said  it's  about  care  not  service. Love invents  the  whole  selfless care for  each other. I  also  added  that  " remember  chose  a girl  for you because i  thought she had  all that important  virtues which are  essential to make a long lasting relationship and happy family. I also said that i realized that she could be  a  sensitive and  responsible mother for my future grand kids .

My  son  replied   that he does not want  wife who do things for me out of sense of responsibility Instead  of love. She  should  not  think  that  she  is obliged to serve me ,if she is not in mood she can refuse my any request .He  said that  his  wife  should be strong and well aware of her self respect and rights .

I  again  said  that  as  humans we all  need  family to love and to have  love back for ourselves . What  is love ?

To  me love is great Sense of  responsibility about loved ones.

I  had  bit  blurred views about love before my marriage . I  thought  love is someone says some sweet things and  appreciate you .
But  after   marriage  i   Learnt  from my husband   that  love  is  not  just about  words or  spending  happy times  together but  it  is  Participating  in  chores of life as equals and  supporting each other by going out of the way.

I asked my  son  that  does he think i lack self respect when i do all my  house chores by myself and refuse to take any  paid help which so many other do fondly.

He said  he did not mean that  doing household is respect less but it is true that there are less like you mom (me) who prefer this. You do it because  it is your own choice  it is not forced it is your pleasure  but let's be honest and practical that mostly women of today don't want to be just house wife ,i would like to have her own identity and ambitions if she is interested .Meanwhile if she want to make me food or coffee by her wish i would consider my self lucky. He  said he want  wife who can  teach my daughter how to be strong and influential instead of how to make sacrifice to form a happy family.

His  views worried me little bit honestly ,i said  that  women are  special and main  essential  character   who  plays basic roll not just in formation of peaceful successful family  but also in character building of future humans. I think  like  people must  have  training for other jobs so  they can perform well without making mess, It is also  very very important  to  train  our   young  girls  so they can  be a wise and flexible person who can adjust in new environment of in laws easily. And so  they  can  bring up a healthy next generation .

May  be  i am old fashion but i think since long it has been done that mom teach their daughters how to contribute for  a successful  married life ahead .I  sill believe  that for women most important job is to create home where man of the family can feel peace and children can grow under wise care . If this basic law of nature is neglected  our world gets Less good people  and becomes a complex place.
you can tell me if i am wrong fro sure 

last morning when i got up it was gorgeous weather 
i think  two weeks back when it rained last before sunrise 
 flowers have started to dry though sun is not as warm yet ,few are late  but not the least :)

 my younger son gets up and try to make himself fried stuff sometimes ,plenty of time is making him chief lol other wise he is one who asks the glass of water when sitting front of laptop

 sunflowers are many but so close to each other therefore none is as big as they used to previously

Sending you lots of love and positive energy friends!

Stay well ,strong and blessed !
keep treating your self lovingly !

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

You Matter Most! Poem For Viral Days

Once  in  a  while  

See   around  and  smile  :)

Say   hello   to  the  moment  

Which  is right  now  present 

Feel   him  and  his  grace !

Overwhelming   time's pace  

Sunsets   and  sunrise 

How  quickly  time  flies 

Life   is  not  forever  

Give  yourself  a  favor 

Take  break  from  the chores 

Open   soul 's  window   ,doors 

Let  in  light  and  breeze 

Dance  over  blue  seas 

Roam   madly  in  the  sky 

Leave  behind  "how " and  "why" 

It's  flight   of  your  heart  

For   the  spirit  is  No  knot !

Dwell   within  fragrant  blooms

To  find  joy  you  have  too Zoom 

It  is  sprinkled  here  and  there 

Waiting  for  you  "see  or  hear"

All   you  need  is  Insight  

Which  can   bring in  some  light 

In  the  dark , like  firefly 

Within   heart  is  your  joy 

Bring  it  out  and  let  it  lit  

Time  to  show  Your  Gift :)

Never  wait  "what  comes  from out"

Let  grow your " inner  sprout"

Let  it  grow  into  a  tree 

Who's   shade  will  set  you  free 

Your  strength  and  your  Faith 

Both  can  form  a  world  so  great

Don't  chase  shadows  like  a  ghost

It  is  you  that  matters  most ! 

 All  the  places  , all  the  things 

Altogether  cannot  bring  

Life  or color   into  the world  

In  this  jungle  Only you  are  bird  

Who 's  song   is   Sweet  of   all 

Special   guest  on  nature's  wall  :)

Garden  below  is  for  you  right  

Yet   without  it  you  can   survive 

Don't  see   yourself  as Nil 

You  have  gift  of  "surviving  skills "

Skills  that  keep you  alive  through   odds

Faith  in  you  and  Faith  In  God!

Like   a  seed  where ever  you  drop 

You  know  how  to  grow  to  top 

Stop  putting  condition for  joy 

You  are  reason for   smile  or  cry 

Step  out   of   the  frame 

Being  you  is  no  shame 

Pity   is  to  remain  slave   

In  ego's  Darkest  cave 

Unable  to  view across 

Ignorance  is the  biggest  loss 

Love  is  timeless  season 

To  get  this, step  out  of  reason

For  those friends who  feel  caged  these days !
Keep   your  spirit  high  guys ,it is  you  who  can  turn  your  space  into  limitless beautiful  world !
for  such  times  imagination is best gift !
take care and stay well and safe!  

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Who Is God And How ?

As  you  know like so many others  my family is also at home. School of kids and college  of hubby will open in 1st June hopefully .

We  are  having  nice  time  together .I  try not to supervise everything  about  kids  but i ask them  to  keep  studying  at least four hours a day with little  breaks .It  will keep them  ready  for  exams that will take place in June .

I  don't  know  i  mentioned  it  or  not  before  but  i  have  an  annoying  habit . Because  it is in my  nature  i  do  it inevitably and often .
What is it ?
I  start  lecturing  them about morality  and  try  to  convince them how important it is to be an honest  and  truthful  person. I  many  times in  a day  try  to  tell  them  that  there  someone  exist  whom  different  people  of  this  world  call   by different   names ,God ,Allah and  so on and on........

Last  night  when i  was  saying  my  teenager  that  he must be careful  about  his videos  watching  as  though  we  might  not  be  around  but  God  is  always  with and within  him to witness what  is  he watching or what is he thinking.

My  younger  one  who  had  tablet  in  his  hand suddenly  sat  beside  me  on  sofa  and asked  ,


I  had  to  reply  him  quickly  so  he  cannot  doubt on  my  words.I  did  so  miraculously . I  don't  know  how  but  without  wasting a  second  and without hesitation  i  replied  to him ,

 HE  IS  ENERGY , A HUGE  ENORMOUS  BUNDLE  OF  ENERGY , everything   including  us  is  part  of  him . Everything  is  circulating  around  him or  towards him . We  cannot  see him  though  we  are  surrounded   by  him and  we  are  floating within   him . 

When   we   start   to  think  about  him  or  try  to  connect  with  him  ,he and his  energy  start  to  absorb  in  us . We  get  better  and  better  as  human each  day  and  his  strength adds into  our  energies  and make us stronger .

As  particles of  this  huge  energy  we  have  to  travel  towards   our  origin  (him) intentionally  because  this makes us what we are now and will make what we will be in  our next  existence. 

Who  travel  towards  him  with  honesty  and  without  being polluted by  vicious  characteristics like lie, cheating ,amorality,  he  accepts  them  aback as  his  own  part  because while they were away  they  tried to exist successfully means harmlessly .

Who  travel  opposite  and  think  there  is no one to answer for what  bad they do in life fearlessly ,they  loose  their  track and get themselves lost in  dirt  of  low life. They  are not accepted  and well come by him and , remain  lost within fragile  ashes of universe  as negative  energies . No  matter how  powerful  they  think  they  are  but  their powers  stands  nowhere  when  it  comes  to  confront  with  true  and eternal  power  of  God!

I  told  him  what  i  believe  and  what  i  have  learnt  during  fifty  years  of  my  life . My  belief  formed  through  my  experiences  and  observations and  little bit  knowledge of  life i could learn til this  day. I  believe  that  if  each  particle of  energy (we)  makes harmony with  another with an absolute  honesty there will  be  no  need  of  cleverness or  weapons to  run this .

We  create  our  heaven and  hell with  our own attitude and actions. If  we  are  free  of  all  dark  and negative  thoughts  our  conscience is  light  and  free . I  believe  that  Lord  guard  such  spirits himself  as he  has  promised .He worth trust so we should trust his wisdom instead our  wickedness . 

And  if  are  such  people we  will  surely  create  beautiful  world  around  us and  will make  harmony  to  our  coexistent  with  love and  peace  without   any stupid claim of superiority as we  know there is no such  thing like race created by Lord but only man made rubbish.

Roaming  straight to our  origin can  not  cause  any kind of trouble or  destruction to  world and  life  can  be worth living for all equally! 
If  this is naive thing to say then  we  should  think what  our  cleverness  have  done   to our world  already ?