Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Dates Harvest Season And Can't pray For Rain

I  am happy that it is cloudy  today . But i can't pray for rain as rain will spoil date gardens that are ready  to harvest in a week .I hope it won't rain until farmers are done with their date harvesting process .
They need sunlight so that harvested  half ripen fruit can be laid down under sun and  reach to it's state where it's color and taste is perfect  to eat and farmers will be rewarded for their long hard work .  Some images that might help you to get it

youtube .com

                           i could not locate source once i missed mistakenly 

                                 dates are harvested when they look half ripen like this 


there were numerous dishes  made by dates when i searched for date dishes but i found this one so tempting :)

Two sisters of hubby are married in villages near our city .They have date gardens and mango gardens as well. mangoes season is on peak as mangoes are in market already .It is monsoon season and it has been raining in almost whole country . We would love it but after date harvest of course . Monsoon season comes with clouds and rains though one thing i don't like about it .Air disappears completely .It only appears in shape of wind storm  otherwise everything stays still  as lifeless :(

I can see  bundle of air in my imagination moving through atmosphere .Performing her jobs so well. Moving clouds ,spreading seeds, drawing on heart of lakes and pouring life in scenes.I can't count her duties though i am glad she helps birds to fly ,branches to knock on strictly closed windows and fly away umbrella so one can feel how touch of rain  transform soul :)

Stay amazing guys ,sending tons of positive energy and lots of love and best wishes!
God Bless You All!

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Mechanism Of Life And Yard Garden

Reel  of life seems to run in fast forward  these days .A  day has become like a small bag pack in which bundle of business is hard to fit.
 We moms  may often have thought in life that once children are grown no worries anymore but  then we learn that problems grow with children and require far more attention than mere to change diaper . 

Time standing still  within the universe since centuries is playing with us like a child play with toys.He  seems impatient  and curious more than ever. His passion for learning is way to spoil and break us away  with assurance that  supply  of new toys  to him is never  ending. For him we are subjects only .So hopping for sympathetic  attitude is folly .

All we can do is to keep trying  to fit in the mechanism called  "routine of life". And try to do it safely .  

Sometimes i think it is unfair to grow wise in age when time ,energy and space remains short for an individual .Life can be astonishingly easy and serene if  one is able to earn insight  in early part of age. I am  fifty i think .Okay i have two date of births. One i read in  mom's diary (father would write it for mom ,special dates and events etc) .Other was written in my school admission card .I was born in 12.11.1969 according to mom's diary  though only year is changed in school card ,it is 1971. So back to point i am fifty and i don't know i will have to leave this world . But to be honest since i felt i am  understanding life more than i did once . It is hard  to accept that i will not be able to spread this goodness further .The goodness that comes along with the understanding of life .Am i being pathetic ?
Forgive me if i am . Actually my last two boys  born bit late.And i feel my energy level lower than require  efforts regarding their current  issues . We  got emails from some universities which show that we have lost to get any scholarship fort this year particularly . We will have to wait for next year now . And i hope i will be living then and with at least same energy level lol.

Okay compensation to avoid my weird words :)

     this image looked fine  in phone but here it looks blurred , summer greenery is overwhelming and enchanting indeed, Bursting beauty of nature  in my small garden brings so much joy in my heart and my eyes get tears of gratitude inevitably 

    seeing  sweet inviting smile of nature  at once in morning brings pleasure to soul ,this is noon flower (translation of  local name) ,we used to have other colors of it as well like white and purple but  only pink  this year  

i do little bit of my yoga right front of this so i observe how it's petals open eyes soothingly as sun rises, like all waters  fall into ocean ,everything  take me to the spiritual connection with my Lord ,including this miracle 

 8 am when i woke up breeze was playing with branches of neem tree exquisitely ,chirping of  birds  and playful noise of leaves connect me to him directly 

embracing sunlight  my neem tree looks majestic  and  cherished and i feel so complete , serene and grateful ,how nature heals us is magical indeed ,a look that long for meaning of life can absorb essence of  love that Lord has for us.

i did not bother hubby or kids to take bike aside as they were in awakening process  i just snapped 
    few sunflowers who are trying to survive through 50 plus C 

  our climber  is flowering heavily though leaves  are unable to achieve their genuine pink color which is gorgeously dark pink 

Stay blessed with hope that grow out of Faith ,Faith that holds you firm and happy through odds.
i wish you lots of joy and peace each day dear friends!
Take care!

Monday, June 29, 2020

Scholarship Hunt ,Urdu Blog Update And Answer To Sandi And Sheri

 Hello  Beautiful Hearts

First  of all thank you so much for sweet words and best wishes for my  other Urdu blog . Your kindness is always uplifting for me believe me :)

I  was busy with some chores related to my younger son's admission in university since two days . Actually i was trying if he can get scholarship  as his percentage is good 70 % in matriculation (10th grade) and  66% in first year in high school. 
We haven't received result of second year due to covid thing.Though universities are allowing  entry in trail test on the base of  first year's  result slip. All scholarship that we tried during both days were so many but all demanded same at the end. Two type of student can have this facility. One who have gained  any of  early three position in class. Second who are  very poor. We could not fit in both category unfortunately . My husband's salary is quite good but still fees are universities are too high .It is hard for us to manage such heavy fee along with other house expenses .
Actually another type of student can also take advantage of these scholarship .Firstly they have to pay off the whole semester fee to get admission and then show good performance and achieve high credits so they can get scholarship . I found this weird .If someone is able to pay why would he ask for scholarship  anyway ?  My eldest son could get scholarship because then hubby's salary was quite less than now .
We have applied in few national universities with fogy mind.Lets see what happens next .

Now about new blog . I have created  another blog to save my poetry indeed but i haven't posted anything due to lack of time. Nor i ave shared links of both blogs to each other .I will hopefully from tomorrow.

Now  answer to dear Sandi  who asked if i speak Urdu ?

Yes my national language is Urdu dear Sandi and it was so  lovely  to hear an Urdu sentence from you :)))

Dear  Sheri form Red rose alley  just like you i am not good at technical stuff . When it comes to learn how to deal with blogger or exchange links i am horrible 
 for blogging my all thanks goes to my precious eldest son who always encourages me to have blog and write regularly .He has been supporting me with my poetry since he was in school and one he found out that i write one.
We share same hearts so  i find him not just one of the most precious gift of my lord but a kind friend too !!!

Thank you once again for all the goodness you shower upon me friends!
stay blessed with faith hope and true happiness !
Take care!

Friday, June 26, 2020

New Blog And Hot Days

I  am using new them of blogger since few weeks . It was hard to follow in beginning though i think i am being familiar with it slowly .

Today when i sat to write post my mind was totally blank . Then suddenly  i thought about  creating another blog . I hardly can deal with my single blog already why another then ?

Well since years i was often reminded by my eldest son to write another blog where i can share my old poems in native language. When i told him that i don't have  visitors who can understand my long ago done poetry in native language . He said by time may be  i can have visitors  who like to read  urdu poetry ".This way my poetry will be saved too " he added .

So i did it today . Thank to google as i had to ask for help each step to create  new blog on blogger .It was easy yet little tough for first trier.But i am not satisfy translator  would translate it appropriately :(

When it was done i felt better. It is weird but i love my poems that i used to write when i was young . May be it is natural for a writer to like his works but i remember that after marriage when my brain was stuck for years and i could not write for years .I was not excited to write once again when that blockage was gone .I did not write any of them on paper but would send it to my friends or my son who would appreciate and ask to write it and preserve so he can publish them someday.

I don't know why i did such carelessness but i wasted quite a part of my nice poetry  written during 2003 to 2010 i think .

I know that each form of creativity is important and we should respect skills that lord has blessed us with .If in future i will find way to write poetry in native language again i will save it by publishing .

Days are extremely hot though it is airy and i am happy about it. Rain is falling in different parts specially northern parts but not here ,i am still grateful . We are enjoying our days at home together . No clue when academic institutions will open . Schools have started online classes thankfully .

Keep taking great care dear friends!
i wish you all the happiness and peace in days ahead!