Friday, January 15, 2021

My Dear Mother ,Down To the Memory Lane And Some Images


Hello  Wonderful  Hearts !

Hope  turning  each  moment  in a  best  part of your life with 

all  the insight  and wisdom  you extract from the tree of  life :) When  i  say  so  it means  that i believe  more  in part  of you that likes to stay strong  and undefeated no matter what ,so you don't mind my positivism hopefully .I  truly  believe (through personal experiences) that  most  of the time we don't know our real  potential even ,so to Discover it from our inner  being Nature has  designed Challenges for us that  make us come out our comfort zone and let face not  just harsh  realities  of  life  but  reveal  how strong  and  capable we are to go through  tough  times and learn  about  ourselves along with external facts .

Why  it  is  so important  ? i wondered  often and answer i get is extremely simple t ,So  we  can  grow  because  though  everything  living and non living is moving in circle aspart of this huge universe Yet  it  Passes  through  Process of  Growth  meanwhile .

So  we are tiny part  of this perfect flawless plan of Nature and  forced to  go  through  the Same procedure inevitably .Thus  It  is  best  for  us to  not  waste  time  in  mourning  or  regretting  but  move  further  smoothly  and keep  learning  and growing  for  better .

As  i  have  mentioned  in some  previous  posts that winter season  is  suitable  for  being  outdoor  or  visiting  family  and  friends  here because it  is mild  and unlike  summer which are extremely hot. Days  are  still  shot  and  sun  gives  less  time  to complete  house chores.We  also  get  visitors  once  or twice  a week  .So  this  is why i am being  late  for posting .I  never planned to  schedule  my  posting  though ,i simply  follow my intuition ,It  takes less time because  i usually  try  to finish  it  within hour or bit more which i save for blogging  .And it is possible if my words are reaching to fingers smoothly .Still sometimes i have to get up for piece of work from the middle of it and then  come back to write again which seems hard as things slip away from my loose head.

Last  day  when  i was  picking up grass strings from mustard greens i terribly missed my late mom .I always miss her more mostly when i cook stuff she loved most and it is impossible to forget how deliciously she would make dishes with all vegetables ,specially spinach ,mustard green with addition of lots of parsley and early green plants of garlic ,that would make everyone lick their fingers literally.She would make it in clay pot and on dim flame that would make it tastier than anything in the world . She  was appreciated for her cooking not just by her family but all friends and  relatives  to whom she would send little part of her dishes .I  more than often heard these sentences from guests and others 

"you  are amazing chief " or " can you share how you managed to cook this one as deliciously "?

I too sometime receive such kind words from people but i know i cannot touch her height ever .I feel  my mother was amazingly FULL OF LIFE person .She despite of all challenges and hardships would keep smiling and one would never find her sitting leisurely.She  would find out jobs to fill her day anyway .She would sew ,garden ,knit or do any other related job like needle work ,making traditional belts for traditional trousers and on..Whatever she would choose to do she would do it in best possible way because she had Amazing love and devotion for what she would chose to do. 

In spare time she would pay visit to her village female friends .She would go to visit relatives who lived in other towns or city near .She would manage this by squeezing her budget .I remember once one of her cousin was hospitalized in Taxila (town half hour drive away from our village) Mom had no money as our father was absent and we were living hand to mouth theses days. Mom got job in village near  to earn some money for visiting her cousin .She helped in picking up harvested crops and shifting it to barn.She earned enough money within few days .Next morning She bought some fruits and put them in her handmade sack with some other little gifts and went to visit her cousin eventually .I will never  forget the glow of her eyes when she left. 

I learnt from my mom that money that comes easily never delivers that DEEP SENSE OF JOY ,that one feels when receives after hard work and try to manage his expenses  within it .It makes him realize not the worth of money but the strength he put in this to earn it and therefore he spend that money only in right way for right thing on right time. Latter when i read relatively same thing in some economics book i was  so impressed by her wisdom.According to words in that book "stored money cannot do any good so is not counted as valuable money but  little but active money can bring change to scenario so is for good and counted in valuable  money.

I will add that because that hard money brings change that comes in to  the " Basic Circumstances" which are more vital in ordinary life  so that little money sounds of Big value unlike of that big money which one  draws out from account where he has in abundance and visited abroad to a friend just to drop by ,it will stay less valuable to her hardly earned money and visit and the intention she had behind that visit.

I want to go on and on with my mother's talk but i have to stop as it is time almost for evening prayer.

Okay i could not end so here again after evening pray. 

Two breaks in today's post . First one when i just began writing post.My cellphone rang and i was surprised and happy that it was my eldest son's call. We talked for an hour.He first time called before weekend because he could not talk to us for more than fifteen minutes and bit more due to work load. I am grateful for technology  (after Lord) that make us see him despite of long distance.His card has not arrived yet so he is waiting for it to come home.One happy news cheer me up though .It was about his best friend who has come to Pakistan with His girlfriend who also work in Germany as software engineer .They both got engaged eventually.I was so happy to hear that .Because the boy's family was not agreed for this marriage until girl quits job and come to Pakistan to stay with boy's family .Girl was not ready for that which sounds reasonable because she got an opportunity to better after long hard work and leaving all suddenly must be tough choice for her. I was serene to learn that matter between both parties settled  finally.They both are truly lovely and sweet people and deserve Happiness in life !

Sharing few images to share what my heart feels at the moment ,they related to my present mood perfectly 

this photo belongs to days when my younger sister was in U S A and had job ,she earned good and made mom a big villa in Islamabad ,Mom visited us once or twice in year ,she was happy that she finally got house of her dreams which had every facility including car and driver here she during one of her visit she went to visit Sukkur city for picnic  with us,my eldest son standing on left is busy in some playing activity ,This is not just photo but a whole story of life and relationship we had back then .Hubby and mom both shared some habits and one of them is keeping themselves busy and you can see this below :)

two furniture  stools behind hubby are proof of that he loves to do something in spare time ,he ordered that furniture stools and they arrived home with simple four legs and with no color on as he said so. He spent few days on them (almost two and half) and turned them into useful and pretty pieces of furniture that can be used not just for sitting but also we can keep some things between their legs ,the smaller one is for kitchen ,The one hubby is working on in image is almost twenty years old and was of no use, but hubby made him alive again ,now we keep it in veranda and put water-cooler on it ,it also  has a small table between legs now .these are lovely realities of life indeed 

                                                  both furniture stools are settled in kitchen now 

 these early garlic plants are not home grown but remind me days when mom grew them in yard garden in abundance and shared them with friends and relatives,we would never buy them from market ,they are available here in Sindh province only in winters ,they add divine flavor to any dish if added  some minutes before turning off the stove and cover it up for while 

after winter i miss to have these two ,though garlic ,ginger and coriander seeds stay essential part of daily cooking along with cumin and black pepper   

last day i baked this cake which turned to be delicious surprisingly and we finished it in one day ,my younger son told that he learnt that baking in gas oven differs from electric one so he will guide me for better result next time 

Okay this is enough friends ,i think post has got lengthy already .

Stay blessed with  gift of hope and keep sharing it with all as we are all one and not strangers believe me ,Hope that grows in the field of Faith and gives you undefeated strength and peace forever.

In my thoughts and prays all of you always!

Friday, January 8, 2021

Forms Of Faith


Hey  Sweet  People  

Hope  having pleasant time in new year :) and hope  facing the new challenges with undefeated  courage and determination .

Now when i am learning  through scientific videos about  cosmic facts and how earth happened to be the way it is today ,my faith on this quote  getting  deeper ,stronger day by day.


i wonder how old this quote can be ? because i feel that it has something to do with very first human minds on earth .But how? 

Were they enough clever to sense the weird ,hard ,complicated and  miraculous  process of "earth formation" "

Or they used insight installed within their brains during  various experiences and connected  those experiences  with their belief ?

What  is the  belief  or Faith actually ? Did we just invented it or we have specific information about  it dwelling in our genes and Faith comes out itself when encounters with certain circumstances ?

In my opinion there are few forms of "faith " in this world .

To some people it is a Dress to their social bodies to appeal certain social behavior from society. That dress  Never reaches to their spirit but remains mere a product o show off .

To  some "Faith " is  Shield  that they wear to protect  themselves so  negativity  of  this world cannot touch them. Shield of   Faith that   keep Surface  of their being  safe probably  but  Never  gets to their bones .This is Need based faith indeed.

On the other hand some people born with curiosity  and always try to find out reasons behind physical facts  and put effort  into research to learn answers of what ,why and how  whole life . If they are practical enough  they  get success  to some extent on the basis of science .Their faith is never complete and keep changing  according to their knowledge. This is "Smart Faith" 

In the same world some people i mean really few people born with a Certain ,Particular Longing  For The " Divine Truth "

They  come into the world with  bunch of  strange feeling ,a weird restlessness ,an undefinable  urge ,an Unfillable  Space and  a Never Ending Loneliness . This bunch  of feelings Keeps them uncomfortable even in  Comfortable times .It  makes them appear as alien to others if  the host does not know how to control them . No matter how much worldly success they get ,they Still feel Empty  and Alone Inside .May be Their Selflessness  can create group of  caring and loving people around them But  They Still Suffer  with  Spiritual  Loneliness.

To The  world may be they are weird or pathetic because of their Negligence  For Worldly  Stuff  and Yearning  for  Discomfort  but Somehow they themselves find  all these   difficulties as a "Way  to Find Divine Truth" I don't know(yet) Why ?

But they do believe that " God  reveals Himself  Through  Odds "And their search  for God  make them feel "Easy" while passing through tough times anyway . This is wise "Faith" Such people  Find Eternal Peace When Meet to the Truth or which is Truth according to their Comprehension eventually . 

I can't say that something can ever change this for them or not because i  have reached to only point i mentioned here until now 

"a divine peace " that seems fruit of all inner pains 

"a gain that seems exceptional and forever "

Precious friends ,i am sorry for quitting abruptly as hubby got home and asking for tea so let me say goodbye and see you all soon!

Yes it is almost 4 pm here ,windy cold day a beautiful one indeed!

blessings to all of you!

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year Precious Coexistents !


Happy  New Year dear  friends !

May you  witness many more prosperous ,peaceful ,Healthy and Joyful years ahead with all you love and care,amen! 

I am thankful for having you all with me since 2009 as despite of all my flaws you always showed compassion  to me and your encouragement keeps me move forward steadily !

I think we all will agree that inspite of all odds pandemic brought our way we cannot call 2020 a complete disaster. We have survived through  such  diseases in past by the grace of lord and let's stick with hope that we will do it again .I feel for those who were directly hit by this  yet we know that  when it comes to Death ,it is inevitable and need no excuse to grab our soul but only "given time " by Lord. This is what i think as believer .Believe it or not we all are waiting for our turn to meet it ,so  all we need to hold the moment in hand tight and extract all the essence it has within for you :) Avoid thinking of past or future because it will not make any difference but spoil the taste of present gift you have right now right here with you!

              So we have  Jumped  to a New Year  2021,Let's Start it  with  fresh and  positive energy and determination  that we will avoid  previous mistakes  and strengthen our efforts for bettering our and other's life by empowering our will power .

When we peak into  cosmic realities and wonders ,it makes us feel extremely "Tiny" We  are  particle of  this astonishing  system and far far away from the reason of our existence ,When i think about the desperation  and thoughtlessness  of humans  it makes me sometime laugh and sometime angry .I wonder  what makes them as ambitious  Or as greedy that they  become  worse than animals for each other .What good does their studies  and knowledge to them if it cannot make them a better or atleast harmless human for others ? They think they will live forever but they forget that even this universe will die, so where will they go to save themselves from end ?Do they really think their money will keep them safe forever .This is Sad and Shameful that what little bit we know is not enough to broaden our mind so we can stop being selfish and think about the goodness of whole humanity .This way we can make our existence SUCCESSFUL    atleast .We  can impress  the Divine Power Out there existing out of this universe with our honest intentions and i really believe that He will re think about us and Turn everything including our End into a pleasurable Miracle  ,Yes i  Completely Believe that He is an Enchanting Divine Energy Present Everywhere Including Within Us And shapes Our Lives According to Our Intentions  and Actions .

  Thinking of moving into next year made me think of Movement  of this  whole universe and then movement of our earth , Being  within everything moving so Fast how blessed we are that we can be still and feel that Stillness too.i  think this feeling is gift from Maker for reason ,reason  to contemplate upon all he  made for us and before us .So we can Learn  Best ways to exist within His Grace and Wonders . This  planet is uniquely designed for us equipped with all we need and by heart we know well it is not just coincidence .We  must  Hear His whisper through His Creations so we  can Connect to our origin and keep  our  orbital movement  Straight instead  of being lost in Tangled jungle of endless lust. That will be a Terrible Wrong turn as it is being proved .

Okay kind people thank you for bearing me until now ,i took help from google image to share my best wishes for all of you :)


I  am an introvert and hardly have friend more than few who live away in native town so i consider you all my true friends with whom i can share my heart  unhesitatingly .Thank you for being here for me .You are in my thoughts and prayers always! Take great care and stay positive with Faith that gives you wing to fly in the endless sky of Hope :) Hugs! 

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas To All Precious Friends !


Merry  Christmas  To  all  precious  friends ,hope  you  are  taking the  best  opportunity  of this  year  for  sprinkling  more  and more  goodness ,joy and  peace  to yourself  and all  around you .Love and kindness is eternal and circle of life within universe proves it beautifully ,so keep being the Light in the dark  for all dear friends :)

Lost  In the  search  for Him 

Who  Shaped  Me

I  found out  that 

He  will be reveling  Himself 

Through  each  soul i embrace with Kindness

Kindness that  that  bears  my  heart  

Just  to  have One  step  more  towards  Him !