Friday, December 14, 2018

Lots of Happiness and Chocolate!

Hey  Lovely People! 

Thank you so much for all the sweet and kind  words you leave on my blog! 

I finally have my son :)
Yes he has arrived 2 days ago 1 am ,night was cold but our joy was overwhelming! 

We are having soooper happy and blessed time together by the grace of God! 

I will be little  late  for blogging and  this is why I request that please there is no big deal if you avoid saying anything on my posts  until I get time and visit you back  because  this is truth that  I miss  reading  your  beautiful  thoughts  inspite of  all business !

I just want to share  my joy through  my random  pics that tell the  journey of reunion: ))) in case you still   visit  and want  to  peek  in my  simple  family  pleasures! 

                   When he was  in plane

Travelled  through  Turkish  airlines 

Istanbul was  his stop  on his way

       My  heart   bloomed when I saw him

               Dinning table  was complete !

My new Blue  curtains  are part of well coming gesture: )

       After arriving his first  dinner , spinach with chicken

                      Lots  of  gifts  for   us

                      New bed sheets

                    Lots of   chocolatesssss

           He  brought skin care products 

Xbox  for   brothers

Hubby   took  3  days  leave from  office to spend time with him! He brought  a jacket  for his father 

May  Lord   keep  showering his  blessings upon all  of  you!!!

Please   take great care and  stay strong  happy  and  positive! 



  1. Wonderful homecoming, so happy for you Baili!

  2. What a thoughtful and caring son! I'm very happy for you and your family Baili! New blue curtains are beautiful.

  3. We will color you "HAPPY," Baili! What a blessing!

  4. How wonderful to have your son home for a visit! Enjoy every minute with him! Although you may all soon be in a chocolate coma from the looks of things, lol.

  5. It makes my heart glad to know your family is all together again for the holidays, baili. I know how you must feel. Enjoy every second of your time together.

    I imagine your son probably likes being back in a warmer climate!

  6. I loved reading your post today - your son is such a good boy, he has brought such lovely gifts - x-boxes for his brothers! wow! I love your blue curtains, they are very tasteful. The best picture is of all your men at the dining table together - such togetherness - you must be glowing inside and out - blessings to you all. Betty x

  7. I am so pleased for you Baili, how wonderful that you have your son home for a lovely visit.
    May you enjoy every minute - I'm sure you will.

    All the best Jan

  8. Such a sweet family gathering! NOthing can ever beat this time with your loved ones.

  9. How loved your eldest son must feel when he comes home and whilst he is away.
    Like your new curtains and I do believe you are all spoil by your son, but isn't that so wonderful :)

  10. Oh, Baili, I am so happy for you!!! How wonderful to have your son back home with you. You must be overloaded with joy. Enjoy the time together. And enjoy all the lovely gifts her brought. How thoughtful!

  11. amazing how i can feel your job through the screen - wonderful presents he brought, and your house is beautiful and i love the post. i know you are enjoying yourself with your family and son being home - what a great son(s) you have.

  12. Great post Baili! I'm so happy for you, I can feel your joy in your words and the photos! Oh my I could jump into those photos with all the chocolate!!! Lucky you! Enjoy your time! xxx

  13. Time to celebrate with the family.
    That's waht it should be all about.
    Have a great week!

  14. Belas fotografias de uma família linda…
    Que tenha um Natal cheio de Amor e que o ano de 2019 lhe traga tudo o que deseja.
    Boas Festas!
    Um beijo.

  15. Wishing you and yours a very happy time together! Warm hugs!

  16. What a good son to remember to bring all those gifts! Chocolate makes life more fun! I love chocolate with coffee!! His first meal of chicken and spinach looks wonderful! Time to rest and enjoy the Holidays! Happy holidays!

  17. Wonderful news about your son’s safe arrival home, Baili, and you will surely have a wonderful holiday with your entire family. Also, some very nice gifts that yiur son brought to his family.

  18. Dear Baili, how happy you must be and how happy your oldest son must be to be home with you again. I'm so happy for you! Peace.

  19. So glad to see your son made it home safely. I enjoyed seeing all of your happy pictures.

  20. What a wonderful, beautiful post! So happy your son is at home and you're having a great visit! Lots of yummy treats! Big Hugs!

  21. I am so happy for you :-)

    So much love and family time together :-)

  22. I enjoyed these photos so much, Baili! Thanks for sharing them. Your son brought thoughtful and tasty gifts. The photos reminded me of how wonderful it was for me to come home from university to spend time with my parents and siblings. I know that you and Ali made the most of your time with your son. How lovely that your hubby could take three days off from work to be with him!


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