Monday, June 10, 2013

strange death

hey,friends,hope all is going cool and smooth in your amazing worlds,my son is home for vacation so connecting with you friends through his laptop for little while,missed reading all of you  so much

life is work of art,just thiread this line in my recent book and foud it most perfect defenation of life,in my forty two i was not awear of it ,just lived mostly by soul,loved everything about life,and never stayed for long in darkness of disopinment when life felt shaky,i did not realized that i am blessed with quite positve attitude towards life,

whenever found someone disharted ,tried to cheer with pleasant words ,long ago during my job i used  

to hear so many sad stories from my colleagues which they told me according to them because i was trustable person who will listen them with soul ,will feel their pain,and will not make jokes of them in their absence ,
such things were base of my life,i been told so so manytimes by my surroundings that with such simple nature  i will not be able to survive anywhere,whether relationships or job,and it was even half true,but i still see the ful side of glass,

after depature of my both parents i did not think that their partition will disolve in my soul,i dont know how much i miss them ,or,i miss them or not,but i am facing a strange death ,the death of excitement ,its been more then a year that i became a quite different person from one i used to be for my whole life,i miss myself friends,its not that i am awayy from normal life or family,all is good ,i talk ,laugh,do everydays' work but nothing cheer my inner world which seems under kind of spell,

and one question fears me most that i,s this spell ever be broken?

still i am preparing for my master,i dont mind to die but i love live and all about this precious gift,and belive in betterment till its last breath,

have blessed life friends,


  1. Dear Baili! I was so excited seeing your comments on my blog few days ago and now this post.

    Welcome back my friend. Missed you.

    Regarding the scenario you have mentioned, I too have felt the same but not for too long. I have learnt to take solace in the love of God.

    I hope and pray you too find your JOY back.

    Please stay in touch.

    Friend always,

  2. hello madam, how are you? long time not drop by here... the best wishes for you n family :)

  3. hey friends, thanks for kind visit and words,i too am glad for being in touch with u guys,dear girl,its always a pleasure visiting you, you are really a blessed person and i found myself luckeu to have you as friend thank you again,

    aulwi sir i am lucky that you never forget to drop by,i too tried to visit your place but could not locate dont know why,
    have a blessed life friends .

  4. Hi how are you doing there? Why have you stopped blogging?Take care.


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