Wednesday, June 15, 2022

What Happened In Islamabad And Got The Internet Finally

Hey Lovely People !

when we left home on second May we had no idea it will take  as many days to see you guys again. We arrived in Islamabad on third May .Weather seemed hot unexpectedly yet cooler than one we left behind in our city i Sindh province luckily . Best thing that happened in these twelve days is rain yes we had some shower on 11th May which cleansed the environment and lush views of capital city looked more gorgeous :) Worst thing that happened in these twelve days is me and hubby caught flue and went through worst sneezing and coughing for whole one week but hey we did not stop our outings because we had to shop for our younger son who left today for Karachi to join his introductory session in Habib university named as Splash . We are so happy to be here in Islamabad specially me and my wait for the day when we will move here finally (hopefully) is getting intense lol .Missed visiting you all .We as usual bought our internet device before leaving which actually disappointed us greatly for the first time and showing no signals to deliver a message at least . It kept us restrained from seeing  our eldest son for more than ten days sadly . We were offered link sharing by neighbor who is former student of hubby and helps to rent place each time we come here. We had no option so we expected the offer so we have internet since two days finally . i think this is enough for today . i will be visiting you whenever i find time .Sharing few images below ,hope you will like them .

my most favorite place is fatima jinnah park ,best place to walk though we were were sick badly we still managed to walk from one gate to another which is quite a walk for  day .loved the sunset shot by  younger son 

despite we were sick ,once we started to walk we were led by the joy of walk one can have while walking in this huge serene park ,i wish i can have house close to it so can walk every early morning 
there were so many other people wandering or walking seriously ,many were doing exercise in open gym area and so many were with kids in play area ,the broadness and beauty of this park  is captivating 
after stepping out the park Marglla hills welcomed us from where we headed in cream (ride service) to Jinnah Supper market ,my younger son located restaurant to have famous burgers ,i am glad we did not have so much fast food in our times 

haha do i look funny here ,yes it was intended smile as it was third day of flu when it was on peak ,Centaurus shopping mall but burger is something common between two different places  

when we visited my native village we were invited by family of Yasir beta ,guy who has helped my nephew Nomi to go Saudi Arabia and employed  him as truck driver . His wife who is like Yasir daughter of my first cousin came with her mother in law and invited us for Lunch . It was big treat no doubt with many food items ,everything was delicious and we had great time with them . I was touched by their sweetness and hospitality specially regarding hubby .

a peace bringing and touching moment when after arriving we went to visit my mom's grave and recited their for while !

Blessings to all of you dear Friends ! 


  1. Baili, it is so good to see you again. It sounds like a great visit with family. I know how wonderful it is to get to your native home for a few days and being able to visit your mother’s grave. She was so important in your life and forever in your heart!

  2. Sorry you were sick but glad your internet is back

  3. Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well. You wouldn't know it by your sweet smile in the photos.

  4. Lovely to hear from you and to know that all is fairly well and that you are recovering from a bout of the flue. The park looks spacious and how good it was to visit family and see and say prayers at your Mother's grave...sad place to visit but a joy at the same time..

  5. Sorry that the flu affected both you and your husband, but I can certainly understand that you did not want to let sickness keep you from enjoying yourselves while away, Baili. The park looks like a wonderful place to walk and how nice it would be to live nearby and see it every day. The food looked delicious even in the photos. It was nice to see you and your husband and son and never worry about not being able to visit and comment, but enjoy yourself.

  6. So good to read about what you've been doing. Islamabad sounds like a great place to visit - would love to see it myself. Enjoyed the photos and reading about your time there.. Relax and enjoy being home, blog world can wait... We haven't had much heat yet and I'm thankful for that. Hope it's cool at home.

  7. Your lunch looks really good Baili! I'm so sorry you both got sick, I hope you're better now! I'm glad you had a nice time though!

  8. So nice to hear from you, my lovely friend! Sorry about the flu. That must have been exhausting. I hope you are feeling much better. xo

  9. ? can't see my earlier comment, but blogger has been causing problems, it may have gone into your spam folder!

    Sorry you have been unwell, but I did enjoy seeing your photographs.
    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  10. Obrigada por partilhar aqui notícias do que lhe vai acontecendo e também as fotografias com a sua bonita família.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.


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