Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Morality In The Nature Demands ..



I think nothing is random in this world. I know that modern way of thinking grew out of internet culture has abundance of arguments that life is nothing but a coincidental happening in the middle of universe bursting with energy and matter.

"I think that modern living has consumed our ability to ponder on things calmly. Life has speed up and it seems pretty easy to slip into things one after another. New image of life is very exciting and colorful enough to pull us back from all such mindset that rest upon contemplation of any kind specially one that requires extra effort to put in and does not come up with results that add any materialistic good in our current living but offers an enhanced wisdom that we think we don't need anymore."

But what about the sense of morality that come down to us while observing the nature.

Was it impossible for Creator to create things with single atom or cell? I mean a whole table made up of single huge atom or a human created with single huge cell.

Why everything created by nature seems to tell us that “singularity" obtain meaning only when it mingles with another singularity?

Why nature seems to teach lesson of dependency through all living and nonliving things?

Was “pairing “necessary to reproduce?

Was any chance possible that nature could not find any other way to spread things in the universe or on the planet earth? 

I doubt it because I think a genius like Mother Nature or Creator could have done it with a snap of finger if it had come to find second way for spreading his creations, but he chooses to begin with singularity who just like a single “seed "was held responsible for further reproduction from it until eternity.

 But why?

Because   Nature wanted its creation to remember their single "origin”? because having unified origin provoke creations to maintain order and keep harmony (does sound familiar? children behave to keep mom happy?). Needless to say, that both are perceptions of morality.

Nature did not create just so many “creations “but She made a family who’s each member is obliged to take responsibility for other one.

Though today when most important thing “family unit” in the human society has broken such conversation sounds totally absurd I know but when we have to treat a sickness the diagnose must start sincerely and from the roots of it.

You can avoid the wise words from the holy books but what about science who claims that everything in the universe is created as pair and completes each other by joining.

I sometime follow my mad imagination who holds my hand and takes me up in the sky where I find stars and planets circling in their orbits orderly.

I see them following their routs precisely around their suns.

An eye with little insight can see that these are not just random stars and planets roaming randomly here and there.

Each group seems like a perfect family, each member of which though has his own personality (right to circle around himself) but still circles around one huge source of light standing in the center that lends his light to shine him as well.

Does this sound random to you?

People don’t believe in myths or in special people who came to the world with special divine wisdom or to deliver divine message, when I see how planets borrow light from sun, It confirms my faith in people who had been given broader knowledge and deeper insight so they can forward it to others.

Evidence is the people born with gift of deeper understanding of life who could guide humanity towards better, people with extraordinary talents of inventing things, striking creativity and mesmerizing way to convey truth of life to people around them, they serve humanity in many ways while facing disastrous consequences for this struggle. All they went through was part of "natural process " Because To lit and To spread light burning is first condition as we see sun burns up with numerous gases to give away it's light to planets around it. 

Same are those who tried hard to deliver wisdom in hostile circumstances so others can survive spiritually too.

Nature could have created people equal in intuition and talent but to constitute an improper world (not heaven) where people vary in physical strength, mental approach and lifestyle nature sent exceptional people with exceptional skills and strength to remind humanity what can persist and save them as specie. She Showed a way of depending on each other is not just essential for survival but achieving it is actually "essence" of life.

This dependency demands from us to stick with each other. This is the demand of Mother Nature and for deceiving it we are going to regret badly.

Thank you for bearing with me precious friends! 

wishing you all health ,peace and happiness in days ahead! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Bright Note ,Bad Note And some Heart Talk


I am not feeling well since few days once again.  This phrase seems to be used so often in my posts now. My journey further to fifty has been started and I can already feel a quick downfall in my health. The flu and cold don’t leave me alone most of the time. Can’t say whether it is coincidence or what that the books I bought from Islamabad during my recent trip are mostly about “aging” and human nature. I did not know that James Hillman ‘s both books have content strongly about how we feel about “aging” and traits of human nature to face it differently. 

Writer has rich imagery and tremendous amount to say on the topic and beautiful way to say it all.  I am quite enjoying his views as I can relate to it to some extent though book deals more with issues people face in late elderly years such as late seventies or eighty particularly.


I felt like an older soul caged in a younger body for most of my existence except those few early magical years of married life when hubby and I shared some special   moments together and life seemed pretty off my usual track.

If I cut that piece of time precisely and put it aside, I am a person with strong wish to be invisible and enjoy the show silently. Help if can but stay off view. I don’t know the origin of this weird longing but because of this I had no issues that most of my female fellows had regarding ‘looks ‘This was comforting attitude that kept me free from so many ridiculous worries belong to youth.

Actually, there is a chapter in this book I am reading now days “The Force of Character “chapter 16.

 “The Return “in this writer James Hillman mentioned that according to recent research one third of all adult males and one quarter of all adult females in united states of America (I think in whole world presumably) would choose to stay permanently ages between fifteen and nineteen a life sentence to high school.

In writer’s word this is simply the longing for the beauty and strength belong to that age. The dreams and desires that moved us around with all their fantasies.

This makes me sick when I realize that I had went through this longing quite long ago why? 

I think I had my wish to return to my childhood stayed pretty much strong between forty to fifty and motive behind it seemed the desire to reunite with my parents while living in my beautiful lush native village. Both nurtured me equally.

Why this realization that encounters in fifty or sixty and stays until last years of life left me so earlier? 

I don’t know, I just know that this wish does not rise in my heart anymore. In fifty second year of my life, I lost it already.

Maybe I have just revealed the secret behind it. The longing for the “understanding of the life” and making my peace with it.

I am so happy I could see through my spiritual eyes at fifty what was invisible to woman of thirty or forty.

The strong urgency for "learning "that kept me bothered throughout the life seems to feel little calm with my efforts to learn. I can't say if i wish for longer life but life until i have control on my body is okay. Life with growing as human being and learning what was the obligation given to my soul and did i try to fulfill it ?

Bright Note first, a lady visited me last day and told that help from foreign countries is being distributed in the city, she visits me in a month regularly and she knew this because she was also the victim of recent brutal rainfall. She also said that people are registering for the receiving handsome amount of money from government for reconstruction of their houses .Oh that made my eyes teary with gratitude .Thank goodness that international help is reaching to right people.

Bad note, my laptop has been declared dead officially by two different repair men .he will be missed .i am sad a little because now i have to wait when my youngest son's laptop is free. but hey this is good that i have an opportunity atleast .

Another bad thing to share ,our internet device went off and after two days running hubby was informed that we have to wait for knew which can take quite time . Though hubby applied for new connection, and it was done today thankfully .

See you Soon friends .thank you for being kind support always !

God Bless you All!

Monday, September 5, 2022

Feeling Sad For The Loss Of People Of My Land!


I never thought that i would be as happy to see sun. Specially during summer season ever while living here in Sindh which has name for hottest summers. But i am quite happy now to see since sun showing up everyday regularly these day .Yes it has been more than a week that we are having sunny days .Sunny days are welcomed by us after record long torrential  rain . 

It has been raining here since more than two months which has caused huge damage to public and private property everything essential for life such as crops ,veggies ,fruits have destroyed . Numerous people have their roof fallen and sheltering in the public institutions including college of my youngest son and office of hubby. Both of them have hardly attended their academies for (two days) since we have returned from holidays.

I couldn't motivate myself for posting as my laptop is not working, unlike before it's response has reduced to making voice of "tick, tick" instead turning on. Most of the shops remained closed until water on the roads and streets was drained by authorities. So hubby dropped my laptop on the repair shop yesterday where repair man said after quick look that the thing seems to complete it's natural age and spending on it wil be a mistake. Repair man will try to fix it without any replacement so if it worked I will be lucky, if not I still be lucky obviously still with timely grief to loose a good friend who accompanied me for more than a a decade! 

There are bigger issues to be sad about. Natural desasters are not new to us but what hurts more that "heads of the house" care less about inhabitants living under their authority. If necessary precautions were taken on right time the concequences  could have less painful. Life for all can be equally easy and beautiful if some with power do not act selfishly. The realization that everyone born with equal rights and deserve to live a healthy peaceful life in safe and respectful environment is gift given to those who think and understand that there is nothing random here. Though with short life span and weak tiny sense we are unable to see pattern of Nature. With light given to us as "mind" we can ponder and observe how Nature make us pay for actions eventually sooner or later and payment is far greater than mere money sometimes. 

Sorry if I am being a bit sentimental but as helpless observer what else is in my hands. 

I try to read few pages of book " Force of the character" By James Heilman whenever I find time. It is very interesting book beautifully written and I am enjoying it thoroughly. Book is about aging process and how  different people deal with it differently. I am early so cannot explain writer's own approach to the subject though I can sense he has something important to share further. 

I m visiting your blogs though slowly. It is such a lovely feeling to have sense of "connectedness" with you all! 

Thank you for being such kind support always dear friends! 

Blessings to you all! 

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Secret History Of the World By Jonathan Black

  When i picked up the book "The Secret History Of the World" I thought it will reveal how world seems in the favor of some nations and how they have managed to make a good grip on everything going on here on this planet.

I had no idea that book written by Jonathan Black is about something really different in which I am less interested . I was little disappointed at first but once I stated to read it I felt quite fascinated with all the details about historic characters from myths and real world writer had discussed.

But I felt little disagreement later when at the end of each story regarding specific  character writer  had said something which was upsetting to me.

I don't know if any of you guys has read this book or not. May be few or no one at all.

According to Jonathan Black War between good and evil begins since universe has been created. Since beginning even when there lived "thought beings" who were most initial form of the "Consciousness" and were not confined in skull like human consciousness of today they had been fighting for survival and dominance on world. 

Those thought beings were emanation from the "Cosmic Mind"  who had full support of good and bad spirits to fulfill their cause. 

Writer after mentioning many famous historical characters from myths pointed out  many real life people who had influenced the history remarkably throuout the centuries. He said that those people gained tremendous success because they had unusual powers which they adopted by taking part in " intiation" a mental practice to achieve altered state of consciousness, kind of super natural power. 

Writer says that when consciousness sequeezd into the solid body of matter humans  lost connection with gods through spirit world. And to reestablish this connection ancient people invented secret schools that would teach intense ways of meditation such as living under ground for so long etc. This would make students mentally rich and strong unimaginably including having super natural powers. With such unique and extraordinary mental powers those people could achieve exceptional success in their lives. 

While taking all this writer mentioned a thing that seemed true by my personal experience.  He said that as humanity advanced and special people with spiritual teachings disappeared era of "yoga and meditation" started with the Buddhism. It opened way for each individual to peak inside and approach the inner universe where he can meet his maker directly. 

He said with many other including scientific references that regular meditation opens up the gland fixed above the left eye. And with that one realizes great enhancement of deeper understanding of the life. 

If you remember I have mentioned many times about improvement I have been feeling in my mental approach and performance overall since some years I have been doing yoga and meditation regularly.  I can never be thankful enough for this because when after the death of my parents I felt lost and broken these things saved me from sinking in the dark well of sorrow and despair. 

But I can't appreciate when writer seems to convince readers that they should learn magic because it is important to achieve success against evil and this is magic that allows us to manipulate the laws of Nature. 

I am a simple person with blind faith in "Creator" I  don't know whether I am born with it or not but I am very much assured that my maker has led me towards this faith step by step by showing his miracles. I may be know nothing but one thing I know with absolute certainty that leaning magic will make my God angry. And this is something I can never do surly. 

What do you say please share. 

Posting through tablet so  forgive if mistakes annoy you. 

Still raining. Though after putting plastic on roof has been great relief thankfully. 

Had no power and net yesterday. Appeared today so thought should post. 

See you soon guys take good care of yourself! 

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Misery Caused By Sudden Long Nonstop Rain And Good News By Younger Son

It is raining outside. Actually some of it is raining inside as well.

Asia is going through a heavy rainfal and our country Pakistan is facing this  constant and grave rainfal since mid June.

Rains started in the second week of June and has been continued since then unstoppablly.

Two provenances Balochistan in neighborhood and Sindh (ours) are effected with sudden such lengthy spell of heavy rains as both providers are not used to have such weather at all in ages sadly.

Weather forms most of us and life we lead in daily manner. Heavy rains and for months are not in any existed schedule here. Winter are mild though summer are extremely hot but with little rains which hardly stays for while such as few minutes or half hour. So routine of living is designed here in which people's attitude is is like "task it easy" type. No extra efforts are put for survival. And caution for heavy lengthy rains are not in even imagination of anyone.

Homes and roofs are made commonly for sunny mild days. Roads have the same story and so is everything else including swerig system and market  place accessibility. 

It is is third month of non stop rain and needless to say that haven't seen sun properly since June. 

I think it is not hard to imagine that what kind of of difficulties people going through right now. Power is disappeared most of the time. Comes in periodically during night sometimes. Net is playing on and off too. Due to absence of the sun soalor battery is unable to recharge. Still providing energy enough to make a fan run which is treat in such humidity. 

As you know that we had built two rooms in upper portion of the house for storage . It is these two rooms who has saved us from trembling water. Although uncovered part of our house is is trembling. We had to remove everything from rooms made under uncovered roof and shifted it to  other parts of the house including bedroom. 

Despite the all misery rain is causing to us it is joy to have shade of   clouds that protecte from the scorching sun of terribly hot summers we have here every year. 

It is painful to learn about serious and big loss caused by the to the people of surrounding small villages specially because mud dam near by broke out and made areas around flooded. 

Roads of our small city have turned into rivers which restraining all kinds of market activities. People finding hard to shop utilities let alone the fruit or vegetables that city imports from other parts of the country. 

Can't say how long it will take to get into dry sunny normal days as more rain has been predicted next week. 

Feeling bad for those though who depend on the daily earnings! 

Hubby has brought few labor to and is trying to fix the trembling problem asap. But I doubt it because rain is ready to wash away everything labor has apllied. Sigh. Let's see what happens though I am thankful for having space left for us to stay in the house God is great indeed. 

On the happy side my younger son has been settled in the hostel. He has completed his first week as orientation week in Hubib university. He said he had fun week with new friends while playing various exciting practical games including scavengers in which he solved most of the riddles and won his group third position. Administration arranged a dinner on the last day of the week.His proper studies will start from 22 My son shared some photos of the cherish times. Sharing with you hope it will cheer you up dear friends! 

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Photos From Ayub National Park Visit ,An Extended Version Of Pleasure


Visiting Ayub national park is kind of permanent part of our holidays stay in Islamabad . And it is because of it's serene  healthy environment and a happy feel that comes after visiting a beautiful public place. Ayub National park is claimed to be one of the largest park in the Asia .It covers 313 acers . It offers citizens of twin cities (Islamabad and Rawalpindi) a pleasant joyous domain where they can spend some wonderful time with manmade natural habitat for plants and other species co-existing with man. It seems also an effort to provide animals a safe place to grow . I realized during this recent visit  after covid that many enjoyable changes has been made by authorities. It is never easy see animal friends and sweet birds confined no matter how nice and big the cage is but still i was relived to find them wandering in extended portions . My younger son missed his elder brother who had been joining him always but thankfully he was consumed by many interesting activities soon and over all we had a pleasurable  three hours there .Sharing some photos hope you will like them .

 parks are crowded mostly after sunset so when we entered at 5 pm almost people were rare which made ticket purchasing easy and quick . 

an amusement carriage you can see above the head of my younger son ,children and elder were enjoying the ride despite it was hot day though bearable with pleasing breeze 

my younger son joined some kids of his age waiting for entry and then he visited the ghost room which he later said was not scary at all but he had to scream so boys don't find him weird 

we both waited for our son on bench while having water and enjoying soothing guts of breeze ,improved and less crowded park looked amazing !
can't say he or she but you see in photo below she was sitting peacefully ,actually we saw there was a group of some naughty teenagers who were holding stick and teasing  the animals ,twice they were standing beside so we ask them to stop politely ,my younger son was first to say this and then we both joined him, despite kids looked difficult they stopped immediately and the magnificent creature went back into her decent mood smoothly ,it was our first experience to see such mischievousness in all hose years  

it hurts to watch these elegant feathery friends walking within restrictions but surety that it is for their safety and growth brings peace of mind 

there are so many species of birds in park and i captured many of them but images are not fine enough to share sorry 
if remove the fence it could have been a beautiful capture i think ,agree ?

 a stage was posing for ladies ,i found it interesting ,both ladies looked at me while i was clicking but their friendly smile encouraged me that they are fine with it 

 we  watched these lovely couple for while as they looked little anxious as they were wandering not relaxingly but in kind of rush ,it can be huger may be 

 extended area and bigger confinement offers lengthy walk and it can make one tired specially overweight people 

 Oh don't you thing the baby Zebra is so CUTE :) he later got up and joined his mom close by though 

now this is perfect pose for a king of the jungle isn't it :) i wish my camera was good enough to catch her expression perfectly ,what is she thinking ? any idea ?

same kids i mentioned ,but they stopped when we requested thankfully , i think some extra guards needed to stay close by so can stop such mishap .

Hubby could not find device but good news that hubby and i am feeling quite better and a bigger good news for me that my laptop is allowing me to comment through it what a relief ! thank you dear Jenny for help .you are so sweet !
It is 14th of August , 75th Independence  day of our homeland so Happy birthday to Pakistan! 
that is it precious people,please keep taking great care of yourself in all means physically and spiritually ! blessings to all of you!

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Meeting Sister After Twelve years , Comments revelation From Spam Box And Is It Covid Query

I wasn't sure sure why i am not feeling well though i took all the medicines regarding my flue ,cold and motions . Motions disappeared with first two doses but feverish feeling and flue seemed to stay inside somewhere in the corner and when i would quit medication it will start to reappear slowly . My eldest son pointed what if it was covid again . He told to buy a device that helps in checking covid at home . I am not sure if device is available here or not .It Is first Islamic month of Muharam and our small city of Khairpur remains almost shut down for first ten days for Shea community religious activities that attribute to Imam Hussain (a,s) the grandson of our prophet Muhamad (p,b ,u,h) who was martyred for the sake of  Islam by Yazid. People belong to Shea community celebrate their brutal murder of Imam and his family by mourning and lamenting while wandering in streets . This goes for one month and ten days though area is less occupied after first ten days of the Muharam. Tomorrow is tenth and  we are looking forward to open the city so can get back to routine mobility and shopping particularly. Hope hubby can find the device and i can check whether it is covid that taking so long to heal? 

Since we are back from Islamabad heat of this city is giving quite tough time and i think it is more because i am not feeling well already to bear it.More rains in surroundings but we have only cloudy weather . 
I was reading about comments dropping into spam box through many friend 's blogs so i checked mine week before .There were  143 comments among which almost 50 were from blogger friends . It seems that comments started to drop into spam box from January as dates showed ,how annoying and unjust it is . Thank you for being kind and helpful as without your help i would have remained totally ignorant about those precious comments from all of you!

My younger sister contacted me in January 2022 ,after twelve years. It was the same day when my nephew left for Saudi Arabia . She called and asked for some financial help through various excuses .One about her serious health issue made me think about helping her though i knew i had no option as my eldest son had helped in great way recently already . So there was no chance i would ask him again. I told hubby and he said "though we know this hardly earned money will go as waste i will"  and he sent her half lac immediately . I too knew but i wanted to do it only for once to prove that i am with her despite of all her she did to me always. As i said always we all see this world with our unique perspective and for me world is place where we come for really short while . We all live through standards set by our observations and experiences. According to my personal experience doing good selflessly brings peace of mind and sense of harmony with Nature ,so  i keep doing it. 

My one of the most beautiful sister invited me at her home in Islamabad where she lives with her husband and four kids ,two elders from second and two from one with whom she is since eight years. We whole family were shock to see that she did  not look the same person she was bold ,energetic brilliant and funny . her health seemed in danger when she told that doctor has told her to avoid drinking and smoking completely as her both kidneys are damaged . we met few times and i tried to use every minute in convincing her that she should adopt a healthy life style if not for herself but for children the smaller ones specially . But she replied clearly that "you should know your lectures are not for me so save them ,this is life i choose and i am going to stick with it and don't say when you know nothing .then she tried to justified her bad habits in way that her in laws are greedy and cruel and husband does not care about her much blah blahblah. if i will get in details i need ten posts so i save it for another time . her final denial to my advise saddened me deeply . it is painful to see your loved ones crawling towards cliff and reject to hold your hand . She was like this always . till death i will keep wondering Why ?????

when i heard one day that she had meet her first husband and handed over elder kids to him i felt some heavy rock has been removed from my chest ! i hugged her and kissed her forehead that she liberated her elder children from this hell at least . this one is taken on Eid day when we both went to village and visited grave of our parents together . Sadly and unfortunately she was not in her senses because of excessive drinking but i grabbed my peace that she was with me at that moment at least. in life i wanted to have a loving family since always but both of my siblings are not with same mindset . they are self centered but i still love them as they are children of my dear mom and father ! 

both kids of my sister (in middle) sent this image after settling down in the house of their biological father . their life has changed dramatically ,they have their genuine father with them who is very rich and established  man of Sawat in northern area. on left and right are sitting their step siblings . Their father according to them is happy to find them and tries to bring them all they wish immediately . this all makes me grateful and thankful to God and my sister who made it happen .whatever reason she had but this transformed the life of these kids for better hopefully !

"Dua" and "Naqash" both sent this photo to their mother in which they are standing with their step mother .i hope things stay positive between them and future of these kids who had suffered lot because of thier own mother may see soem light and peace in future amen!

taken on Eid evening before having tea ,in yellow the pretty little girl is my niece and in blue is son of my cousin .

Please pray for his father who had accident some days ago .A car rushed in and hit his legs .Driver ran away . The husband of my cousin is on bed since two weeks . I hope and pray that he gets well soon as he is the only bread earner of the family .
That is all for now dear people . See you soon ,i am visiting your blogs by cell smart phone or older tablet  but it makes me slow  as it is hard for me to read thin writing or typing fast .
Thank you for bearing ,in my  thoughts and prays all of you always!


Sunday, July 31, 2022

Torrential Rains And Photos From Visit To Pir Sohawa Resort The Dino Valley


 It would be a lie If i would say that  i did not like the recent torrential rains here in our small city of Khairpur despite of all the mess and damage they have caused specially to the owners of Date fruit gardens. Yes July and August are decisive months for Date fruits survival on trees and getting down by large number of labor but heavy constant rains that stayed for more than twenty five days i guess spoiled the delicate fruit while they were getting ready to pick up.This is sad indeed but what to do that rains in this area have become really Rare and we see hardly any clouds in the sky or or get some drops of very short down pour like literally for minutes are so:(

Set of rains started few days after our arrival in Islamabad and lasted until we were back though it took few short breaks (one two or three days) but thick clouds kept sky covered meanwhile. This was long time dream so i was happy to have such weather that saved us from scorching sun for while at least .But it does not mean i don't feel sorry for all the loss people experienced because of it .During more than thirty years of my say here i saw it second time that mother Nature did not care about Date fruits ,otherwise she had been favoring the owners of date gardens always. We as human totally depend on Her instinct with hope that whatever she does has reason behind it.

Sharing below some photos from our visit to Pir Sohawa in Islamabad. 

you can imagine the beauty and peace of this place through first four images that i took from google image , Pir Sohawa is rapidly developing resort and town loaded with breathtaking views . People of capital city  on weekends head hilltop resorts like this to spend some serene joyous time with family and friends ,being foot hills of Himalian mountains and close to Murree Pir Sohawa has gorgeous weather quite cooler than islamabad laying in it's lap below 

what else can make one happy who starves for clouds and rain for most of the year ,roads and tracks heading upward offer pleasant walks as well for hiking lovers ,i can dream only about days when i will be able to take such walks 

we haven't go to this particular  resort i think ,because one we visited was situated  earlier to it and had different look and view below 

journey upwards start from the Faisal Mosque from ride takes forty minutes almost to reach Dino Valley ,it is my most favorite journey in the capital city as it gives not just lovely environment to breath but splendid scenes all around ,most of the people during drive stop their vehicles and take photos while standing on the edges of the roads.

it was not weekend so when we arrived in Pir Sohawa Dino valley there were only few families wandering around ,the train like ride behind us took us upward in the restaurant and for this entry that took hardly five minute fee was handsome believe me 

the jungle behind we can see had so many statues of dinosaurs who were making various voices too ,this resort has great appeal for children who love dinosaurs and who doesn't ,my youngest son seemed so excited to see all his extinct friends who seemed quite alive with movements and noise they created .impressive job authorty had dome to amuse kids i must say   

we had to sit pose on the insistence of my youngest son ,he took many selfies with this one too  

place was arranges amazingly ,i wish i had a better camera to take some good photos 

the band of cute dinosaurs was playing and singing ,my son joined them as well 

took this one while sitting on the table and waiting for lunch ,jungle above was filled with children 

the serene and magical place to spend some lovely time ,we enjoyed our three hours there and then returned to the city for shopping and dinner .

I am visiting you blogs though for some reason my own laptop is down and i am doing this post through mu youngest son's laptop which is not allowing me to comment but only blog .so i am visiting and commenting through my smart phone until my laptop is repaired .
Me and hubby are mostly recovered though we still have some symptoms of flue and light fever i wonder why .
Wishing you all health ,peace and happiness in days ahead dear friends! 

Monday, July 25, 2022

We Are Back And I am Thankful For your Kind Visits During My Absence To Your Blogs !

First of all i want to thank you all of you who despite of my long absence (fifty days yes) still kept visiting my blog ,this makes me feel blessed and thankful for having you all as blogger friends! i will be visiting you all since now hopefully!

We got back from our beautiful Islamabad trip on 22 July  Friday morning . As you might know far better than me that whole  Asia is experiencing long spell if rainfall which makes me so happy despite constant absence of power as seeing the environment clean and breathable is deepest desire of my heart. I am thankful for this joyous opportunity by  mother Nature! Me and hubby both fell ill two days before leaving Islamabad but it is hard to find doctor during rains when roads are flooded outside.  Hubby got his first medication today as he found one of the clinics opened. We are being late in keeping our house back to its neat and arranged manner because of sickness but how enough we can thank to our eldest son for his gift of automatic washing machine that  has been proving  itself incredibly helpful during this tough time.  After Eid Ul Adha we visited Kashmir (free part of Kashmir) .It was quick decision by hubby and before only three days before our return date so we had to keep it short .I think the tiredness because of that long journey made us sick later. It took us eight hours almost to reach Muzaffarabad capital of Kashmir we spent next whole day while visiting it's few famous points and set back to Islamabad on the same evening which was exhausting for our age obviously . Though i am feeling speechless when i want to describe the beauty of this heavenly valley dear Friends . River Neelam remains highlight of the whole trip lacing the all curvy dangerous valley. Yes single road warps the hills throughout the way and which makes it bit scary though most of the road is wide enough for vehicles to cross but there are really few places where it gets narrow which provides the risk for rash drivers . Accidents are therefore common specially during rainy  seasons when land sliding is common.We heard about such heart breaking accidents that took place right one day before we arrived there ,a bus fell down in the Neelam river and many people lost their precious lives .Another accident happened the day we returned ,a car slipped in the river with groom and bride and two other ,all four died but two children were saved by authorities miraculously . We saw crown on the way while we were returning who was looking t the place of accident ,some were taking selfies which was beyond my understating. Over all we found the people of Kashmir incredibly kind and helpful in transport and restaurants which was pleasing indeed.  
Sharing some glimpse of our one of the most joyous day in Kashmir. 

the restaurant we visited had beautiful garden area beside river which had swing too ,how can one resist it when surroundings are such magical ,despite of bright sunny day day was cool and breezy ,hubby asked me to sit on swing and when i did he started to push me to swing as it was high and i couldn't push myself by feet .children standing around giggled on this and i joined them smilingly as well. 


This was upper Neelam one of the highest point of margalla hills . Below things looked little including zig zag river Neelam. We are standing in the resort where many families were staying for summer holidays 

wherever eyes could see views were breathtaking and captivating ,now i knew why Kashmir was called " a heaven on earth" since always  

Wherever eyes could  see views were breathtaking and captivating. I now knew why Kashmir was called  "heaven on earth" for so long 

hubby insisted for this trip because he wanted to take it when our younger son is still with us ,due to issues regarding constant  rainfall his joining to university is little delayed for orientation at least though classes will start according to schedule in mid August hopefully 

if you can ignore how weak or thin the baby horse is you can appreciate the frame of image taken by my younger son ,like his eldest bro he is nice photographer actually ,whole family of this baby was wandering there in the resort 

i have bought some books from my fav book shop ,i found these while evening when power was off ,i told the shopkeeper about topic i was interested in and he guided me towards where books were racked .
i had started Secret History of the world while i was there and i am finding it very intriguing though lets see what writer actually wants to point out .will share with you all obviously  as soon i finish .
that is all for now .thinking of you all with best wishes and prayful heart!

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Dipped In The Sense For Gratitude For Happiness I Experienced These Days!!!

Hello Dear Souls !

Hope Enjoying the experience through physical appearance  thoroughly!
Sorry that due to Eid Ul Adha we got so busy with travels we made to my native village and other places specially after arrival of my younger son from Karachi . Trying to update you through some photos that show how amazingly nice time we had with loved ones and as family.No time right now for details so sharing just images to give you idea .We are leaving for home on 21 of July.See you guys properly soon then as i miss you all so much !

reason to put this image at first is it shows my feelings i experienced during this vacation which brought me many joys i was looking for thankfully ! the little happy girl is daughter of my cousin with whom we visited Khanpur dam last day that is near to my native town.

this pretty young lady is thirteen and daughter of my younger sister , she and her younger brother were adopted by by their biological father last month . it was joy i waited for long as they were living miserable life with their mother and her current husband. i am so grateful it happened .she shred this photo on Eid day ,her first Eid with her father and you can see how serene and happy she looks here 

i met one of my dear cousin after twenty years almost ,she has vision problem in which people can't keep eyes open during daylight though they have good eyesight otherwise. we both were so happy to see each other after long time ,she is married to pathan man and has four sons and two daughters who are studying well ,two are doing jobs including one of her eldest daughter .it was pleasure to learn that life of my cousin was joyous and prosperous eventually 

on my niece wish we took her to visit dam near us ,she is on right with mother beside and aunt ,unlike Rawal dam Islamabad Khanpur dam had little water ,hubby told that it was due to khanpur dam provides water in surrounding towns and is alloweded more water after making this supply satisfactorily perfect,more than hald of it was empty sadly the day we visited 

few days before Eid we took our youngest son to Pirsova a hilltop picnic point where he enjoyed seeing statues of different extinct dinosaurs in Dino Valley 

Biggest relief of this vacation was meeting my younger sister after ten years almost though we all were shock to see her as weak and lost ,her eldest two children who were living with her then are standing on her left and right in this image ,her younger children from present husband are also here ,boy four years old standing before his step sister and girl two and half years old held by her father on most right . image was taken when we visited grave of my father together the day we met in mid June . will share details later 

dino valley pir sohava 

            my son got back on 8th July he told he had nice time there and made lots of  friends 

our younger son called us before one day from Eid day and we had plenty of happy chat ,afterwards he sent his selfie on my insistence ,we miss him most on such happy days when gathering of family means so much ! yet i am thankful for internet (after my dear creator who makes everything possible )for providing such opportunity !
another happy news arrived from Saudi Arabia by my nephew who got his driving license eventually after six months and he got his monthly income start finally thankfully! if you remember he had left for Saudi Arabia on 12th of January 2022.

while our youger son was still in karachi we went to visit Murree Patriata though we did not ride chair lift instead we did soem real hiking with our youngest son and spent some truly joyful serene time together .

That is all for now dear friends ,See you soon hopefully .
you all are in my thoughts and prayers always! please stay smiling and spread joy around! you will have it back in double believe me !
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