Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine Day ! Love Story Of My Life

When  it  comes  to  think  about  world ,life  , Love  and relationship  i  always  think  that 


Love  is  God  or  may  be  God  is  love but  both  cannot  be  separated . Only  one  thing  is  responsible  for  whole  creativity  we  see ,  

in  the   form  of  universe  

In  the  form  of  Life 

In  the  form  of   Beauty      is  possible  that  

 there  was  LOVE  BEHIND  EACH  OF  THIS

Love  CONSTRUCTS     not  destroy 

Love  CREATE        not   ruin 

If  we   put  out  only  LOVE  from  this  whole  phenomena   what   will  be   left   behind  is  just  


I   want  to  share  with   you   today  a  fact   that  i  told  my  husband  after  7   years  of   marriage  that either I LOVE  HIM  TOO!

As  you  all  know  my  marriage  was  arranged  and  i  was  girl  with   strict  decision    that   i  will  never  ever  share  my  privacy   (you know what i mean)  with  any  man  in  this  world 

My   husband was  not  from  my  blood  relation  as  cousin .

But  my  father  and  father  of  my  husband  were  fast  friends  and  like  brothers  as  they  grew  together  as  neighbour  and  when  my  father's  mom  died  he  was  little  so  the  mother  of  my  father  in  law  fed  him  from  her breast  which  made  them  like  brothers.

After  marrying  my  mother  my  father  left  the  job  in  police  and  moved  to  the  city  few  hours  away  from  here  just  to  avoid  the  first  husband  of  my  mom  .

After  the  death   of  my  elder  brother  we  moved  to  our   mom's  native  village  though  but  visited   to  my  hubby's  family  regularly  at  least  once  in  a  year .

After   my  brother  got  married  the environment  of  house  for  me  ,my  mom  and   sister  became  like  almost  hell as  our  brother's  wife  was  very  ignorant  and  crazily  jealous  with  our  studies.

Meanwhile  i  applied  and  got  appointment  letter  of  my  govt  teaching  job  but  my  mom  was  too afraid  of  her  son and  her  daughter  in  law's  behaviour  so  she  did  not  let  me  join  the  job  and  forced  me  to  get  married  as  according  to  her  it  was  safe  for  me  as  a  girl   in  society .

That   was  time  when  i    hatted   men  so  much  and  it  was  so  horrible  to  think  about  getting  close  to  any  man  or  making  him  part   of  my  life.

After  our  marriage  when  we  moved  to  this   city  my  husband  had  no  idea  about  my  possible  behaviour  as  when  he  came  to  the  room  at  night   he  found  me  in  simple  dress  instead   of  of  bridal  one   and  without  makeup  and  jewelry  .(my  sister  used  to  say  about  me  that  when  men  are  around  she  put  as  terrifying   expression  on  her  face  that  they  don't  want  to  take  second look)

I  am  sure  my  face  was  exactly   as  horrible  that   night.I  clarified  to   him  that  i  am   not  ready   for  any  closeness  right  now  and  he  should   leave  me  alone  right  now .I  put  condition  fro  him  that  i  want   to  do  a  job   first  and  want   to  prepare  myself  mentally  for  this  mess.

You   don't  have  any  idea,   either  i  did  not  have  that   here  if  on   first  night   bride  says  such   speech   instead   of  being  shy   and   giving  herself   politely  to  her   man   she  can   get   divorce  or  she  can  be  beaten  or  blamed  for  infidelity.

But  i  was  not  as  wise  at  the  age  of  almost  20  to  think  about  consequences.  I  was   being   myself  simply  . My   heart   was   pure  and  had  no   fear  so  i  said  fearlessly  what  i  had  in  my  heart.

Hubby  listened  me  with  care  and  showed  respect   to  my  feelings .It   took  him   almost   one   month   to  have  me.

I  was  so   happy  and  serene  when  we  broke  wall  between  us  but  i  never  expressed  my   feelings  for  him  like  he  used  to  do  often .

Within   few   months   when  my  mother  in  law  and  her  whole  family   raised  daily  problems  and  arguments   life  started  being   hard   and  all  my  anger  fall  on  hubby   who   not  only  took  it  lively  but  understood  my  mental   issues.

When  my  first  son  Ahsan   was  almost   three  years  old  my  younger  sister  left  for  America  and  i  had  to  go  to  islamabad  to  stay  with  mom   as  she  was  alone  and  elderly.

Meanwhile  i  put  my  son   in  school  there  and  started  job  in  pharmaceutical  company . It   was  one  of  the  biggest  company  and  large  amount  of  men  and  women  worked  there  as   employees.

During   this  job  when  i   realised   that  one  of  the  pharmacist   is  being  extra  nice  to me  i  felt   uncomfortable   to  be  around  him.It  was  not  that   i  could  not  teach   him  lesson  but  he  was  being  just   nice  and  friendly  and   i  did  not  like  that  as  being  lady   it  could  be  dangerous  for  my  reputation  . 

I  left   the  job   and  start   another   job  at  half  salary  than  previous  one .Reason  for  leaving  job  was  that  when  another  stranger  man  showed  affection  towards  me   my   heart   unfold   and  revealed  the  love  i  had   for  my  own husband!

Yes  this  was  time  when  i  became  to   know  that   I  LOVE  MY  HUSBAND  SO  MUCH  and  if  anyone  else  looks  me  with  same  way  it  hurts  me  as  i  am   being  guilty  of  something   wrong !

Now  let  me  tell you   tell   you  the  actual   reason   behind  my  post 

When  i  was  in  my  early  teens  my  classmates(girl friends)  often  tease  each  other  with  name  of  their  cousins  as  they  will  be  their   husbands  in  future blah blah blah.

They  asked  me  many  times  that"what  is  name  of  your  cousin?

i  had  some  cousins  in  village  who  were  devils  to  me  i  hatted  them  for  their   dirty  behaviours .

Deep  so  deep   inside  my   heart   i  wanted  to  tell  my  girlfriends  that  yes  i  have  one  cousin  who's  name  is  Ali  and  he  is  so  respectful  and  true  gentleman  who  never  said   any  vulgar  word  or  not  even  looked  that  cheap  way  at  me ,  But  i  never  told  them   because  i   wanted  to  deny   those  delicate  feelings  within   me  .

Here  come  the  miracle  and  God  is  always  there  to  make  it  happen  for  us .God   raised  his  love   inside  my  heart  when  i  was  twelve  hardly   but  he  knew  i  would  never  say  this  so   he  planted  LOVE  in  the  heart   of  hubby  for  me  who  asked  my  mom  to  marry  me  to  him .

After  7   years  of  our  marriage  when   one  day  we  argued  and  then  united  i   finally  told  my   husband  that   i  love  him  too  and  i  still  remember  tears   of  joy  were  glittering  in   his  eyes  and  we  both   felt  out  of  the  world  that  day  .It   seemed  as  i  released  myself   from  cage and  he  seemed   deeply   peaceful  and  complete.

Today  in  my  each  breath  i  be  grateful  for  the  blessings  that  he  has  blessed  me  with  ,a  loving  life  partner  is  blessing   that  highlights  the  all  other  blessings   too .because  if  both  love  each  other  peace  of  mind  comes  in  their   inner  worlds  which  beautify   the  all  other  things  around  them !

     Love  is  everything ,there is nothing without love (image google)


May  you  all   find  and  respect  true  love  in  life  and  be  happy  and  serene  forever ,amen!

God  Bless You  All!!!


  1. The story of your marriage is wonderful! This post is perfect for today.

    Happy Valentines Day!

    1. Thank you Brain !
      when i started to write the post i was not sure what would i write then i follow the simple love story of my own life

  2. what a beautiful love story!

    1. Thank you dear Laurie!

      I am glad that you liked it

  3. True love grows from a tiny seed! Happy Valentine’s Day, Baili!

    1. Thank you dear Marie!

      Mine is little different yet I found it appealing enough to share with my friend

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you dear friend!
      You too have a fabulous Valentine day

  5. Oh how beautiful!!
    Dearest heartfelt thanks for sharing your experience with us.
    I am so happy that everything worked out well for you.
    Relationships can be a minefield sometimes (believe me, I know!).
    This post has truly warmed my heart!
    Thank you so much!!

    Much love and hugs xoxo

  6. thank you so much dear Ygraine!

    i agree relationship can be so hard to go with sometimes and speaking from my observations and experiences of early years of my marriage
    Marriage is RISK indeed but if you dare to take it then prove that you are good one at accepting this challenge

    Patience and sacrifice is key and than time leads you towards your destination end of the day just have faith don't let it shake ever

  7. Baili, your story is beautiful and I am so glad you found much love with your husband. Happy Valentine's Day.

    1. Thank you dear Carol!

      I was pushed by destiny towards end which i thought is worse for me but God turned it in beautiful miracle for me

      I found treasure of love which i was not even aware to ask for

  8. A love story with a happy ending! Happy Valentines Day to you and your husband!

    1. Love is MAGIC dear Debra
      it can do anything it want and my life is proof of it

  9. I am touched and inspired by your story. You waited to tell your husband of your love for him until you were certain it was true. He waited to hear the words because he loved you. And you are such a beautiful couple. You are lovely and your husband is very handsome. Both of you are fortunate.

    1. Dear Emm i was too far from natural and normal feelings that can a young girl have and reason behind it was psychological which i will share when i will feel ready to talk about

      i was not seeking his love but distance and little surety that he will not be oppressive until i want

      this was time when i was full of terror and fear from being close to any man ,It was miracle that he proved himself totally different than i was expecting .
      Feeling seeded in my heart from him were not in my consciousness then but his patience and constant love and care dig my heart to deep and brought out those raw emotions ,strengthened them with affection and passionate care and turn them into a well growing plant which roots evolved in the depth of my soul and finally one day i was confident enough to tell him that I LOVED HIM SINCE I WAS A LITTLE GIRL

  10. Hi Baili! It was heartbreaking to read the beginning of your story...then the happy heart-filled happy happy lovey ending!!! :) I wish you all the love in the world! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your hubby!!! xxx

    1. thank you dear Rain!

      yes my life was middle of nowhere when i got married and then in laws created huge pile of difficulties in early years of my marriage .I felt stuck but that relief that i had(have) a man in my life who loves me (though till than i was not sure due to my hesitation for men and relationship) and i can share my problems with him and can trust him blindly was backbone to my existence which got stronger and stronger with the time and bound us with rope of deep love and faith in each other

    2. That's so nice. Having security with your partner is the best feeling. I'm so glad you both found each other! :)

  11. That is a long bumpy road to love, but your got there, that is what is important.

    Very nice post.

    1. I think every relationship has such ups and downs Joe we accept it or not but when two different people decide to live together forever they encounter with bunch of different moods and variations of their personalities which can be dangerous for their bond if there is no LOVE between them which clarify and sort out each difference end of the day

  12. Happy Valentine's Day, thanks for opening up what is in your heart to us. I am glad you are happy now.

    1. thank you dear Christine !

      Believe me it was not easy for me as i feel still little shy to share about my very own and personal stuff but since i realize coming positive and friendly energy from you all my sweet friends
      it gave me courage to speak of it

  13. Tears in my eyes as I read this, Baili. Such a beautiful love story. Wishing you many more wonderful years together. Happy Valentine's Day! xo

    1. Thank you dear Martha!

      sometime life seems like desert with no clue of right direction and then some truly powerful well wisher push you towards heavenly gardens of LOVE!!!

  14. Wishing you and your family a onderfull future, baili.
    Kung Hei Fat Choi!!
    Bom Ano do Cão!!

  15. This is so sweet and lovable... Happy Valentine day Baili...

  16. You're beautiful with or without makeup, then and now. I'm so glad you shared your story, and that you ended up with a happily ever after life. What a wonderful blessing! Hugs...RO

    1. I never perched any make-up products except lipstick and eye liner. I learnt from my mother that artificial stuff is harmful for skin .I use lipstick and eye liner occasionally few times in a year.

      My life is beaded with so many miracles and my marriage is one of them

  17. Such a beautiful story. Arranged marriages are hard but I'm glad you finally fell in love with him!

  18. The story of your life and love is a wonderful one, baili. I truly believe that there is no such thing as "love at first sight" -- there can be "attraction at first sight" but real love takes time and caring and trust to grow. I'm so happy for you that your husband turned out to be such a good man and your marriage has come through the growing part and become a sturdy place of happiness and refuge. A beautiful Valentine's Day post - thank you!

  19. Such a beautiful love story Baili! Thank you for sharing! I hope you had a great Valentine's Day! Big Hugs! (I agree, we are love!)

  20. What a lovely 'love' story you told of yourself and your husband, just beautiful.
    Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  21. Thank you for sharing your beautiful married life story with us Baili.
    You indeed have a loving and respectful husband... and he has a loving and respectful wife and you have both found the secret of happiness xx

  22. What a unique and beautiful love story you have! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so that I could find you. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  23. Nice! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  24. Such a sweet story of your life together, Baili. It is a patient and kind man you have married and I am so happy for you both. Sometimes we fall in and out of love when we are together a very long time, but with faith and trust, we can always renew the bond. A lovely Valentine's story. Blessings to you both xo Karen

  25. What a sweet love story.. Happy belated Valentine's Day to you both!

  26. That is a very sad story with a beautiful ending. You are so blessed that true love came into your heart.

  27. Baili, this is a beautiful, honest, and even raw post on a lifetime of love developing. It has actually life me short of breath and on the verge of tears...especially that part about you and your husband after 7 years and the tears in his eyes to finally hear that you truly loved him. What a patient man indeed, even how he remained respectful on your wedding night when he was probably full of expectation. This is so good to read as I have read SO many horrible strories of the abuse of women and children there from such things. So sad but your story shows there are good men indeed there who know women are not their property, as it were, and deserve equal respect.

    Your handsome husband’s character reminds me of this verse from the Bible, 2nd Corinthians in the NEw Testamant: “'Love patient and kind. It does not envy, boast, and is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking (selfish), it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.”

    Your husband has here modeled that perfect love from God above. Thank you for sharing and wishing you all the best.

  28. Actually that is n 1st Corinthians, the book before, but that does not matter. You get the idea. :)

  29. A beautiful love story. I hope you had a wonderful Valentines day :-)

  30. Beautiful story Baili!. Hope you had wonderful Valentine day. ! Best wishes.

  31. I loved reading the story of your marriage Baili. Although arranged marriages are not usual in my culture, personally I think they are a very good idea when all parties knvolved are willing and agree. I am so glad for you to have such a good man for your husband, happy Valentine's to you both. Betty

  32. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and life with us - I wonder if you know how much you yourself, are healing the world with your ability to open up and show not only Americans but other cultures a look into yours. It's so easy to see we all have that same heart, feelings, hurts, and there is something that unites us all and that is the willingness to be the Love that we are. That transcends borders for sure. The propaganda that each country deals out to their citizens will not stand in the face of just a human being Sharing the Love that they are and the culture they come from. I'm so glad to read you and your thoughts about your life. We truly all are connected.

  33. Your love story is so beautiful, and touching! ♥
    Have a wonderful week, dear Baili! Big hugs to you!

  34. What a lovely story! True valentines day!

  35. That was indeed the most beautiful love story. You waited and were blessed with a marriage that is strong and true. I'm very thankful you are happy and have a beautiful family.

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  37. I am embarrassed that I'm this far behind, even though I had computer woes when I was in Hawaii. I loved this Valentine's Day post, and I'm so glad that I didn't miss it. You have a special hubby, Baili! I'm happy for you!