Thursday, March 4, 2021

Flower Exhibitions .Blooms Of My Garden And Response to Betty's Comment

 This  is great  how  slightly  change in earth's leaning position  bless  us with  variety  of seasons .There is a quote from  someone really wise that 

" everything happening in life including life is magic .we don't notice because we get used to it " How true ! Once we are familiar with things we stop pondering over facts  working behind them mysteriously. Everything has reason and scientific definition for us yet there is lot we are ignoring  to save our times or to avoid reality that  asks for change that we find hard and Impossible .

I believe strongly that the divine energy which has shaped us is within and around and waits for our inner call to response and guide us always.

Here in Pakistan we are lucky to witness four seasons with peaks. Spring in southern Pakistan  is flourishing exquisitely  ,i am sharing some  images from various source to show you glory of spring shining through exhibitions in different cities  .

                                                       Islamabad  flower exhibition 2021 

      glimpse of  Lahore flower exhibition  2021 ,national flag carved by flowers looks awesome 

                           image source youline  ,shows glimpse of Karachi flower exhibition 2021

 one can hardly imagine how much love ,care and hard work is involved to shape a garden that brings so much joy to watching eyes and sooth to starving hearts . Process of building something takes ages and tons of energy along with patience and persistence .But destruction needs just a second .Both are product of two various human emotions. But first one needs will power and second only will .what you say ?

Now flowers that are soothing my heart while smiling in my little garden .

                                      no name sorry but beauty speaks for itself 

       last year we had these one in abundance but this year they look unwell and hardly few survived 

               same case about daises  ,very tiny and unhealthy they appeared don't know why 

Now before saying goodbye i want to reply one of the comment on previous post  by Betty ( side bar blog list as Woody fairy ) 

Response , dear  Betty i always loved everything including people and all the people equally whether they are stranger of familiar .I had that love for all and everything since i was child but not aware of it i was just following my instinct as i do now. There came times when i felt annoyed and bit scared from people and it was because of circumstance i faced after marriage suddenly .I still loved people but wanted to stay away to protect myself from harm that would follow without any mistake of mine .
I felt like i came out of  that fear  many years ago and i started to socialize again .We have family and friends that visit each other occasionally .I like to sit with all and treat everyone with same love and respect .I feel i have some nice things to share with them and if even one of  them understands or accepts it it will be my deep pleasure .This is the reason that i exchange voice messages with my sister in law (brother's wife) i think we all are students of life and everyone has unique learning and sharing it is way to make our life better and help each other in any way if we can do so .This is humanity which is my religion and aim in life and i want to follow it till my last breath.Because this is the only way to please my Creator!

Keep being kind to yourself and all around you dear Friends!
stay healthy ,happy and blessed with Faith in your maker! 

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Wedding Ceremony


It  is  4:15 pm .I  am sitting  in  my  living room on dining table. View before my eyes is serene and beautiful .I can see my small garden smiling to me from it's fullest and delightful spirit .Blooms are dancing gently on the beat of soothing breeze. Peace is breathing  through  the whole environment and i am inhaling it gratefully as i felt it after three days .Yes i was gone to countryside to attend wedding ceremony of Hubby's nephew ,the only son of  one of  the hubby's sister .I spent there two  days and one night and returned last evening after final event of the ceremony.

It was great fun to meet all family members and acquaintance at once after long time .I realize each time during such gathering that how important such socialization is for keeping in touch with family and community.Such parties just refresh the page of our routine and add some joyous memories to it .  

on right lady in pink is hubby's younger sister and happy mother as you can see her smile.she recovered from certain disease an year ago ,and when she came back from hospital she was quite change and happier person and agreed to get her son married to his cousin finally .she has seven daughters too and one of them is standing beside her on left  in this image in yellow ,she is married to landlords of the village who though have so many farms and cattle in abundance yet never tried to better the standard of  life which is annoying for me .when i was newly married and visited them i was shocked by this and many got caught in discussion with her father in law (late now) that why they still are stuck in rotten ways of living despite of all the property and money they own. according to him it was their way and they liked it this way .his answers were weird and unconvincing and i quit asking questions and giving advising later .anyway some people are extremely slow learner and better to leave them alone  after best try .still it hurts me most when i see girls are kept away from education in some rural areas like this .it is unimaginable loss of coming generations which is so sad!

on right (first in close up) is daughter of hubby's eldest brother from our city ex teacher and proud mm of three school going sons.she is example of girls who rise from conservative background and still mange to inspire others with their abilities to learn and apply learning on practical life .i like her for her smartness insight.she convinced her husband to sell some piece of land and move in city  so her children can get better environment to learn and grow.She also advised and helped her husband to establish his own small business which is going well .she want to rejoin teaching job once boys are older and less dependent .

unlike city wedding events are held in yards in village ,this one was first event and smaller one with less people ,later both events were held during night and guests had fancy chairs to sit around place where performances were delivered by family members  and professionals .

this one was taken on last day before final event when groom goes with his family and friends to take bride ,we were tired and sleepy after whole night celebration .i have been skipping such late night events since long time but this time i wanted to join my sister in law in the happiest day of her life so i tired to be brave lol,this room belonged to my other sister in law Nusrat who lives in upper floor ,she tried to comfort us during the event in every possible way and it was so nice of her .

joy is like tiny bloom in your heart but when it is shared it is whole garden with bursting beauty and happiness :) i feel so scared when i hear or read about how wold is changing quickly  and  awareness is damaging the beauty of life .It is good to be free and self sufficient but leaving the family culture completely and trying to find joy or peace in other things can ruin the meaning of life because it is unnatural way of life . Everything in "Nature" is here to guide us and we are forgetting it so sad !

Nusrat  is my younger sister in law ,the one to whom i spent more time after  my marriage than other two .She is sweet and intelligent but not lucky enough to convince her husband to adopt better quality of life like city or move in city which is essential for the better growth of her children ,i feel for her and tried hard to convince her husband through my husband but he is tough rock ,he thinks selling land can hurt his pride as landlord and that he can only buy not sell .i can only pray for her and i do so,may be some day but growth of children cannot be stopped till then unfortunately !

Nusrat's  one of her three son is on right standing with groom ,her husband on left who is invisible due to darkness as power was gone and solar lights were weak to support event 's excitement 

  this was taken after arrival of the bride at home in last evening ,power was disappeared once again but flashlight helped to capture the face of the future of this house. 

I am feeling still exhausted as it was too much for me.Still i am back with some more happy memories .I feel good when i am on my own but being with friendly family friends time to time makes me happy too as i think it is best way of living to keep balance between both ways !
See you soon dear Friends ,stay safe and healthy ,positive and happy always !

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Secret Behind The Spring (poem)


Unlike  freezing  winter days  

when valley  is  wrapped  in  white  gloomy   sheet 

When  life  is   jammed   in  veins  with cold  blood  in  the streets

When  heart   of  lake  is  stopped after  parting  with sun rays 

and  the  hill  grows  chalky hair  while yearning  for  warm days 

When winter  erases  away  all  the  colors from the  scenes 

And  birds  loose  their  nests  in  Storm  that  sound mean 

We  all  know  this  because  of  earth's unbalanced  Lean 

Unlike  Hot  summer  days 

When  Sun  is  greatest  foe 

To  scratch   earth's oldest  wounds 

It moves  little  bit  low 

 When  green  burst  out  from  earth 

As  someone  tried  to hold  his  breath 

Countless  pattern  of  life  appear  above  ground

As  escaping  from long lasting  death 

When  world  seems  shelled 

 in  shiny  Heated  balloon 

And  ocean  show their anger  

 through  hurricane and typhoon 

When  sunlight  burns  ,instead warm 

And  hit almost everyday  dreadful  storm

When  sun rays  cut  like  blade  

And everyone  seek  for  shade 

Each   heart  sings  same  sad  song 

With  Earth  is  something  Wrong 

Unlike  winter's  cruel frost 

And  summer's  violent heat  

When  Nothing  can  go  wrong 

Spring  sings  sweetest  song 

When  everything  seems  at  ease 

Even  air  is  called  breeze 

It  is   the  beauty  of  this season 

When  smile  seek  no  reason 

When  heart  at  peace  to " Feel "

And  odds  seem no big  deal 

When  soul  is  light  and  serene 

And   able  to  ponder  all  scene 

When  eyes  drink  glass  of  life 

To  each  drop  with " fullness" 

Soul  swims in the ocean of  soothing "stillness "

How  can  we  turn  blind  

To  what  is  the  secret  behind 

When  gap is  balanced amid the Sun   and  Earth

We  earthers  get  best  Treat as we worth 

We  Can  Learn  For  Better  and Well 

From each  story  Mother  Nature tell !

From  building  materials  or life 

Balance  is  key  to  Advance 

By  loosing  Balance  in  life 

We  are loosing  our  all  chance

Chance  to grow  as " ideal  race |"

Who  Has voice ,sense and face 

Responsible for "Saving the Show"

So cannot  fall  as   low 

Awake  and  rebegan the  run 

Let  Balance guide   this Turn !



Thursday, February 18, 2021

Floating Within Ocean Of Divine Energy And More Blooms

Days   are  getting longer .Sun  stays  for more  while  as he is wiser  and  more contemplative  now :) His  glowing eyes   are  comforting  and  enlightened  as  his  best  friend March seems  to  arrive  near while  holding  bouquet  of  spring  in  his  hands :) April   will  bed  the  ground  with  lush  and blazing green  sheet ,Things  will  seem  perfect  until  May  reaches  to  spoil   Sun's  mood .Everything  will change  once  sun  is bad  mood .Instead   of  soothing  smile  he  will  be  throwing  his  scorching  rays  upon  us .It  will  make  everyone  uncomfortable .June  ,July  and August  are   unable to  calm  mr sun though  September  is lucky  who  has  power  to  delight  him to  some extent eventually .No  matter  how  harsh  the  sun  is  i never  can  stop  to  look at  him and  smile :) How  can  i  forget  his  long  kindness .This  is  the  only  condition  to  make  things  work  between  relationships  that  try  to  remember  pleasant  times  that we  spent  together  .

Today  when  i  opened  my  eyes in  the morning ,i  felt  i  was  floating   within  the  soothing  fog  smoothly .I  felt  that  fog  or  energy   is  like  an  ocean  spread  and  absorbed  in  every  corner  of  universe .It  seemed  like  Divine  Energy that  has   warped  the  each  existing  object   from  within  and around. It  is  flowing  in  kind  of  circle  till  eyes can see  and  senses can  feel.It  is  letting  it's  being  to  dwell in  numerous various  shapes  whether  living  or  non living .Everything  has  mystery  yet  ability  to  satisfy  reason so  curiosity can  feel  pride with  each  attempt and keep  growing. 

Privilege  of  "Being  Something " depends  on  That  Divine  Ocean  of  energy. Non  living  things  are  wiser  to  understand  and  follow  rules  for  successful  existence .But  living  are  deceived  by the  "Freedom  Of  Choice "  which  is  Test  more  than  privilege.One  who  has  Completed  His  grace  by  letting  Us take   Best   form  of  His  creations .One  Who  loves ( not just religious belief but my  own contemplation about how he reveals his love for us) His  creations  most. Can  he  not  expect   they  will  remember  Him  when  perform  "Life  and It's  belongings " ? Is  this  big  deal to Keep  Him  In  mind and  stay  away  from  what he  has forbade  to  keep  us  safe and  happy .How  weird  that  we  care  for  Parents  but  not  who  gave  us  parents.We  do  anything  for  children  but  what  about  who  blessed  us  with  children .

I  am  realizing  that  the  more  my  "being"  is longing  for  Him  The  more  His  Love  and  Miracles  are  revealing  upon me .This  understanding  that  He  is  my  Source ,i am from Him and will  end in  Him  is  soothing  me  day by day. As  a part   of  this  Ocean  i am  a  happy  ,serene Drop Utterly  Grateful and Truly  Pryful  For  all  my  co existents !
some  more  blooms but from  my   camera :( difference  between  my phone camera and my son's is like  difference  between  our eyes ,he  can  see better obviously .But  due to tuition and gym routine he comes back  after evening so bear with my eyes please .

 in  my  thoughts  and  prayers  all  of you dear  friends always!

please stay  blessed with  hope  and positivity  that  grows in  Faith full  hearts!God Bless!

Friday, February 12, 2021

Photo Talk And Flowers

Hello  Beautiful  People 

Hope  Feeling  good despite of  all the obstacles because  goodness is what faith  brings to your heart no matter what :) Faith in yourself and faith in one who created you with promise that  he  will love you unconditionally throughout  your life .

I  think  faith  is " soul"  of  structure of  our living.Without  it  we can fill  it  with   stuff  but  no light  of peace  will be there for us end of the day .
Spring  is  around  the corner  and  have  begun to  smile  in  my  yard  either .Lord   is  most  powerful  and  most  glorious  energy  of    this  universe and beyond  this universe indeed.We  ,including  everything  existing  are  part  of  his  energy .Whatever  shape  we  have  taken  reveals  some of His  characteristic  indeed .And  flowers  are  one  of the  most  pretty  of   it ! 
Everything  speaks  to me about  Him  though  but  blooms  convey  me  His   Sweetness  and  delight .I feel   as  Lord  is  smiling  upon  us  whenever  i  look  at  the  flowers :)
So I  am  sharing  some  photos today hope  you  receive  some  more  goodness from   His  Grace :)

  i  rarely  want  yellow  around  me  but  when  it  comes  to  flowers  it  proves  most  pretty  and joyous ,don't you agree :)

 orange  color  is calmer  and  engaging than   yellow one   sometimes ,it reminds oranges instantly lol
tiger  rose  looks happy  to  survive heat  here  as  i can see he  has  started  to grow  many  blooms  at a time ,we had  to wait two  springs  for  it's  persistence and thrive 

okay  my knowledge  about the flowers ends soon  and here ,so enjoy the new little  beauty in my yard for the first time ,guesses  are warmly well come though 

first time in yard this one too ,this is astonishing  and mesmerizing  how Creator  combines these   cheerful  colors in most beautiful way ,Nature  is DIVINE guide  and  i wish we don't  stop  learning from  it  to make our life balanced  and peaceful 

my younger  son  captured  this  during  sunlight time right before  leaving for tuition center ,i  asked him to overshadow  the plant for better  result  as he returns in late evening  since he goes to gym  from there .his phone takes better images than mine 

this  on is my favorite among new entries ,such soothing  and pleasant to look at  

this one is taken when we visited  his younger brother who lives in  house  provided by government  since  few years ,it was our first visit  to them in new residence ,i liked the small lawn there 

on Sunday  hubby  offered me  motorbike trip to Sukkur  city which is 25 km away from our city ,we left for it 2:40 afternoon  after having lunch with  kids who  are no longer interested in joining  us and feel happier while playing on screens or watching videos ,there exams are close (in May) so they study as well (hopefully) i took three photos when we reached  in Sukkur park that's name i could not find ..we did not go inside  as it was  sun was tough  and we were in hurry as after bit wander we wanted to go market for shopping as wedding of one of my sister in laws' only son is approaching (in March)

Pakistan's second largest flag was planted in this park (300 ft high) ,i captured it to save in memories

few  people were siting and some were wandering despite of sun which is good because weather takes dramatic turn in first week of May  here and heat attacks abruptly to blow our mind ,sun does not seem the we looked at few weeks ago smilingly (though i still dare to try it :)

Hubby drove to the old bridges of British era which i find fascinating always ,bridges  make people ans sides meet and this is why i feel positive energy coming from them  :) sky and water both were serene there  except sound of occasional vehicle passing by on road  behind us   

famous scissor bridge of Sukkur ,we could go there as hubby offered but when i did time calculation we could have be late if did so ,so after spending some time on river bank and little walk in park there we returned to the city market , breeze   was pleasant crispy and i liked it so much .


i know hat is horribly blurred ,i did not notice it will look that bad when enlarge ,but i wanted to share this tea set that we bought from Market ,it is nicer than it looks here i mean if it does appear ,on left are older  four cups with hubby's framed photo , it was  tough to hold it while riding motor bike but we reached safely and without falling it on the way (by the grace of Lord)

That  is for now dear friends ,now when days are extending i wish to post more ,see if i can .

Keep being  kind to yourself and all around you ,stay ,safe ,healthy and happy and yes Positive always!
God Bless You All!